Working with electrical equipment will often require you to measure quantities like voltage, current, resistance frequency and signal power. The multimeter is the all in one device that helps you measure these quantities. There are two kinds of multimeters, the digital multimeter and the analog multimeter. While the digital multimeter is the most modern device, it lags behind in some areas, when compared to the analog multimeter.  

If you are measuring a fluctuating range, a digital multimeter will not be able to give you a maximum or minimum value. Instead, The digital meter will mostly just give you an average value. Thus, an analog multimeter is the instrument that is more suited for taking such readings.

Finding the perfect analog multimeter online is a task that has proven to be quite hectic. If you look for these devices online, you will notice that these products have a wide range of disparities between them. 

In this article, we have reviewed the Top Ten analog multimeters and compiled a list of their features and their pros and cons. This will enable you to find the multimeter that best suits your needs and requirements. It will make your task of finding a multimeter online much easier. 

Have you ever had questions like “Should I buy an analog multimeter?” or “What is an analog multimeter’s use?”  Then this article will answer all such questions.


1. The Sanwa Em7000 Analog Multimeter

When you are measuring electrical quantities and testing electronic devices, you will need a multimeter that ensures reliable and precise analog multimeter readings.

The Sanwa Em7000 Analog Multimeter is exactly that. This multimeter is the top rated multimeter in the market. It is given a 4.9 rating by customers. It is easy to use and provides accurate readings. This is the best Sanwa analog multimeter.


  • The DC Voltage that the device can measure up to is 1000V DC.
  • When it comes to AC Voltage, it measures up to 750V AC.
  • The device can measure 150mA(DC)  and 6A(AC).
  • It  offers a resistance of approximately 20MOhm.
  • ACV P-P: Sine~840V, Square~8.4V, Triangle~8.4V
  • The device requires two AA batteries to function.
  • The device uses 9V and AA batteries.
  • It is very precise.
  • It doesn’t have an auto shut off function.
  • The device doesn’t have a backlight

2. Simpson Analog Multimeter

If you are looking for a multimeter that will give you the most accurate readings, then the Simpson Analog multimeter is the one for you. This device delivers benchtop 

accuracy. It is the best analog multimeter in the market for professionals, as there is no other multimeter that offers so much accuracy.


  • The device comes in a portable size, enabling the user to carry it around easily.
  • It features a phenolic case with reinforced walls which provides a high level of durability
  • It features reverse recessed safety jacks, which prevents the user from coming in contact with electrical connections, making the device very safe to use.
  • The device offers benchtop accuracy.
  • It is highly durable.
  • The reverse recessed safety jacks make the device very easy to use.
  • This unit is very expensive.

3. Hioki 3030-10 HiTester analog multimeter

The Hioki 3030-10 HiTester analog multimeter is an average-sensing meter that provides accurate readings when measuring linear loads. It is a manual ranging meter, which means that the user will have to choose the appropriate operating range for the quantity that is being measured. This device provides a battery tester feature that determines the amount of charge that is remaining in the batteries. It also comes with a carrying case for secure storage and transport. This unit is also very durable and can survive a fall from a height of 1 metre.


  • The device  can measure a maximum AC Voltage input of 600 V and a maximum DC voltage input of  600 V
  • The maximum resistance detected by the instrument is 3 kiloOhms
  • It can detect a maximum current of  300 milliamps
  • It measures temperature in the range of 20 to 150 degree Celsius/-20 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The device requires only two 1.5 v AA batteries to run.
  • It comes with a carrying case.
  • The device does not have a backlight.
  • Maximum voltage is 600 V.
  • Maximum resistance is 3 k ohms.

4. Tekpower TP7244L

Tekpower is said to be the best brand of analog multimeters. The Tekpower TP7244L analog multimeter is a device which offers high accuracy and is ideal for both AC and DC voltage check at low range. It provides decibel value measurement and Zero Adjustment.

This unit allows you to measure very low DC current, even just a few microamps, making use of the 50 microamp range with 3% accuracy. The device has four ranges to choose from while measuring DC voltage under 10 volts. These ranges are 0.1 V, 0.5 V, 2.5 V and 10V.


  • The device measures DC voltage in a range of  0 – 100 mV ± 0.5%/  500 mV – 500 V ± 3.0%, and AC voltage in a range of 0 –  500 V ± 4.0%,
  • DCA: 50 A / 2.5 mA / 25 mA / 250 mA / 10A ± 3.0%, (all ranges fused)
  • Resistance:2K / 20K / 200K / 2M / 20M Ohm ± 3.0%
  • The device requires two AA batteries to run.
  • It has a battery life of a continuous use of ten hours. 
  • The unit provides a backlight.
  • It has a robust protective case.
  • There can be static build up on dirty screens , which can occasionally cause the pointer to shift.

5. SANWA YX-361TR Analog Multitester

10 Best Analog Multimeters

The SANWA YX-361TR Analog Multitester is one of the best analog multimeters in the market. It is a portable instrument that is designed for the measurement of low-voltage circuits. It offers a total of 35 wide ranges to choose from. It has a LED screen for a continuity check. It also includes an Output terminal (series capacity terminal) and a battery check.  


  •  This device can measure DC voltage ranging from 0.1V to 1000V(20kΩ/V)
  •  (NULL): ±5/25V(40kΩ/V)ACV
  •  It measures  AC Voltage ranging from  2.5V to 1000V(9kΩ/V)
  •  The device measures DC current in the range of 50μ to 0.25A
  •  The device offers resistance ranging from 2k to 20MΩ 
  •  dB: -10dB~+62dB
  •  Continuity: LED : emitting light at 10Ω or less. Open voltage : 3V
  •  Its Battery check voltage is: 1.5V 
  •  hFE: 1000 at x10 range(optional probe “HFE-6T” is necessary
  • This instrument provides a battery check.
  • It also has an LED for continuity Check.
  • This product does not have a backlight.

6. Tekpower TP8260L Analog Multimeter 

Top 10 Best Analog Multimeters

Your one way stop for the most convenient and reliable analog multimeter is the Tekpower TP8260L Analog Multimeter .

This is an analog multimeter that is famed for it’s notably high and reliable accuracy at low DC voltage and current measurement. This device is very effective in measuring AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, continuity, decibel values/dB and also includes a diode test, and all this in a compact size. The multimeter can measure current, which is only about a few milliamps using the 2.5 mA range with 3% accuracy. For a measurement of up to 1000V, You also have four more ranges to choose from, which are:- 2.5V, 0V, 50V, 250V, 1000V.The transistor dock is also good for both PNP and NPN types. 


  • The device measures DC Voltage ranging from 0 – 2.5V ± 3%/ 10 V – 250 V / 1000V ± 3.0% and 
  • It also measures AC voltage ranging from 0 – 1,000V ± 4.0%
  •  It measures DC current in a range of  2.5 mA to 10A ± 4.0% (all ranges fused)
  •  It offers a resistance ranging from  1-2K / 20K / 2M / 20M Ohm ± 3.0%
  • This instrument has a backlight
  • One of the best multimeters in such a low price range.
  • The device is rated to CAT-II 600V.
  • The range of 1000V is off.
  • It does not include a storage case for cables.

7. Tekpower TP7050 7-Function Analog Multimeter

The Top 10 Best Analog Multimeters

This is another outstanding multimeter from the best analog multimeter brand.. Tekpower is considered to be one of  the best brands of analog multimeters. This device gives highly accurate results and works perfectly for AC and DC current. It has a mirrored reading needle and a large display which enables the user to take readings easily. It also has a high sensitivity coil movement which ensures accurate readings.

This unit can measure DC current values as low as a few microamps because of its 50 microamp range with 3% accuracy. It comes with a battery tester and a sturdy protective case.


  • The device measure a range of DC voltage of  0 – 100 mV ± 0.5%/ 2.5 V to  500 V ± 3.0%, and an AC Voltage ranging from 0 –  500 V ± 4.0%
  • It measures Dc current in a range of  50uA to  500 mA / ± 3.0% 10A (all ranges fused)
  • The device offers a resistance ranging from 1R to 10KR Ohm ± 3.0%
  • The device runs on two AA batteries.
  • It provides battery life for 10 hours of continuous use
  • This device provides high accuracy.
  • It is very safe to use.
  • This unit offers a one year warranty.
  • This device requires batteries, which
  • are not included.
  • It is heavier when compared to most similar products.

8.  Tekpower TP7040 20-range Analog Multimeter

The Top 10 Best Analog Multimeters Review

This is again, another excellent analogue multimeter from Tekpower. This multimeter enables you to take quick and accurate readings.

This device is a highly sensitive multimeter. It has a coded and mirrored scale plate and is fused with a protective holster. It also comes with test leads.


  • The device can measure a DC voltage ranging from 0- 1kV and an AC voltage 0 – 1kV DCA:0-50u-5m-50m-500m-10A R:0-2k-20k-200k-2M-20M
  • The device runs on two AA batteries.   
  • The device provides diode overload protection.
  • It includes a glass meter window that provides better chemical resistance.
  • It has a mirrored scale which minimizes parallax error.
  • This device does not provide a backlight.

9. Gardner Bender GMT-312 Analog Multimeter

The Top 10 Best Analog Multimeters Review 2020

The Gardner Bender GMT-312 Analog Multimeter is the most cost-efficient analog multimeter that you will come across. It gives accurate results and is very easy to use. This device is small, light and portable. It comes in pocket size, and it can be easily carried around.

It has a manual range selection which includes a zero ohm adjustment dial. The device has colour coded displays which makes the results easy to read. It provides lead input icons for correct lead placement. It also has a set of positive and negative electrical test leads. It also provides a 13 position rotary dial.

The device is diode protected. It runs only on a single AA battery.


  • The device can measure both AC and DC Voltage up to 300V  
  • It measures  DC Current up to 150 mA  
  • It offers a resistance of 1 Meg
  • It’s fuse is set at  250 mA 
  • It offers an accuracy of ± 5%
  • This unit is very affordable.
  • It only requires a single AA battery to run.
  • The device only provides 5% accuracy rating.
  • It only has 1-MOhm resistance.

10. Gardner Bender GMT-318 Analog Multimeter

The Top 10 Best Analog Multimeters Review 2020 - 10kreview

This is another high-quality multimeter from Gardener Bender. This device provides accurate results that are easy to read because of the color-coded analog displays. 

It includes a built-in zero ohms adjustment dial that allows the user to reset prior to resistance testing and to perform internal battery test function. The unit also comprises fuse overload protection circuitry, which makes the device easy and safe to use. It also includes a mirror scale to reduce the possibility of parallax errors.


  • The device can measure both AC and DC Voltage upto 500V  
  •  It measures  DC Current up to 250 mA  
  • It offers a resistance of 1 Meg
  • It’s fuse is set at  250 mA 
  • It offers an accuracy of ± 4%   
  • This device provides a fuse overload protection circuitry.
  • It helps in avoiding parallax errors using the mirror scale.
  • It does not provide a backlight.

What is an analog multimeter?

Analog multimeters are devices that measure electrical quantities like current, voltage, resistance, signal power and frequency. These instruments are used to find electronic and electrical problems. The advanced units of these devices come with many other features such as a capacitor, diode and IC testing modes. These instruments are handy and can be utilised in various fields. The primary users of these devices are electricians. This instrument has a moving coil inside it. It also includes a rectifier. It is a multi ranged instrument. The various ranges can be used with the help of a rotary selector switch. There are two types of multimeters, the digital multimeter and the analog multimeter. 

Which multimeter is best analog or digital?

Analog Multimeter Vs Digital Multimeter

FeaturesDigital MultimeterAnalog Multimeter
1)Ease of taking the readings.
Digital multimeters display their readings as numbers on a LED or LCD screen. 

Analog multimeters have a needle that moves along a scale to show the value.
2)Ease of using.Digital multimeters are easier to use  as the results are displayed on a screen.Analog multimeters ensure high accuracy in the readings. Also checking a diode with an analog multimeter gives better results.
3) The resistance offered by the device.Offers high resistance and is thus used to measure voltage.Offers a low resistance, which makes it difficult to use.
Digital multimeters tend to be very expensiveAnalog multimeters are much more cost-efficient.

What are the advantages of digital multimeter over analog multimeter?

The digital multimeter does have some advantages over the analog multimeters.

Digital multimeters are more accurate than analog multimeters, as they reduce reading and interpolation. The visual indication of changes in the reading is not good in analog multimeters, due to the effect of damping torque. There is no such problem in a digital multimeter as the readings get displayed on a screen. This ensures an excellent visual indication of changes in the readings.

Digital multimeters have an auto polarity function that will prevent problems from connecting the meter to a test circuit with the wrong polarity.

The digital multimeter has a range that is adjusted automatically, while the range of the analog multimeter has to be regulated by the user.

Why should you buy a multimeter

Multimeters are necessary for households, even if you are not an electrician. Having a multimeter will help you to find a bad switch, to sort through old light bulbs, to test batteries, to spot the hot wire and to check extension cords. 


Analog multimeters are portable, compact instruments that are mandatory for any person working with electronics. For you to be able to make use of all the benefits of owning an analog multimeter, you must choose one that best suits your needs.

All the devices that we have given here are top-rated products with excellent customer reviews. This list that we have made will have undoubtedly helped you find the analog multimeter that best suits your needs.