Give Your Bedmate A Rest! – Use This Anti Snore Pillow!

Snoring is a very common syndrome found in many of the people. If we look at the stats, around 40% of adult men and around 24% of the adult women snore. This usually stops once we hit 70. Typically, snoring is considered as a symbol of deep sleep after a long tiring day, but it surely can create trouble for your life partner or anyone who sleeps by your side – your beloved wife, girlfriend, friend, children or more than a friend – none of our business though! So, it can certainly create problems ruining your image, reputation, and goodwill. And in case you sleep alone – snoring can keep things that way for the rest of your life until by chance you find a partner who is either very patient or totally deaf. Anyways, to solve such pride as well as medical issues, we have done a detailed analysis of the Anti-Snore Pillow to make your nights quiet and peaceful.

Although there were other products already available in the market like nasal sprays and nasal strips which were supposed to be shoved into your nose, it turns out, they weren’t really successful for a large number of people. Nasal sprays are never effective for a longer duration. If you are a nasal spray user, then you must know that though it works effectively and immediately, it never lasts. And the thing about those nasal strips is that they give you a souvenir on your upper portion of the nose, which more or less looks like a broken nose. And prolonged use of these strips makes you depend on them. Once a strip user, always a strip user.  But unlike those useless products, this anti snore pillow has proven to be much more effective and efficient and even more lasting to prove out its objective. Snoring can be quiet inconvenient when you live in the hostels – you may have to spend your nights without a roommate or an even louder snoring roommate. Why take the risk?


Why Does Snoring Occur?

Usually, people who snore are considered to be the most hated people around but talking technically – Snoring occurs due to the vibration of tissues on the back of our throat due to the airflow. Snoring may also be caused due to cold or due to allergies. Also, something snoring is passed on with genetics. But those cheap medicines which are advertised at the corner of the newspapers don’t really work – you might need something technological and scientific to get rid of them.

Snoring can be caused by a number of factors, such as the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses, alcohol consumption, allergies, a cold, and your weight.

When you doze off and progress from light sleep to deep sleep, the muscles in the roof of your mouth (soft palate), tongue and throat relax. The tissues in your throat can relax enough that they partially block your airway and vibrate.

The more narrowed your airway, the more forceful the airflow becomes. This increases tissue vibration, which causes your snoring to grow louder.

The following conditions can affect the airway and cause snoring:

  1. Your mouth anatomy: Having a low, thick soft palate can narrow your airway. People who are overweight may have extra tissues in the back of their throats that may narrow their airways. Likewise, if the triangular piece of tissue hanging from the soft palate (uvula) is elongated, airflow can be obstructed and vibration increased.
  2. Alcohol consumption: Snoring can also be brought on by consuming too much alcohol before bedtime. Alcohol relaxes the throat muscles and decreases your natural defenses against airway obstruction.
  3. Nasal problems: Chronic nasal congestion or a crooked partition between your nostrils (deviated nasal septum) may contribute to your snoring.
  4. Sleep deprivation: Not getting enough sleep can lead to further throat relaxation.
  5. Sleep position: Snoring is typically the most frequent and loudest when sleeping on the back as gravity’s effect on the throat narrows the airway.

How To Get Rid Of Snoring?

If you Google up this question, there will be a thousand ways to get rid of snoring.

Let me tell you some of the most effective ones:

  1. Being overweight might be a good reason, so if you are overweight, you should consider losing some, to have a peaceful night for the rest of your life.
  2. Sleeping on the side always helps, because that reduces the pressure on the neck clears the airways and viola, everything becomes quiet.
  3. Using nasal strips or nasal sprays is a good way to deal with this issue but they have their own problems as discussed earlier
  4. Use of an anti snore pillow, if you don’t know what that is. Just keep reading ahead.
how to get rid of snoring

What Is An Anti Snoring Pillow?

An anti-snoring pillow helps the user significantly reduce the snoring and is shaped to align the head and shoulders maintaining an open airway and sideways position for seamless breathing. It is elevated in the middle and supports the head, relieves pressure on the neck and ensures that your night remains snore-free.

They are made out of hypo-allergenic materials and are shaped to fit your body ergonomically while side sleeping. Most of them are washable and dryable at home. If you can get your hands on a travel one that would ensure that you can have a good night’s sleep, without all that snoring.

Working on the basis that these pillows let the user position on their side in such a way that they can be parched comfortably, these Anti-snoring pillows come in strategic foam shapes and materials. They manage to work for a lot of people. If people learn to adjust to the sleeping positions that are offered by these pillows, they can keep the discomfort at bay and be worth a try.

What Is This Anti-Snoring Pillow?

Brought to you by 10minds, the motion pillow is designed for the billions of people in the world who suffer from snoring. This motion pillow is 10minds’ flagship product at the CES2019 in Las Vegas. Their uniqueness lies in their patented SPMS (sleep pressure monitoring system) that can help anyone break their snoring habits.

How Does This Anti-Snoring Pillow Work?

After 4 years of research, finally, they’ve developed a pillow which can take off your sleeping disaster which is generally considered as a disaster for others, to blow away! This smart motion pillow will detect your snores with an efficacy rate of 90%.

It is to be noted that an efficiency rate as such is way above any industrial standards. And the best part is you do not have to wear anything on your face or nose or your head or any other part. So you can be sure that it doesn’t restrict your movement in any possible way.

The pillow takes the form of a soft and comfortable memory foam pillow that is completely electricity and radiation-free.

This pillow will automatically change the direction of the user’s head while the snoring is detected. The process is absolutely comfortable. There are airbags in the pillow which will inflate silently and gently turn the head, relieving the pressure on the neck and that prevents the user from snoring. Doesn’t this already sound like a miracle? Wait for it – it also comes with a user-friendly smart app to keep track of your snores and the pattern of snores with the sleeping schedule.

Mind = Blown?

Let’s go in a little detail about the memory foam.

These memory foam Anti-snoring pillows are quite popular with the users who have faced issues with Snoring. Most of the memory foam pillows are made out of natural organic bamboo memory foam. They are mostly hypo-allergenic in nature and are also dust mite resistant so you tend to have a refreshing sleep.

They work by providing sufficient neck support and keeping the throat and palate apart to prevent airway blockage while you sleep. When your airway is free of any obstruction, snoring alignment is achieved. The pressure on the neck is also highly reduced.

What Does This Witty Pillow Contain?

  1. Memory Foam
  2. Non-Intrusive Pillow
  3.  Patented, Stop Snoring
  4. Sleep Tech, Putting your Head Aside
  5. Head Pressure Sensor
  6. Not sharing this special pillow with your spouse

Specifications Of This Amazing Pillow:

  1. Continuous Temperature Regulation
  2. It absorbs your sweat
  3. It does dissipation
  4. It is a reliable Certi-PUR US certified pillow.
  5. It is already rigorously tested.
  6. The memory foam is skin-friendly, soft and reliable.
smart anti-snore pillow

Feature Of Airbags

  1. It contains a total of four airbags.
  2. These Airbags are located in the pillow to detect your head.
  3. It inflates and deflates to turn your head.
  4. It whispers quietly
  5. It consists of Patented Pressure Sensor
  6. The airbags/pillows are not electric to cause any kind of harm during sleep.

User-Friendly App

  1. The app which supports this pillow is very user-friendly.
  2. You can easily set the maximum level of inflation
  3. It records your regular snoring sounds.
  4. It consists of user-interfaced app design
  5. It tracks accurate snoring patterns.

How To Use?

  • Attach the pillow to solution box:
    Firmly attach the Air Pump Connector from the Pillow to the Solution Box, and plug it to the USB power cable to a power source.
  • This is the best thing in the world to do – Sleep!
    Lay your head on the pillow and fall asleep.
  • Check the app

Wake up tomorrow with a fresh mind, open the app and notice the sleeping pattern on the app. Adjust the settings accordingly as needed.

How To Use The App

Setting The Inflatable Height

Menu (right on the top) < setting

If you are a light sleeper and inflation of the airbags wakes you up, you can change the inflatable height of the pillow to low

Setting Snoring Pickup Sensitivity

Menu (Right on the top) < Setting

If the solution box detects other noises too much, you can change the snoring pickup sensitivity level of the pillow to low.

It is recommended to try lowering the ambient noise in the room before changing the settings in the app.

Record Snoring

Press “Snoring check by Phone” on the bottom of the first page before connecting the pillow.

You can record snoring sounds and get a report without connecting the pillow.


Dimensions of the pillow: 21.6 inches × 13.8 inches × 4.1 inches

Dimensions of the solution box: 7.8 inches × 5.9 inches × 2.7 inches

Weight: 3.04 kilograms

Do Anti-Snoring Pillows Really Work?

Now, it’s time for the real question. Does it really work? If yes then to what extent does it work?

Going by the statistics, the answer comes out to be very positive. The anti-snoring pillows have worked for more than 70% of the people with snoring issues. And this particular product by 10minds has an even higher success rate. So in conclusion, yes it does work.

Now the second question is how effective it is. In a survey on Anti-Snoring pillows conducted in Los Angeles, it was found out 95% of the people who had complaints regarding the pillows, never really used it the way it was supposed to be used.

It must be kept in mind that these pillows are not the normal pillows you have on your sofas or beds. So using them just like the regular one won’t help you. So what can you do? Well, the answer is extremely simple, read the instruction manual carefully, and find out the correct way to use these pillows. Once you do that, it is almost certain that the pillow will work for you with its maximum efficiency and you will be enjoying a beautiful, calm and peaceful night sleep.

Snoring Pillows

Snoring is an ailment that affects many people all over the globe. It is not a disease per se but it can be really annoying at times. Especially to the people around you. Your partner is the one who is affected the most. This can give rise to irritability in your relationship and pity fights. Do you really want to cause so much trouble for your partner?

Thanks to modern technologies, there is a solution to everything. Man is dedicated to comfort and has constantly shot down all forms of irritation that have come his way. Snoring never stood a chance. There is a simple solution to snoring, you just need to use a snoring pillow. You might not believe that anything like this even exists. But it does, and you can easily find one on leading marketplaces.

A snoring pillow is designed in a way that it helps you breath better. It is designed on the principle that snoring is caused due to obstructed airways. Once the obstruction is eliminated, the frequency of snoring is reduced. A snoring pillow helps you adjust the resting position of your head and neck so that you don’t snore during the night.

There are many snoring pillows available in the market and here are some of the best:

Celliant Sleep Therapeutic Anti Snore Pillow

Celliant Anti Snore Pillow is designed in a way that provides sufficient support to your head neck and shoulders. That way all your major airways are freed up and the probability of snoring is reduced by a significant amount. The elastic framework of this pillow helps it to adapt to heat and pressure changes. Better elasticity offers better support to your neck and head.

how to use anti snore pillow

Besides helping with snoring, Celliant Anti Snore Pillow also provides great relief from and neck and shoulder pain. It relaxes the upper half of your body and loosens up your shoulders. Another lovely feature of the Celliant Anti Snore pillow is its thermoregulation. It is made possible by the use of air channels present in the pillow. Thermoregulation protects the pillow from getting heated up while you sleep on it, thus preventing snoring.


  1. Celliant anti Snore pillow supports your head neck and shoulders, all at the same time. It helps you get comfortable and naturally relaxes your air passage.
  2. Besides relaxing your head neck and shoulder, it also has a soothing effect on them. It naturally opens up all the knots. Once your rigid shoulder is free, you tend to sleep better and snoring is avoided.
  3. It helps a lot with head and neck pain.
  4. It helps you maintain proper posture.
  5. This incredible pillow has a cooling technique that improves the quality of your sleep.
  6. It comes with a soft washable cover. All you need to do is open the zipper.
  7. If you are suffering from sleep apnoea as well, this pillow is made for you.
  • Quality support.
  • Very effective at reducing incidences of snoring
  • Quality of sleep is improved
  • Some users complained about it to have a strange odor. This does not tend to go away even after washing.
  • The heat dissipation technique is not as effective as promised.
  • InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow

InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow

InteVision Foam Wedge Pillow has a unique combination of sturdy and comfortable. The sturdiness of this pillow helps you maintain a perfect alignment while sleeping. And being comfortable in nature allows you to sleep peacefully. This is pillow is in the form of a wedge and is composed of two different layers of foam.

The InteVision Foam Bed pillow is composed of a strong sturdy base that maintains the shape of the pillow. While above the sturdy portion there is a piece of memory foam. The presence of memory foam ensures that you get more comfortable and sleep well. The two parts of the pillow work efficiently to make sleeping easier for you.

what is anti snoring pillow

The angulation helps in improving the alignment of your head and shoulders. With better posture, it will be easier for you to sleep and avoid snoring.


  1. InteVision Foam pillow is available in the form of a wedge.
  2. This is an incredible combination of robust and soft design. The lower part of the pillow is made of sturdy foam which is designed to withstand harsh conditions. Whereas the upper part is made up of memory foam, so it is extremely soft.
  3. It angulates your sleeping position that you can sleep better without snoring.
  4. It also provides support to your neck and shoulders.
  5. InteVision Foam Pillow comes with a soft washable cover.
  • This pillow allows you to comfortably sleep and reduces the snoring probability.
  • It is very cost-effective.
  • The elevation of this pillow is not suited to everyone. Some people find it too elevated and cause a disturbance.
  • People who sleep on their stomachs and on their sides find this pillow to be discomforting.

Xtreme Comforts Slim Hypoallergenic Shredded Memory Foam Standard Bamboo Pillow

Xtreme comfort Slim Hypoallergenic is designed keeping in mind the people who like to sleep on their backs. The pillow is considerably thin and filled with shredded memory foam. The purpose of having shredded memory foam is to allow the pillow to mold according to your head size. This allows more comfort to your head and helps you sleep better with less snoring.

Since it is a thin pillow, it does not allow your head to jack up your throat. With a flatter pillow, your head is well-rested and your airways are open. This marginally decreases the probability of snoring. Besides this, I also improve your sleep posture and get rid of all your back pain.

Image result for Xtreme Comforts Slim Hypoallergenic Shredded Memory Foam Standard Bamboo Pillow with Cover


  1. Xtreme Comforts Slim Pillow is considerably thin and is full of memory foam.
  2. It molds according to the shape of your head to provide better accommodation and adjustment.
  3. It improves your posture and helps you overcome snoring. Along with this, it also helps you relax and avoid pain.
  4. This pillow has a very effective thermo-regulation mechanism. It makes the pillow more breathable and comfortable to sleep on. Xtreme Comfort Slim pillow is based on the kool-flow technology which prevents heat and moisture accumulation from ruining your sleep.
  5. The hypoallergenic feature of this pillow is remarkable. It prevents the accumulation of dust on its surface.
  6. It naturally improves your sleep posture.
  • Xtreme Comfort Slim pillow is considered the best pillow for people who like to sleep on their stomachs.
  • Since it is laced with the kool-flow technology the pillow is well protected against heat and moisture accumulation. And no moisture automatically leads to no odor issues with the pillow.
  • This pillow is not suitable for regular use.
  • Some customers complained that the pillow got a little lumpy after the first few uses.

Bed Wedge Pillow With Memory Foam Top By Cushy Form

The unique feature of this pillow is that it supports your upper back as well. It has been scientifically proven that improper posture and inadequate back support can lead to breathing issues. And these issues can later change into snoring problems. Bed Wedge Pillow is designed in a way that supports your spine while you rest. And better support helps you sleep better.

This unique pillow also helps you avoid neck, shoulder and back pain of any sort. It has also proven to be very useful for people suffering from sinus disorders. And if someone is having problems sleeping, especially after surgery, you should consider buying this pillow.

You get a complete recliner relaxation with this pillow. It helps you unwind and at the same time support all the important pressure points of your upper back.

Image result for Cushy Form Bed Wedge Pillow - 1.5 Inch Memory Foam Top (25 x 24 x 12 Inches) Best for Sleeping, Reading, Rest or Elevation - Breathable and Washable Cover (12 Inch Wedge, White)

The upper part of the pillow is composed of memory foam. This allows the pillow to adapt according to the natural shape of your head.


  1. This pillow not only supports your head and neck, but it also supports your upper back.
  2. It helps you relax by focusing on all the major pressure points of your upper back.
  3. It helps you get rid of the pain which might be caused due to a lack of adequate support.
  4. It is beneficial for people with sinus issues. It naturally relaxes your spine and stops your sinuses from acting up.
  5. It can also be used for a great comfort after surgery.
  6. The memory foam in the pillow provides extra smoothness to your head. It allows the pillow to adjust according to the shape of your head.
  7. This pillow comes with a washable cover.
  • It improves breathing.
  • It reduces the occurrence of acid reflux.
  • It provides support t your upper back.
  • There are many customers who complain that the pillow was very uncomfortable. They say that the pillow was too high and that caused them a lot of sleep disturbance.
  • To other users, the pillow appeared to be too firm.
  • In some cases, this pillow has caused soreness in the neck.

ComfyLife Hypoallergenic Bamboo Memory Foam Contour Pillow

ComfyLife Hypoallergenic Pillow is designed to help you sleep peacefully through the night. It gives you wake up with immense energy and a positive aura every day. This pillow is loved by people all around the world as it is known to deliver what it promises.

This pillow is designed in a wavy pattern. This special design helps you sleep better while it provides support to your head neck and shoulders. This pillow can be used by all sorts of people. It supports people who sleep on their sides, back or stomach.

In whichever position you sleep, your head neck and shoulders are perfectly rested at all times. So, no matter what, your snoring will not return while you use Comfylife Hypoallergenic pillow.

Image result for Bamboo Memory Foam Contour Pillow - A Firm Flexible Therapeutic Posturepedic Pillow for Sound Sleep and Reduced Neck and Shoulder Pain (24 x 16 in)

The pillow is provided with a bamboo cover. This makes the pillow breathable and less susceptible to heat and moisture damage. It is also beneficial for people who suffer from dust allergies.


  1. The ComfyLife Hypoallergenic Pillow has a wavy shape. This wavy shape allows you to sleep in any position and still feel comfortable. Your head, neck, and shoulders are well-rested at all times. And this support helps you stay relaxed all day.
  2. ComfyLife Hypoallergenic Pillow opens up your airways and helps you sleep peacefully. With opened airways, you are less likely to snore.
  3. The bamboo cover provided with this pillow makes the pillow extremely breathable. The heat and moisture while sleeping is constantly pooled out so that there is no disturbance while sleeping.
  • This pillow provides amazing support to your neck and back. It helps you sleep peacefully.
  • It helps you relieve all the pain and lessen up the knots in your shoulders and neck.
  • ComfyLife Hypoallergenic Anti Snore Pillow is an extremely affordable pillow.
  • The size of the pillow is a little smaller and this is not appropriate for many users.

Hullo Buckwheat Anti Snore Pillow

It may come as a surprise to you, but this Anti Snore Pillow is filled with Buckwheat hulls. You may not be aware but Buckwheat hulls have been used in Asia as sleeping supplies, for quite a long time. And this is the concept that has been brought forward with this Hullo Buckwheat Pillow.

Pillow is supposed to help you rest. It supports your neck while you sleep and decreases the probability of snoring. It allows you to breath better and keeps your airways open. Another great feature of this pillow is that it helps with headaches as well.

Image result for Hullo Buckwheat Pillow (Standard Size - 20x26)

Buckwheat pillows are a new concept and thus take a little time to get used to it. It might feel a little annoying at first, but once you are past that, this Anti Snore Pillow will work magic for you!


  1. The pillow is full of buckwheat husk. This helps you sleep better because buckwheat molds according to the shape of your head and reduces all sorts of stress. This adjustability is something that makes it the perfect choice for snorers.
  2. You can add or remove husks at your will. This allows you to modify the pillow as you need. A personalized pillow obviously gives you more comfort.
  3. Hullo Buckwheat pillow not only helps with snoring but also helps control headaches.
  4. This comes with an adjustable casing which is machine washable.
  • This pillow great for stomach sleepers
  • People who are suffering from migraines can use this pillow. It allows your head to rest well and decreases the possibility of painful headaches.
  • Since the pillow is composed of buckwheat husk, it takes up the shape of your head. This allows you to rest well. And relieves you of all pain and tiredness.
  • Unlike other pillows, this pillow is filled with buckwheat husk and is not light at all.
  • The husk makes a little noise while you sleep on it. This might take s little time to get used to it. It also feels a little different from the usual foam pillows.

FitPLus Premium Wedge Anti Snore Pillow

This pillow is in the form of a wedge. It allows you to sleep at an elevated position so that your airways are all cleared up. The height helps you relax and reduces stress on your neck muscles.

Besides helping you sleep snore-free at night, it also helps you with relieving neck and shoulder stress. It is good with acid reflux cases and people with dust allergies.

Image result for FitPlus Bed Wedge Premium Pillow 1.5 Inches Memory Foam, Acid Reflux Pillow with Removable Cover Dr Recommended for Snoring and Gerd

The pillow is composed of two different kinds of foam. The upper layer is composed of memory foam which adjusts according to your body position and helps you sleep well. On the other hand, the lower part of the Anti Snore Pillow is made up of a firm block of foam that supports your neck while it sleeps. It works great on all the pressure points of your upper body. With a relaxed shoulder, head and neck, you are deemed to sleep well


  1. This Anti Snore Pillow is in the form of a wedge. This helps you gain extra support and reduces the possibility of snoring.
  2. Your head, neck, and shoulders are well rested on this pillow.
  3. This pillow also helps with acid reflux and dust allergy cases.
  4. The pillow is composed of two different types of foam. The upper part is made up of memory foam which allows you to sleep well. And the lower part is a little firmer in comparison to the upper part. The help holds the weight of your head while you sleep.
  5. The pillow comes with a removable and washable pillowcase.
  • The pillow supports your neck and shoulders while you sleep. Thus, it helps in relieving all sorts of stress and pain. It works on all the pressure points of your upper body. This helps you feel more energetic after every sleep.
  • This pillow serves the purpose of leg elevation as well.
  • This pillow can also be used with sleep apnoea machines.
  • Some customers complain that the slope is too high which made things uncomfortable for them.
  • Some believe that the pillow is too firm for them.
  • The zipper provided with this pillow is of poor quality.

Tempur Neck Anti Snore Pillow

This Anti Snore Pillow is designed to support your neck while you sleep. It helps with the spinal arrangement, especially the cervical region. It opens up airways and also helps you improve your posture with a better posture there is a lesser probability of your snoring. This also helps reduce the pain and tightness of your shoulders and neck.

Image result for Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow Firm Feel & Ergonomic Design, Medium, White

It supports your back and shoulders and is best for people who sleep on their side or back. The memory foam present in this pillow is extremely soothing and helps you sleep well. The softness of this pillow is what makes it unique. The pillow also has a micro vented cover which allows it to be soft and humid free even when you are all sweaty at night. This reduces the possibility of any nightly disturbances.


  1. Tempur Neck Anti Snore Pillow is designed to help with the spinal arrangement. It helps relieve all the cervical stress. And permits you to sleep well.
  2. It opens up all airways and prevents their blockage while sleeping.
  3. It helps reduce the pain and tightness of the neck and shoulders.
  4. It is a good choice for people who are looking for back support in a pillow.
  5. The pillow is full of memory foam, which makes it all the softer.
  6. It is available in three different sizes. You can choose the ones that match your needs.
  7. The pillowcase has micro-vents which allows the pillow to stay cool and provide undisturbed sleep even on sweaty nights.
  • The pillow is extremely durable.
  • The pillow is available in three different sizes so you can easily choose the one that suits you better.
  • This pillow helps you get rid of neck pain.
  • People have complained that this Anti Snore Pillow might be a little firm for their choice.
  • The contouring offered by this pillow is largely influenced by the room temperature.

These are our picks for the best snoring pillows. People usually find it difficult to choose a snoring pillow. You should keep a few things in mind before picking a snoring pillow. Know that this pillow is soft enough for you. And also keep in mind that the pillow is not too high for you. Because that will lead to a serious form of back pain. Snoring pillows should be a smart choice. You need to analyze all the aspects and weight the pros and cons before buying one. This is not simply an investment but is a commitment to your body. You should not go for simply any snoring pillow, choose the one that meets your needs. And that way you can say goodbye to snoring forever!