Do you spend a tremendous amount of money on images now and then? Then, buying cheap stock images bundles can save a lot of money because they offer pictures at a negligible price. With one time payment, you can get access to thousands of images till the subscription lasts. This also allows you to use the photos for your social media accounts, websites or marketing agencies. If you are working on any field that requires you to use a lot of pictures in your work, then this investment is all you need. With a subscription, you are also free from any type of copyright issue because using images from Google can land you in massive troubles. In this article, we have listed down the best stock photos options along with the essential details and their pros and cons. This will assist you in making an uncompromised choice.                                                                             

Mega Collection

Thinking of investing in subscriptions of Cheap Stock Photos for commercial use so that your marketing efforts stand out from others. This website offers a vast collection of high-resolution images for marketing and other purposes. The whole collection includes 11,156 images that ooze emotion and energy and carry your marketing to an all-new different level. With access to this collection, you will get rid of paying exorbitant fees for single images. This one-time investment will save your money as well as time. A complete licensing document is also provided to protect you from licensing dilemmas. Free sample service is also offered on this website. This collection of unique and beautiful images is an excellent choice for anyone who is associated with marketing, social media marketing, blogs and websites. 


  • It included a total of 11,156 hi-def images
  • Copyright and royalty are free.
  • The deal included Commercial license.
  • The deal gives you access to unlimited use of photos.
  • Affordable
  • Free Sample
  • Does not add videos.


Looking for cheap royalty-free Stock images and that too at an affordable price. Stockhaven brings you a collection of 60,000+ HD images along with 2500+ Cut-Out people’s pictures, 8000+ HD videos, 25,000 Vector Graphics, 8kGraphics etc. This collection is perfect and beneficial for you in so many ways; it is suitable for your everyday requirements of adding some colours to your websites, products, or blogs. With its exceptional collection, you will never fall short of creative graphics for your day-to-day requirements. Also, this website includes a discount coupon. The images are of high resolution, and the collection is updated from time to time, and the images are compatible with all browsers. With this beautiful collection, you can make better Facebook ads, dominate Instagram, run a successful Pinterest account and use it on your websites and blogs. So, with Stockhaven, you can dominate your competition by making it use better quality graphics and pictures. With the help of this complete collection, you won’t need to invest in any other kind of graphic assets and tools.


  • It is suitable for client projects.
  • It comes with 60k+ HD Stock photos
  • It has 40k+ HD videos.
  • The images are perfect for presentations, power points and social media.
  • It can give a new definition to your content and branding.
  • It does not require a monthly fee.
  • Agency rights are also included.
  • The images are compatible with all major software.
  • No monthly fee required
  • Coupon discount is available
  • Sample service is not there

People Collection

This collection has cheap stock photos that you can use for enhancing your social media platform. People collection presents you an exceptional group of 13,106 images that are available for unlimited use just at an affordable price. This one-time investment can save your lot of money because investing in a single image can cost up to $40-50, but with this collection, you will have one pic for a negligible price. Also, when you don’t have your subscription, you will end up using Google images that can land you up in great trouble because the owner of the picture can sue for copyright infringement. Why take that much risk when you can get this collection with a copy of the commercial license for lifetime use. This exceptional collection provides an inexpensive solution to every image licensing problem.


  • The free sample included.
  • You will get a total of 13,106 High Impact Images.
  • There is No extra charge for copyright and royalty.
  • It includes a commercial license in pdf form.
  • It allows unlimited use for day to day projects.
  • Free Sample
  • No videos in the collection

Ultra Collection

This Ultra Collection is an ideal investment that can provide a collection of photos that can be useful for blogs, websites, and marketing of products. Investing in single images is expensive, and using Google images can be risky because using pictures without permission from the actual owner, amounts to stealing. But with Ultra Collection, you don’t need to worry about licensing and copyright. Still, this collection gives access to all the photos with the permission to use them for commercial purposes. Also, this collection has more than 16,000 photos that can be used from presentation to your websites. 


  • The collection has a total of 16,268 Images.
  • It comes with a commercial license.
  • It Allows unlimited commercial use of images.
  • There are No extra charges for copyright and royalty.
  • Free Sample
  • Does not include GIFs and videos.

Giga Collection

Investing in cheap stock photos for commercial use is necessary for a social media account. With this collection, you get access to 12,296 images that are specially selected for maximum visual appeal. They are ideal for your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites. These images are also useful for cover images on Kindle books. Also, they can be used in adding more life to your niche websites. With this collection, you will get access to beautiful eye-catching images that are ideal for advertising campaigns.


  • Perfect pictures for blogs/websites and marketing campaigns.
  • Total of 12,296 stunning hi-def images.
  • There are no fees for copyright and royalty.
  • A copy of the commercial license is included.
  • One time Investment
  • No monthly fees
  • Free Sample
  • Less number of images

Hypnotic Collection

Cheap Stock photos for commercial use can save 50% of your price because spending on stock photos can be expensive. So, don’t bother much and spend it in a Hypnotic Collection that can save you money and time. Whether you are a designer, website owner or require images for marketing, this collection has amazing quality photos for every purpose. With this one time low investment for 10, 873 awesome High-resolution images get rid of high costing single images.


  • Total collection includes 10,873 hi-def images.
  • It includes the cost of copyright and royalty.
  • Commercial License is also included.
  • There is Unlimited use for projects and client projects.
  • Free Sample
  • 100% Risk-Free Investment.
  • No Gifs.

StockHaven Luxury Edition

Get access to Social Media Viral content for 365 days with this StockHaven subscription. Each content comes with five different variations, so you are required to change or convert any content. Each material is specially designed by the professional and each worth $50-$100, which is quite inexpensive in comparison to other websites. It includes a bundle of 365 quotes and images along with their source files for your everyday posts or blogs on social media websites. This collection contains 365 professionally designed viral quote images, 365 files of viral video quotes, 750+ Ultra HD 4k videos, 700+ Motion Backgrounds, 1500+ HQ Audio Tracks, 3000+ clipart. Also, the collection is updated every month without paying any extra penny. In case you are not satisfied with the collection, you can have the benefit of 30 days money-back guarantee. 


  • It has DFY Social Media Content for 365 Days.
  • It includes 750+Ultra HD 4K videos and 1500+ audio tracks.
  • The collection also provides clip arts and animated icons.
  • Complete package
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Quite expensive
  • Limited time Access

High Impact Collection

Looking for the cheapest stock photos collection that includes pictures that are available for lifetime use. This High Impact Collection is one of the cheapest collections, and it is ideal for those who are looking for a photo collection but do not want to spend a considerable amount of money on that. With 3000 stunning photos which can impress your clients, customers and followers. Own this collection and get rid of copyright issues as this collection provides free copyright and royalty.


  • The collection includes 3000 stunning hi-def images.
  • It Includes commercial license.
  • It is copyright and royalty-free.
  • It has unlimited access for lifetime.
  • Free Sample
  • Quite Cheap
  • Very few images.

StockHaven Reseller License

Get access to Stock photos, HD stock videos, Cliparts, vectors etc. Also, with this StockHaven Reseller License, you can now sell this collection directly and charge a one time fee as a subscription license. This deal is ideal for those you are willing to earn huge profits. This one-time payment will give you access to sell the collection to other customers and make 100% payment when they purchase the collection. This whole process is straightforward and convenient; you just need to buy the license and then send traffic to this high converting sales page and enjoy 100% commission. Also, they provide 60 Days money-back guarantee, to eliminate any type of risk from this deal.


  • It comes with, 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • The User can get 100% commission on all upsells.
  • This collection includes stock photos, HD stock videos, clipart, vectors etc.
  • It also has a sales video and other marketing materials.
  • Profitable Investment(100% commission)
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • No Gifs

Benefits of investing in Stock Photos

  • Saves Money
    The most crucial purpose of buying any collection of photos or subscription is that it saves your lot of money. Spending on single pics can cost you a fortune every time. But with your collection, you get to choose the perfect image among thousands of options without paying each time.
  • Risk-Free
    When you use any random photo from Google images, there are chances that the actual owner of that image can sue you for stealing their work. But with investing in stock photos, you not only get access to pictures, but you can also use them for commercial purposes.
  • Suitable for every social media platform
    The collection of photos can be used on every social media from Facebook to Twitter, etc. The images are also compatible with all the software.

Best place to get cheap stock images

There are so many options that are available on the internet today, but every offer does not ensure a great deal. A great deal is one which provides high-quality images at an affordable price, and Stockhaven is one such website that offers a complete collection that has everything from images to GIFs and videos etc.

Can I get access to the commercial license?

Not every collection provides a copy of the commercial license. In this article, we have listed many options that are willing to provide a copy of the commercial license along with the collection.

Do you need to pay every time you use an image?

No, the whole purpose of cheap stock photos is to remove the burden of paying again and again. You don’t have to pay any extra money till your subscription lasts for using any image.

Can I get access for a lifetime? 

If you are using a collection that requires a one-time payment and delivers unlimited access, then you can use that collection for a lifetime, but in case you are buying the subscription to a collection that is time-bound then you have to make payment after the subscription ends for further use.


By now, you must have realised the importance of investing in stock photos subscription. Whether you are a designer, blogger or a marketing head, a cheap stock photos collection is an ideal deal for you because it can help you save a lot of time and money. We hope this article provides you with enough detail and have assisted you in choosing the best cheap stock images subscription.