Are you a person who loves adventure and hunting without disturbing the nature and the animals and want to involve into outdoor sport activity during your leisure time? Well, the clay pigeon shooting is an amazing choice for you, which can be fulfilled and enjoyed using a contemporary clay pigeon thrower. The clay pigeon shooting has been evolved over many time and had been a favourite sport for many people over the year. This has also been like and enjoyed by many kids above 10 years.

Spend more quality time and enjoy the game with your shooting buddies with the clay pigeon thrower which makes the game more interesting and fun. Every clay pigeon thrower has unique features and performs in its own way. It helps both the beginners and the skilled persons to enhance the art of hunting at different angles and directions.

Are you looking to buy a clay pigeon thrower that fits your needs? Whether to practice the hunting skills or to enhance the shooting skills, we have the list of best clay pigeon throwers listed for you with their unique features to make it better and easy for you to choose from.

1. Champion Traps And Targets

Stop worrying about the time and enjoy the adventure as this wheelybird has the ability to hold 50 clays at a time which increases your shooting time and keeps you free from taking your time away from reloading it. This is one of the best electric clay pigeon thrower that provides a 25 foot release pedal cord which enables shooting at different position.


  • A fully charged WheelyBird with 12-volt deep cycle batteries enables 3000 throws.
  • The throwing range is between 50 to 77 yards which creates a versatile shooting experience.
  • Standard clay size of 108mm which is perfect for your outdoor sporting solution.


  • Compact size and weight of 48lbs makes it easy for portability and usage.
  • 2-seconds automatic clay pigeon thrower cycle time enables continuous action.
  • Wobble base technology that is used at the base of this clay pigeon thrower allows a variety of launch angles that makes the sport more interesting and fun.
  • 50 target clay capacity reduces the time to reload the clay and helps in continuity for a prolonged shooting experience.


  • Light weight for easy loading and to carry it around.
  • Made with highest quality material that ensures sturdy usage and makes it durable.
  • Unisex designed product that can be used by everyone.
  • Hunting range gear skeet with trap shooting target.

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2.Do-All Outdoors Backyard Clayhawk ¾ Cock Clay Pigeon Skeet Thrower Trap

Do-All Outdoor an amazing brand that brings you this 3/4 cock clay pigeon skeet thrower trap which is built with sturdy steel for long-term durability and for convenient use. It’s is made with an easy cocking technology which enables an easy throw upto 70 yards in any direction and angle.


  • The sprocket mechanism incredibly allows you to throw targets upto 70 yards in all direction and any angle on all planes which helps you to mimic or imitate hoping of a rabbit or flying of ducks.
  • Allows you to use any shape or size of the the clay target.
  • Unbelievably easy to use with easy cocking technology which automatically returns to three quarters after every shot.
  • Best for weekend shooters as the ClayHawk is a perfect and casual backyard trap.


  • Ground stabling spikes are used for the best skeet shooting experience.
  • Simple and easy to use as it comes with a solid and reliable construction.
  • The trap includes three-pivot mount which is capable of throwing any target at any angle.
  • The best sliding and adjustable-tension and universal spring-clip with quickly adapts to standards.


  • This trap includes all innovative and Patented features offered by other Do-All clay pigeon thrower.
  • Three simple adjusting bolts allows the arms to be positioned to throw clay targets at 90 degree vertical, springing teal, ground-bouncing rabbit, curling incomers and anything in between it.
  • Steel and sturdy construction with triangle base ensures a durable construction for secured trap shooting while in use.
  • Te clayhawk can throw 5 targets as singles or doubles for a better shooting experience.
  • Product weights approximately 21.9 pounds.

Enjoy a versatile shooting experience with adjustable sliding clips which ensures speed and direction changes. This clay pigeon thrower reviews are amazing as every customer who purchased it has enjoy shooting. This product is available on with an amazing price, please check for more details.

3.Do-All Outdoors Fowl Play Automatic Clay Pigeon Skeet Thrower

Make your outdoor sporting experience a great one with your friends with this incredible clay pigeon thrower automatic which is built with professional graded which ensures a flawless throwing of pigeons into the throwing arms which ensures an easy adjustment of shooting angles. This clay pigeon skeet thrower can stack upto 25 clay pigeons which can fire the target up to 55 yard, which gives you an unique shooting experience.


  • The target angles can be easily adjusted from 5 to 35 for getting a variety of shooting experience.
  • Am adjustable limit switch is fixed to the machine to ensure timing adjustments in the fields.
  • The clay pigeon thrower comes with unique ground spikes that helps to reduce vibrations and increases the stability of the thrower.
  • 25-feet foot pedal release that enables easy handsfree operation which helps the shooter to focus on his target.


  • An orange safety ring attachment is provided that helps shooters keep away from danger areas.
  • Professional grade materials are used to built the arm. Aircraft grade aluminium is used to build the throwing plane to ensure quality and durability of the product
  • An amazing safety and adjustable operation with safety pin ensures that the arm does not catch fire in any accidental release.
  • An easy stack of 25 clays helps in continuity.


  • This auto clay pigeon thrower is built with high quality material which provides long durability and reliability.
  • A single charge can bring loads of fun for many hours.
  • Can be practiced easily by anyone at any skill level.
  • Many safety features and gears are includes to ensure easy operation without the fear of accidents.
  • Provision for adjusting the angles for setting easy directions is provided

Clay pigeon thrower automatic enable a time of fun with alone or with your friends and family. The product can be trusted for durability and helps in sturdy throwing of clays.

For more information on the product, please logon to

4. Birchwood Casey

This is one of the best hand clay pigeon thrower that are great for generating different angles, directions, speed and trajectories. This clay hand pigeon thrower creates unpredictable live quarry shooting. Ensures throw a wide variety of clay types makes it easy and lasts long.


  • Drop-in loading of clay birds eliminated breakage
  • Throws a wide variety of clay types such as Standard, battue, midi and many more.
  • Auto-cocking action of the thrower enables convenient throws that are designed to make throws easy on the arm.
  • The Birchwood Casey WingOne Handheld Target Thrower auto-cocking action is easy on the arm and makes throwing the clays much easier.


  • Comes in a very attractive and affordable price.
  • Rugged and sturdy construction that performs well and lays life-long.
  • Excludes monotonous action and includes a wide variety of throws.
  • Simple and easy to control the actions.
  • Light weight which can be carried and taken anywhere.


  • 9.1 ounce light weight product for convenience.
  • Right hand throwing clay pigeon thrower.
  • Unisex design can be used by anyone.
  • Generated different angle and directions.

Many customer have highly rated in clay pigeon thrower Reviews. The product is affordable and ensures a fun-filled shooting experience without spending much. Check de more discounts and to known the current price of this clay hand pigeon thrower.

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Birchwood Casey, WingOne, Ultimate Handlheld Clay Target Thrower, Right Hand

5.Trius Launch Pad Electric Clay Pigeon Trap Thrower

This Trius electric clay pigeon thrower comes with a powerful machine easy to transport, take it around an to set up for a easy and convenient play. The thrower ensures to throw clays like commercial quality traps. This clay pigeon thrower electric trap is beat for practicing either for a single person or for groups.


  • The product enable a 60+ yard throwing distance.
  • The electric trap features a foot pedal release with a 15 foot long cable for gaining a better shooting experience.
  • Enables a fast reset time for continuous action.
  • Holds the capacity of 50 target magazine.


  • The target magazine to quick to install and easy to remove.
  • Easy and convenient to transport the trap to any place.
  • The rear legs feature ensures a quick release pull pins which makes it easy to select from the 3 position angle settings.
  • For user safety, the trap is equipped with an arm path indication ring, a 6′ battery connection cable and a disarming switch.


  • The legs are drilled to accept the supplied grounding stakes, which allow the trap to be secured in position.
  • The electric clay pigeon thrower weights 28 pounds.
  • Runs on 12 volt deep cycle batteries.
  • Unisex design and enables 3 elevation adjustment positions.
  • Powerful machine with high performance like commercial traps.

The product comes in an attractive design and enables easy usage for a variety of shooting angles that gives an amazing shooting experience. Find more information on for any product related queries.

Trius Launch Pad Electric Clay Pigeon Trap Thrower

6.Gunpowder Gear Blue Chukar Auto Skeet Thrower Trap

This is one of the most light weight and portable auto clay pigeon thrower that’s available in the market. It is built for high performance which takes just few minutes to start bustling the clays. This clay pigeon skeet thrower is built with an integral foot pedal launch system.


  • Built with a 10 clay bird stack and the blue chukar which is ideal for all skills and for any ability level.
  • Throws both standard and bio clays.
  • Quick recycle time or just 25 secs for a fast shooting experience.
  • Throws the clays around 50 yards.
  • Easy too install and can be used by anyone.


  • Unisex-adult product which can be used by both men and women who seeks adventure.
  • Suitable for all outdoor activities.
  • Highly easy to assemble for a quick start of shooting.
  • 27 pounds and is easy for transportation.


  • The blue chukar includes a 12 volt deep cycle marine batteries.
  • Batteries are not included.
  • Made with solid steel frame for stability and durability.
  • Can be enjoyed and practiced by anyone at any skill level.
  • A single charge can bring you hours of fun with your friends.
  • Has a capacity to hold 10 pigeon clays.

This skeet thrower electric allows you to have more adventure time from a single charge. It is convenient made for easy access without delaying time and to start your adventure soon. Order this amazing product from at a great price.

For more product and price details, please follow the below link.

Gunpowder Gear Blue Chukar Auto Skeet Thrower Trap with 10 Clay Stack

7.Champion Traps And Targets EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap

Easy bird doubles trap comes with a revolutionary design providing a double stack detachable magazine which can hold an incredible clay capacity of 100 clays and is easy to adjust the elevation range upto 30 degrees. It also comes with a 50 foot-release cord for a distance foot pedal control.


  • Holds upto 100 standard or international clays.
  • Automatic clay pigeon thrower is enabled to throw clays from 35 to 50 yards.
  • A cycle time of 2 second for a all-round shooting experience.
  • The launch angle can be adjusted up to 30 degrees.
  • Standard clay of 108mm and international clay of 110mm can be used.


  • The magazines can be easily removed which enables easy transportation and compact storage capacity.
  • An arm safety ring is provided which helps in visual indication of throwing arm paths.
  • The larger capacity of 100 clays minimises your time to load the clays back again.
  • One of the best quality Bushnell product.
  • Adjustable to throw ATA doubles.
  • 30 amp circuit breaker protects the electrical wires and motors.
  • Built with one-off safe realise switches which provides safe methods to release the arm without causing accidents.


  • The double trap offers ATA single or double practice for bird hunters and league shooters.
  • A distinctive length of 50 foot reals cord for foot release is provides.
  • If buying Champions trap Taxi 40261, this can be easily mounted
  • Built with highest quality material that lasts long and ensures durability and protection.
  • Does not come with throwing plates to adjust as the target is delivered directly to the delivering arm.
  • The product includes a 3 leg stand.
  • The automatic clay Pigeon thrower weights 2.2 pounds for easy transportation and assembling.

This is one of the best electric clay pigeon thrower as it feature many advantages and benefits to use it. It never fails to provide a versatile shooting experience though it is quiet expensive.

Logon to for more product information, you can also follow the below link and get directed to the product page.

Champion Traps and Targets EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap

8.SureThrow Clay Target Thrower

An elite hand held clay hand pigeon thrower which come in a unique design which allows the shooters to throw one target at a time. It is simple and easy to load, easy to target and to set the position. SureThrow virtually never breaks targets even if it is cold. The product is well-built with high quality material and gives an elegant and stunning look. Let’s find more information about this sleek product.


  • Allows easy loading of clays and enables easy throws.
  • Sleek and elite design which give comfort to your arms while using.
  • Provides both single and double throws
  • The throws can go up to 85 yards for singles and up to 65 yards when used for doubles.


  • Best hand clay pigeon thrower which is offered at an affordable and attractive price.
  • Made with high quality laminated wood which works amazingly good even in winters unlike other cheap materials.
  • Light weight for easily carrying it anywhere.
  • Comes in four attractive colours and is designed for easy delivery of clays.
  • Enables smooth positioning of clays.


  • The total weight of this clay hand pigeon thrower is 12.3 ounces which is amazingly light to carry yet designed for great performance.
  • Made with USA tough laminated wood for durability.
  • Can be used in both right or left handed.
  • Throws single or double with one or two standard 108mm clays.
  • Sleek and comfortable for throwing clays and one of the best manual throwers.

This hand held clay pigeon thrower is offered at a great price which is been proven to be one of the best hand clay pigeon thrower by many customers form the clay pigeon thrower reviews.

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9. Trius Original Trap

Over the last 50 years, the original trap was the clay pigeon throwers used by many. This product is simple yet delivers an amazing experience for the shooters. It is elegant and performs well and can throw a single or doubles. The clays can be thrown beyond regulation using this original trap.


  • Trius original trap throws doubles including piggyback doubles.
  • Can be placed on the ground or mounted to a tire for a high angle target retainer.
  • Standard and international clays can be easily fitted.
  • Best used for challenging high angle targets.
  • Provides a fast throw of clays.


  • Ensures safety and can be easily used.
  • Comes in an attractive market friendly piece.
  • As it comes pre-assembles, the knobs helps to adjust of required. There is no additional tools needed.


  • Built with adjustable knobs that makes it fully adjustable without the use of any tools.
  • Come pre-assembles and saves your time.
  • Weights approximately 3.52 ounces which can be conveniently carried anywhere.
  • Unisex model which suits anyone to gain an amazing shooting experience.

This is a simple and elegant clay pigeon thrower which was used for many years and still continues to be one of the successful designs for a incredible shooting experience. Follow the below link to get directed to to find more details about this product.


10. Champions Traps And Targets WheelyBird 2.0 Automatic Trap

WheelyBird 2.0 is an exclusively designed remote control clay pigeon thrower which comes with a wireless remote control which make it much easier and effective for every launch time. It is so easy to use, either you or your trap partner can throw the clays from a click of the button on the remote. It comes with upgraded clay stack holders for better cycle time.


  • Max launch range upto 70 yards.
  • Comes with wireless remote control and foot pedal for easy launch of clays.
  • Launch angle adjustment can be adjusted upto 30 degrees.
  • Comes with a foot pedal cord of 25 ft length for convenience.
  • Accommodates both standard 108mm and international 110 clay sizes.


  • Made with solid tires for easy transportation of the trap.
  • Enabled with ultra-fast quicker motor which allow 1.75 seconds time cycle to launch clays.
  • Solid tires and rubber-moulded handles helps in easy transportation.
  • An incredible cycle time of 1.75 seconds.
  • Ensures safety and works flawlessly.


  • Ensure 3000 plus throws in a single completed charge.
  • Works on a 12volt deep cycle battery
  • No batteries included.
  • Featured with a built-in cord wrap which securely stores the cords.
  • For easy and convenient usage the remote control clay pigeon thrower comes with adjustable launch angles for shooting arrangements.
  • Includes a wireless remote control.
  • Includes a foot pedal.
  • Weights about 48lbs.
  • The magazine is built with a capacity to hold upto 50 clays.

Enhance your shooting skills and become a versatile shooter with this incredible remote control clay pigeon thrower. This is an upgraded 2.0 model that is ideal for challenging angle throws. Follow the below think to buy this amazing product from and also to know more details on price and product description.


11.Champion Traps And Targets EasyBird Auto-Feed 6-Packer Trap With Oscillating Base

Experience an all new enhanced shooting experience where shooting is taken to the next level as it comes with an easy-bird 6 -packer auto trap with an oscillation base which makes you ready for challenges and competitions. This clay pigeon thrower with wobbler comes with a variety of release options with a capacity to load 150 clays for an uninterrupted shooting experience.


  • Six-stack removable magazine can feed 150 clay targets without stopping for reloading and saves your time.
  • Oscillation bass provides adjustable throwing ranges.
  • The 6 packet fires the clays at 2 arcs, one at 46 degrees and another at 34.28 degrees.
  • 50-foot release cord comes handy which enables even a single person to enjoy his/her sporting time.
  • Removable magazine ensure easy transportation and storage.
  • Launch angle can be adjusted up to 30 degrees.
  • Cycle time of 2 secs for reloading the clays save more time for shooting.
  • Built with highest quality material.


  • An arm safety ring is provided which provides visual indication of throwing arm paths and ensure safety of the shooters.
  • 30-amp circuit breaker is provided to protect electric wires and motors.
  • Quick disconnect power cords for easy installation and assembling.
  • 3-amp circuit breaker is provided to protect the oscillation motor.
  • Easy for transportation and to take it for any outdoor sporting activity.
  • An amazing lock down feature that helps in stability during transportation of the clay pigeon thrower.
  • On-off Sade release switch provides the most safest methods to unlock arms.


  • Includes Champions EasyBird Oscillation base.
  • Runs on 12 volt battery.
  • Single charge can give hours of shooting and fun filled moments.
  • Comes as a two-wheel mobility with combination trolley and trailer base.
  • Throwing ranges can be adjusted from 45 yards to 70 yards.
  • Holds both standard 108mm and international 110mm clays.
  • 50 feet release cord enables a distances shooting with the help of foot release.
  • Includes Trap Taxi.
  • Weights around 142 pounds.
  • The product is available with or without the EasyBird oscillation base.
  • The speed to throw clays can be adjusted.

This is one of the best clay pigeon throwers as it can be bought with or without the occultation base or the wobbler. The 6 stack magazine can load up to 150 clays and give you an all-round shooting experience without wasting time on reloading. An exclusive length of 50 feet cords helps if you go alone. The product is exclusively available on and comes at a great price. Follow the below link to know lore details and to make this product yours.

Champion Traps and Targets EasyBird Auto-Feed 6-Packer Trap with Oscillating Base

12. Champion Workhorse Electronic Trap

This electric clay pigeon thrower is an ideal choice for electronic traps that comes in a compact design by combining high volume targets and efficient throwing capacity. It is easy to detach and to reassemble and can fit in the trunk of any vehicle for easy transportation. Earlier buying an electric trap would require investment of money and time, but not anymore with this Champion Workhorse Electronic Trap.


  • Throws at three different angle launches.
  • Can throw the clays upto 70 yards.
  • Comes with a detachable magazine to load the clays.
  • The magazine holds a capacity of 50 clays for an incredible shooting experience.
  • Enables with high volume target throwing capacity.


  • Easy for transportation and fits in any vehicle.
  • Detachable magazines ensures safety of the users and is convenient to load the clays.
  • The compact and portable designs make it easy to be carried anywhere for any outdoor sporting event.
  • Electronic trap at an affordable price.
  • User friendly technology which makes it a great product on the go.


  • Weights around 30 pounds.
  • The package comes in a dimension of 25x12x11 inches.
  • Launch angles and direction can be adjusted upto 3 angles.
  • Come as a portable product yet with great performance.
  • Cycle time of 2.5 secs to restart.
  • Comes with a 25 feet cord for foot pedal release.
  • The launching distance can be adjusted between 55-75 yards.
  • Loads both standard 108mm and international 110mm clays.
  • Load capacity upto 50 clays.
  • Can be easily used by a single person to unload and set up the trap.

This clay pigeon thrower electric comes in a very attractive and affordable price for the features and benefits it offers. It is an amazing product for beginners and challenge hunters to practice or for competitive use. Find more details and to purchase this amazing product, please follow the below link.


13. Allen Claymaster Target Thrower

Allen Claymaster Target Thrower is an elegantly designed clay pigeon thrower that comes in a very affordable price to add more fun to your shooting experience. To give more comfort to the shooter, a cushion pad is placed on the throwing arm to prevent breakage. It also comes with an adjustable tension spring in the throwing arm for easy adjustments and safety.


  • It can either be used in stake mount or tire mount for easy throwing of clays.
  • Cushion pads in the arms prevents breakage of the clays.
  • The clay pigeon thrower is capable of throwing singles and doubles for a versatile shooting experience.
  • Comes in an attractive design, easy to use and saves times.


  • New and upgraded model which look attractive for every user.
  • Made with high quality material that ensure long-term usage for a better durability and reliability.
  • Prevents clay breakage, hence, saves money.
  • Comes in an affordable price yet performed extraordinary.
  • Easy loading and launching of clays.


  • Comes in a dimension of 9x7x4 inches.
  • The total weight of the product is 1 pound, which makes it easy for taking it anywhere and for transportation.
  • Made with solid steel frame.
  • Comes with adjustable tension throwing springs for easy launch of clays.
  • Manufactured by The Allen Company.

This affordable yet quality product is available on, you can purchase this product at an amazing price and it comes with great features ans makes your outdoor shooting experience and worthwhile moment. Please click on the below link to purchase the product and to get more details on the product or for seller information.


14. Champions Traps And Targets, EasyBird Wobbler

Take your skills and ability for shooting to the next level as the Champions Traps and Targets EasyBird with Wobbler increases the challenge for all sporting enthusiasts. Be it a practice session for yourself alone or a fun-filled shooting challenge with your friends, this clay thrower with wobbler is a great choice. You can easily handle high-volume throwing and enhance your shooting skills.


  • Delivers amazing variety of flight paths.
  • Works best with every EasyBird full automatic traps.
  • This can either be used separately or can be combined with the EasyBird oscillation base.
  • The thrower vertically oscillates for a flawless operation and for efficient throws.
  • The wobbler kit can be adjusted up to 25 degrees for vertical movement for clay throws.
  • The product is termed as “king of the air” for the amazing launches and throws it provides.


  • 3 Amp circuit break ensures safety of gears, wires and motors.
  • The wobbler ensures a flawless operation and saves your time.
  • Made with highest quality material that ensure long-term usage for better durability and quality.
  • Easy to assemble and detach which can be used with or without the wobbler.
  • Enables skeet shooting.
  • Delivers a variety of flight paths which would make it monotonous for the shooter and gives a dexterous shooting time.


  • The EasyBird Wobbler comes in a dimension of 18.1x13x9 inches.
  • The product weighs approximately 15.7 pounds.
  • The unisex designs makes it attractive for every shooter.
  • It is a hunting range gear skeet.
  • It is designed for trap shooting target throwers.
  • The EasyBird is not compatible with the wheelybird auto-feed trap but works well with all EasyBird full automatic traps.
  • Ideal for back-forty shooting.
  • Built with high quality material.

This EasyBird Wobbler reigns as “King of the Air” as it launches amazing throws and make the overall time a fun-filled yet challenging throwing experience. This is hunting range gear skeet and trap shooting target is the best for all shooters who wants to get a oscillation throw launched. Follow the below link to get directed at to find more details and to make this product your very own. So why wait follow the below link and get started for an amazing shooting experience.


15. Gunpowder Gear Blue Quail Auto Skeet Thrower Trap With 25 Clay Stack.

The Gunpowder Blue Quail Auto Skeet Thrower is an incredible choice of skeet shooting for everyone at any level of skill and ability. It is readily equipped with 25 clays with adjustable throwing angles. Looks attractive with an elegant design and adfa elegance to your shooting time.


  • Throws the clays at a distance of 55+ yards.
  • Can load both standard clays, international clays and bio clays.
  • Built with a capacity to load 25 clays pigeons at a time.
  • Can be used for practicing session or for challenging competitions as it can be used by shooters at any skill level.
  • Amazing designs and comes in an attractive blue colour.
  • Built with adjustable throwing angles.


  • Built with solid steel frames for a long-term usage and ensures durability.
  • Give a comfort to load the clays and ensures safety.
  • Foot pedals release ensures a long distance shooting experience.
  • Made with disarm features which eases storage and transportation.
  • Accommodates 3 different types of clays which benefits many shooters.


  • Gunpowder Gear Blue Quail Auto Skeet thrower comes with a dimension of 23.4×9.5×12.6 inches.
  • The product weighs around 45.9 pounds.
  • Manufactured by Do-All Outdoors who delivers quality products which is liked by many customers.
  • Built with a solid steel frame and is powder coated.
  • Comes with a foot pedal release.
  • Easy adjustable throwing angles for distance launch of clays.

This clay pigeon skeet thrower comes in am attractive design and colour with multiple benefits and enables the best skeet shooting experience. This product can be purchased from at a reasonable and market friendly price. For more details and to make this product yours, please follow the below link.

Gunpowder Gear Blue Quail Auto Skeet Thrower Trap with 25 Clay Stack

16. Tirus 2 Birdshooter Trap

This Tirus 2 Birdshooter trap comes with excellent features resembling the original trap and is priced conveniently for occasional shooters. The product comes in different sizes and proves to be best in performance and quality. It is light weighted and is easy for transportation and to carry it anywhere. Best for both single person usage or for a group as it comes with a foot pedal release.


  • Light weight model makes it easy for the shooter to take it anywhere and for hassle-free transportation.
  • This clay pigeon thrower can be fully adjustable without any additional tools.
  • Regulates both singles and piggyback doubles.
  • Excellent choice for both beginners and for experienced shooters.
  • Out performance every other trap which falls under similar price range.
  • Can be held with foot or tire mount.
  • Adds a variety of launches.


  • Made with high quality steel that ensures durability and gives a comfort for loading the clays.
  • Made with aluminum arm along with oil impregnated bushings that gives a long-term trouble free shooting moments.
  • Light weight hence easy to transport.
  • Comes in an affordable and market friendly price.
  • The product is delivered in a pre-assembled state making it easy for the shooter to start using it.


  • Comes with a high angle target retainer.
  • Comes in different size and units.
  • Has the capacity to load both standard and international clays.
  • Can launch both singles and doubles along with piggyback doubles.
  • Resembles the original trap at a much lesser price.
  • Comes pre-assembled.
  • Light weight and outstanding in performance without compromising on the quality.

This clay pigeon thrower comes in tradition design and provides easy access to load the clays and giver you a skill-full shooting experience. It is beat for any person at any skill level, be it a beginners or an expert, this can be the right choice for anyone. The product can be purchased from amazon at an amazing price. Please click on the below link to get directed to to view more details and to purchase the product.


17. MTM Clay Target Thrower With Pivotal Arm Swing

MTM Clay target thrower is one of the most easiest clay hand pigeon thrower which comes in a very affordable price. It is simple and easy as it does not involve expensive mechanism or tricks or wires. It allows easy launch of clays. No need to charge or does not involve batteries. The quality of the product is amazingly great and does not need great strength to launch the clays.


  • Simple and easy handheld clay pigeon thrower.
  • Comes with a power pivot arm that helps to throws the clays easily like never before.
  • Is enabled with a split second trajectory.
  • Enables a fast paced shooting fun.
  • Helps people who lacks arm strength for easier throws.


  • Easy to handle and is made comfortable for the arms to hold and launch the clays.
  • Inexpensive and does not involve much technology which makes its simple to use.
  • Does not cause any pressure to the arms when the clays are released.
  • No need to charge or does not require electricity but helps with hours of fun-filled shooting time.
  • Decreases your effort to launch the clay pigeons by 30% compared to other handheld throwers.
  • Made for a comfort- grip handle.


  • Made with a power pivot arm which comes along with ergonomic palm swell along with comfort grip finger groves.
  • The clay hand pigeon thrower comes in a dimension of 20×1.5×1.5 inches.
  • The product weighs approximately 2.2 pounds.
  • Comes in an attractive red colour.
  • The trap can be launched either left handed or right handed.
  • The total length of the clay pigeon thrower is 20 inches.
  • Built with a capacity to hold 4.5 inches standard clay targets.

This handheld clay pigeon thrower is easy to use and convenient to handle, it doesn’t not require any advancement or technology to use yet performed wonderfully. It is affordable and comes in a easy to purchase price. MTM Clay Target Thrower is one amongst the best clay hand pigeon throwers. Don’t miss this product as stocks are getting cleared soon. Purchase yours before it is sold out. Follow the below link to make this product your own.


18. Atlas Trap Company

Atlas Trap Company offers the most exquisite clay pigeon thrower which is build with an incredible capacity to hold 250 clay pigeon. This product is an excellent choice for every shooter who wants to practice shooting individually or as a group for small clubs. It is a fully automatic clay pigeon thrower which is built in articulated roller set up and launches the clays continuously for a thrilled shooting experience.


  • The throwing distance can be adjusted to 45-85 yards.
  • The magazines are built with an amazing capacity to hold 250 clay pigeons.
  • Built with a standard 75’ push button release cord.
  • Capable of presenting a variety of targets.
  • The clay pigeon thrower comes as fully automatic and launches better clays.
  • Direct drive enabled trap that launches without sprockets.


  • It comes in a light weight and portable design which makes it easy for transportation and to take it for your outdoor activity.
  • The capacity to hold 250 clay pigeon creates a continuous launch of clays and saves your time where you don’t need to stop to load clays.
  • Comes in a market friendly price.
  • Built with highest quality steel that makes it durable for long-term use and sustains the product for long.
  • Easy to handle and to load the clays.
  • Built to give comfort and to make it convenient to use for any outdoor shooting activity.
  • The 250 clay capacity makes this clay pigeon thrower unique amongst other throwers and is best used for clubs or a group of friends who wants to have fun-filled shooting time.


  • The auto clay pigeon thrower comes in a dimension of 32 inches length, 30 inches width and 32 inches height.
  • Manufactured in the USA by the Atlas Trap Company.
  • Weighs around 105 pounds.
  • Does not include any clay targets.
  • Highly compatible with the same company, Atlas Trap Company wobble base.
  • Includes a 75” push button release.
  • Built with a target capacity or 250 clays
  • Made with stainless steel and aluminum clay target thrower.
  • No chain or sprockets included.
  • Comes with a 5 year limited warranty.
  • The magazine can feed clays of different brands that offers standard clay size.
  • The control panel is integrated with the rear panel of the trap.
  • Comes in an attractive design.

The Atlas Trap Company has manufactured this amazing Clay thrower which is build for fully automatic throws of the clays. An incredible magazine size of 250 makes this a unique product. Purchase this product and make your next outdoor activity a thrilled shooting experience. Planning for a shooting time with your club members, follow the below link to k ow more details of the product and to make it your own.



For all sports enthusiasts who wants to gain an incredible shooting experience and to increase your shooting skills we have combined the most exquisite range of clay pigeon throwers just for you. The above list can help you to choose the best clay pigeon thrower that fits your needs. Be it for practice, for challenges or for clubbing activity, every thrower listed above performs uniquely and features different combinations of throws. We have carefully Reviews them and have listed to make it easier for you to choose from. These clay pigeon thrower reviews are sure to amaze anyone who wants to buy the best for you.

From the above clay pigeon thrower reviews, the best product according to analysis would be Champion Traps and Targets EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap as it comes with a revolutionary design with 2 stacks of clay magazine which is sure to make your shooting time filled with fun and thrills. It is exclusively designed with high quality material and is a ideal choice for any shooter. So why wait, find more details on and purchase the products right now.