Bike riding tends to be a healthy, rewarding, and enjoyable hobby. Whether you are hitting the trails on a mountain bike, tearing up the pavement on a sleek road bike, or peacefully taking in the sights.  From the open road to the horizon before you, there is so much freedom to be found in bike riding.

If you are a regularly devoted cycler, then you are most likely not content with merely riding around your neighborhood or city. You would like to explore new terrains on the open road with your bike. The issue lies not in where you will go, but in how you will safely and securely transport your bike(s) to the newfound destination. Hitch bike racks were made to solve such issues.

  A hitch bike rack is a heavy-duty rack that attaches to the receiver of a trailer hitch on your vehicle and securely holds your bicycles during transportation. Most of the modern hitch bike racks come fitted with defined saddles for reposing the frame of your bicycles and straps with lockdown tabs to hold the bicycles in place securely.

There are primary and advanced hitch bike racks in the market today. Bare-bone hitch bike racks only enable you to transport or travel with your bicycle securely; some may even limit access to the vehicle’s tailgate. Most advanced models come with added features like the swing-out feature which enables you to the side or fold down the rack to gain access to your vehicle’s tailgate.

Hitch bike racks are a must-have considering their advantages. Hitch bike racks enable you to carry multiple bikes securely. The carriers also allow you to transport various bikes without affecting your vehicle’s clearance height. With hitch bike racks, you no longer have to maneuver your bike over folded back seats during a trip.

With so many options to choose from, picking the right hitch bike rack for you may prove to be a daunting task. Below we have reviewed the top 10 best hitch bike racks in the market to help save you time and strain.


The Ikuram hitch bike rack features rigid all-steel construction for extended-lasting functionality. A durable powder coat finish makes the Ikuram bike rack resistant to rust. This hitch bike rack was designed to easily fit on to standard class iii and iv two-inch receiver hitches. While most basic hitch racks won’t allow you access to your vehicle’s tailgate. The advanced Ikuram carrier’s design features a futuristic swing-down feature. The swing-down feature enables you to access your cars’ tailgate and pops back into its original position with locking pins, all without removing the bikes from the rack.


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The Ikuram hitch bike rack comes with durable, padded, UV resistant rubber cradle straps. The cradle straps can be used to quickly and securely hold your bikes in place. The padded cradle straps work well with a wide range of tube sizes. This hitch bike rack comes with individual hook and loop strap tie-downs which include a soft cradle bed to protect your bikes finishing during transportation fully.

This highly-advanced hitch bike rack also features an easy fold-down arm design which enables secure storage and transportation. The Ikuram hitch bike rack sturdy design and build allows it to accommodate up to four bikes without failing comfortably. The smart double-down design on the Ikuram hitch bike rack makes it ideal for budget-conscious, fun-loving families who ride together.

The Ikuram is a hitch bike rack with lock and a free additional anti-rattle hitch tightener. The anti-rattle hitch tightener is used to solidify the connection made when using an Ikuram bike rack. The hitch tightener stops rocking, wobbling, banging, jerking, and clanking brought about by ill-fitting receivers. The anti-rattle hitch tightener allows for a quiet and smooth transporting experience.  The Ikuram hitch bike rack comes backed by professional consulting services and a lifetime warranty.

  • This bike rack is easy to assemble and install
  • Included anti-rattle hitch ensures secure transportation with no bike rocking back and forth.
  • The swing-down backward design enables easy access to vehicles tailgate.
  • Cheaper than competitor hitch bike racks with similar features
  • The Ikuram hitch bike rack is not suitable for fat-tire bikes
  • A fully loaded hitch rack is heavy and can take up to 2 people to lower


Yakima has been a significant manufacturer of bike racks since early 1979. Today, their Dr. Tray hitch bike rack sits on top of their hitch rack offerings. Hitch bike rack manufacturers know that their customers expect long-lasting quality racks that will serve them for years to come. With this significant consideration in mind, Yakima constructed the Dr. Tray hitch bike rack from high-quality light-weight metal. The metal frame provides the bike rack with stability and capability of functioning as expected for years to come.

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Most hitch bike racks in the market are capable of transporting two bikes without requiring any add-ons, the Dr. Tray rack is no exception. Competitor bike racks need a bulky extension to propel its carrying capacity. Yakima however, designed the Dr. Tray hitch bike rack to integrate with a much smaller third tray on the two-bike frame. The small-scale third tray attaches to the top-side of the bike rack, adding up to 9 pounds to the carrying-capacity to the set-up. 

When it comes to wheel sizes, Dr. Tray hitch bike racks are designed to handle bikes with 26 to 29-inch tires. In regards to the tire width, competitor hitch racks max out at 3 inches of width. Dr. Tray hitch bike racks are modeled to accommodate fat bikes with up to 5 inches wide tires.

The bike clearance on the Dr. Tray hitch rack is top-notch, with 18 inches between the trays. There is no problem If you find that clearance height is not enough. The Ikuram hitch bike rack allows you the ability to adjust the tray spacing too-free, all while the bikes are still loaded. The Dr. Tray is a hitch bike rack with lock. The other burly SKS cable lock system enables you to secure both the wheels and frame of each bike.

This hitch bike rack comes complete with a user-friendly remote control tilt lever, which works with the light-weight aluminum design to make raising and lowering of the carrier a breeze.

  • Features an extremely light-weight design
  • Comes with a remote control tilt lever
  • The movable tray platforms avoid bike clearance issues
  • This bike rack is easy to assemble
  • Dr. Tray hitch bike racks accommodate a third bike tray
  • Has questionable build quality
  • Comes with a cheap release lever on the ratcheting arm
  • The arms are less secure than most hitch racks
  • This hitch rack’s rear-wheel cradle’s adjustability is limited


Kuat are newcomers in the bike rack industry, but they have wasted no time in manufacturing functional, polished, state-of-the-art designs. Their NV base 2.0 is a sturdy hitch-mounted bike rack that easily matches up to market-leading hitch racks. The NV base 2.0 hitch rack features a sturdy, high-quality build, complete with a black powder coat finish making it able to withstand years of abuse without breaking down.

best hitch bike rack

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The NV base 2.0 hitch bike rack can accommodate two bikes, with the larger receiver version able to carry an additional two bikes using an add-on upgrade. When it comes to the wheel size, the NV base hitch rack can comfortably handle 20 to 29-inch tires. Tires 20 to 24 inches will, however, require a freewheel adapter, while fat bike will need a Phat Bike Kit which the manufacturer sells separately.

The NV base 2.0 hitch bike rack’s attachment system is extremely sturdy and limits side-to-side movement and rattling of the bikes during transportation. The NV hitch rack features ratcheting arms that confidently lowered and tightened on to the tires of all the mounted bikes. Most competitor hitch bike racks avoid contact between bikes by allowing you to slide the whole tray to the side. The NV base 2.0 hitch bike racks come with an adjustable front tire cradle system which can be raised or lowered to eliminate contact between bikes while in motion.

The NV base 2.0 hitch bike rack comes complete with a cable lock hidden at the end of every tray and a locking hitch pin used to secure the bike rack to the vehicle. The very functional cable locks located at the rear end of the bike feel thicker and more secure than competitor locks.  The cable locks are locked by clicking them into place and are unlocked using a unique key. The NV base 2.0 hitch bike rack uses an expanding wedge to provide a wobble-free attachment to the receiver and a locking hitch pin to secure the stand.

  • Has a sleek and futuristic design
  • The sturdy ratcheting arms in this bike rack restrict the side-to-side movement of the bikes
  • The tilt lever can be easily used even with the bikes loaded
  • An expanding receiver wedge prevents action between the bike rack and vehicle
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Cable locks prove challenging to store back after use
  • Fat bikes require additional adapters to fit this rack
  • The ratcheting arms on the bike rack do not adjust smoothly over front tires


The Sweden-based company Thule is among the leading manufacturers of bike accessories and car racks.  Thule developed the T2 Pro XT Hitch bike rack, a state-of-the-art fully-featured bike rack with integrated cables, easy-to-use tilt lever, and quality materials. Thule constructed the T2 Pro XT Hitch bike rack from high-quality, heavy-duty steel for durability and long-lasting optimal functionality. Due to the heavy-duty construction, this hitch bike rack weighs in at fifty-two pounds.

best hitch bike rack for rv

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The T2 Pro XT Hitch bike rack is capable of comfortably carrying two 60-pound bicycles. A Thule T2 Pro XT Add-on enables this bike rack to take an additional two bikes. The manufacturers sell the T2 Pro XT add-on separately. What separates the T2 Pro XT Hitch bike rack from its competitors is its carrying abilities. The T2 bike rack is capable of carrying a variety of two-wheelers without the need of adapters. This Thule hitch bike rack can securely hold tires up to five inches wide. This capability makes it suitable for mountain bikes, fat bikes, kids’ bike, and road bikes with at least twenty-inch wheels.

The ratcheting arms of the T2 Pro XT bike rack are sturdy enough that even when pulling them side-to-side, the arms remain secure with no give. Compressing against the tires is the top arm which tightens down snugly on the bikes. The thick handles are designed to withstand adequate force. The rear wheel restraint is also sturdy, easy-to-use, and features deep notches in the strap and two stopping locations.

A HitchSwitch Lever on the T2 Pro XT Hitch bike rack allows for adjustments. The lever sits away from the bike and car, in the middle of the bike rack. The HitchSwitch Lever was designed to effortlessly tilt the bikes and bike racks up & down for easy access to the tailgate of the vehicle. The T2 Pro XT is one of the few hitch bike racks with locks. This rack comes with integrated locks at each ratcheting arm and expanding wedge knobs for added security.

  • Has an easy-to-use tilt lever
  • It is easy to assemble and install
  • Durable construction
  • Has adjustable bike clearance feature
  • It is pricey
  • This bike rack is heavy
  • The cable locks are too short to wrap through the wheel and frame of some bikes


Swagman is a house-hold name in the bike rack industry. That is why it came as no surprise when they developed the XC hitch bike rack. Construction from high-quality steel ensures that the XC hitch bike rack can take abuse for a very long time. This bike rack measures 5 inches by 34 inches by 11 inches and has a shipping weight of 29 pounds. The XC is made to perfectly fit a 1 inch and 2-inch receiver making it the best hitch bike rack for jeep wrangler.

hitch bike rack for jeep wrangler

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The Swagman XC hitch bike rack can carry two bikes with a maximum weight of 35lbs each. You can get an additional fat tire wheel tray sold separately. Also sold separately are a locking hitch pin and a 10mm security cable for added protective measures.

Designed with a center arm which folds down, the XC hitch bike rack allows easy access to the rear-of-vehicle without having to detach the bike rack. The folding down arm also allows for secure storage of the bike rack when it is not in use.  The XC also features high-quality upright ratchet arms that are designed to adjust to a variety of bike frame sizes easily. This hitch bike rack only takes a few minutes to assemble and features an anti-wobble hitch device which restricts rattling and bumping of the bikes during movement.

The new frame grips with advanced soft frame friendly coating protect the bike’s finish during transportation. The XC hitch bike rack is capable of fitting 20-29 inch wheels.

  • This bike rack is quick and easy to assemble
  • The XC bike rack is cheaper than competitor racks with similar features
  • This bike rack features a light-weight design
  • Bikes mount and unload quickly on this rack
  • Features convenient loop and hook straps
  • This bike rack comes at a steep price
  • The screw-in pins in the XC bike rack are hard to remove
  • The XC bike rack comes with a very soft plastic adapter which can easily be damaged


Yakima has been a force to reckon with in the bike rack industry for over 20 years. Yakima has always provided quality products and is no wonder their Double Down series of hitch bike racks are so popular with bikers today.

hitch bike rack with lock

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The Yakima Double Down hitch mount rack is constructed from high-quality materials making it durable and able to withstand wear and tear. A powder coating finish helps keep your bike rack looking aesthetically pleasing. The Yakima Double Down hitch bike rack features a unique Switchable cradle. The Switchable cradle limits swaying of the bikes during transport, which in turn protects your bikes from bumping into each other and causing wear or destruction.

The versatility in-vehicle mounting ensures you have no worries about what size receiver your vehicle has. Class ii and class iii mounts are the most widely used. Yakima knew this and included an adapter which enables you to easily swap between a 2-inch hitch and a one ¼ inch hitch.  This feature ensures that traveling with a friend with a different sized hidden tow mount is not an issue.

The Yakima Double Down hitch bike rack measures 42.8 inches by 14.5 inches by 6.5 inches and measures a mere 37.5 pounds. The light-weight means this hitch rack can be easily moved around when swapping cars or removing it from your vehicle. This hitch bike rack also comes with its hitch pin which cinches down on the central tube, reducing the amount of vibration and noise during transportation.

  • Comes with anti-sway cables
  • The Double Down hitch bike rack can securely hold virtually any bike
  • This bike rack fits both 1.5 and 2-inch receivers
  • Easily portable
  • This bike rack is challenging to install
  • The Double Down hitch bike rack is expensive
  • This rack affects ground clearance


If you are looking for a secure and economical way to transport your bicycles, then the Lenox hitch bike rack by Critical Cycles is what you need. The Lenox hitch bike rack is one of the most affordable and reliable bike racks in the market.

hitch bike rack with ramp

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The Lenox hitch bike rack features sturdy steel construction for prolonged use and dependability. The unique black paint coating makes the bike rack resistant to rust and harsh weather. This advanced bike rack measures 12 inches by 11 inches by 26 inches and weighs in at only 23.2 pounds.

Although the Lenox bike rack comes unassembled, the assembly process of this rack is as easy as 123. The assembly should not take more than 10minutes as only a few bolts require tightening.  All the types of equipment necessary for the assembly process are included on the bike rack’s package. The Lenox hitch bike rack is designed to fit class iii and class iv two-inch receivers perfectly.

This Lenox hitch bike rack features two arms with four bike frame holders on each arm. The bike frame holders sport a rubber construction. Competitor bike frame holders are made of plastic and can easily break when bumped by the frame of the bike multiple times. The bike frame holders on the Lenox hitch bike rack are designed to move along the arms. The movement along the arms ensures that you can comfortably fit the different style and sized bikes.

Lenox hitch bike racks’ cradles use strong, independent, and elastic tie-down straps to secure the bikes firmly onto the arms. The strength and elasticity of the straps enable them to fit any frame width without issues virtually. All Lenox hitch bike racks come with reflective signs.

  • This bike rack is cheap
  • Assembly and installation is easy
  • Has solid welds and sturdy finish
  • It is easy to mount and off-road bikes on the Lenox rack
  • The outward tilt allows you to access the vehicle’s tailgate with much ease.
  • Does not feature anti-wobble capabilities
  • The manufacturers sell the bike security cables separately


The Allen Sports constructed the Allen Sports Deluxe hitch bike rack with high-quality, super-strong steel for durability and dependability. This bike rack sports a black powder coating finish which enables it to withstand severe weather and rust. The Allen Sports Deluxe hitch bike rack weighs 23 pounds and measures 25 inches by 13 inches by 3.5 inches. The sturdy build of this bike rack enables it to accommodate four bikes weighing up to 140 pounds with unbelievable ease.

best hitch bike rack for car

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Assembly and installation of this bike rack are relatively straightforward. The Allen Sports Deluxe hitch bike rack is built to fit a 2-inch trailer. This bike rack comes complete with no-wobble bolts that are used to securely hold the bike rack in the hitch restricting bumping of the bikes during transportation.

The Allen Sports Deluxe hitch bike rack sports two arms measuring 22 inches each. The support arms provide enough space to accommodate four bikes while allowing each bike a certain amount of space to prevent them from bumping into each other.  The two arms feature four pairs of top plates which make unloading and loading of bikes to the rack an easy task. The rubber top plates are flexible enough to hold bikes with more full frames securely.

  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Able to carry four bikes without the need of an add-on adapter
  • Dual-arm style increases the stability of the rack
  • High-quality steel construction ensures durability
  • The racks’ cradles are made of rubber making them flexible enough to hold more full bike frames
  • The cradles feature some rubber and rubber is prone to wear and tear
  • It is awkward and heavy to lower down the rack with four bikes mounted
  • The tension bolt takes time and effort to remove


The manufacturers built the HR1400 hitch bike racks with high-quality super strong steel for durability and dependability. This bike racks also sports a black powder coating finish which enables it to withstand rust and severe weather.  Due to the super-strong steel construction, this hitch bike rack weighs in at over 70 pounds. The form design enables the HR1400 bike rack to split into two separate units holding two bikes each.


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The HR1400 hitch bike rack was designed to fit a 2-inch hitch receiver perfectly and came with a locking pin that secures the bike rack firmly in the receiver.  This state-of-the-art hitch bike rack features four sets of wheel trays that can hold bikes with up to 3-inch tires. The collection of wheel trays are adjustable, making them able to support bikes with up to 60-inch wheelbases. The HR1400 hitch bike rack can support bikes that weigh up to 200 pounds.

There are two masts with two padded hooks designed to push down the mounted bikes into the wheel trays. The hooks on the HR1400 bike rack have protective padding and are adjustable enough to hold women’s and kids’ bikes with no frame. The wheel trays on this bike rack come with Velcro straps to secure your bikes further onto the rack.

The HR1400 hitch bike rack features a 2+2 model design which allows you to fix the bike rack to either carry two bikes or add the attachment to carry four bikes. An impressive add-on improves the clearance enabling you to ride comfortably without the bikes hitting the ground.

  • Heavy-duty construction for maximum durability
  • Comes with a lockable hitch pin for added security
  • Comes complete with a No-wobble system to ensure minimal wobbling during movements
  • The racks on the HR1400 bike rack fold to ensure ease of storage and parking the vehicle.
  • Allows you to switch between 2 bike carriers to 4 bike carrier
  • This bike rack is bulky and sports an unusual shape making storage a bit challenging
  • The bike rack weighs a lot for one person to maneuver alone.


The Tyger Auto TG Deluxe hitch bike carrier features high-end heavy-duty steel construction for durability and dependability. The sturdy and handy construction enables the TG Deluxe bike carrier to accommodate up to four bikes.  A futuristic and state-of-the-art OE standard black color E-Coating ensures that this hitch bike rack stays rust-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This bike rack is designed to fit all types of dual-arm bikes on cars equipped with 2inch receivers or 1.25-inch receivers. A featured lock and hitch pin securely holds the bike rack to the vehicle.

hitch bike rack for truck

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The bikes cable, lock, and safety strap firmly holds the bikes in place, avoiding rattling during movements. The bar cushion and soft cradles are there to ensure the protection of the bike’s finishing during transportation.

The TG Deluxe hitch bike rack sports a convenient tilt-down feature which allows you to access the tailgate of your vehicle quickly. The foldable carry arms that come with this rack are designed to enable easy of storage and vehicle parking when the bike rack is not in use. Included in the TG deluxe hitch bike rack package is a DIY instruction manual.

The Tyger Auto TG Deluxe hitch bike rack comes complete with the TYGER No-Hassle Limited lifetime warranty.

  • This bike rack is easy to assemble and install.
  • Sturdy steel construction ensures durability
  • This bike rack is affordable considering the features it offers
  • The tilt-down design enables easy access to your trunk
  • The bike rack’s joint could be more stable
  • The plastic straps on this rack are easily prone to quick wear and tear


If it was not clear throughout this review, hitch-mounted bike racks are the best bike rack design. Compared to other bike rack designs, hitch-mounted bike racks offer much more compatibility, convenience, and capacity with a wide range of cars.

With so many hitch bike racks in the market, selecting the best one for you could be a tricky task, but not anymore. With the information above, you are now well prepared and equipped to shop for a hitch bike rack best suited for your needs.

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