A massage chair is something we are all acquainted with. Body aches are effectively treated by the message chairs. Not only treating aches but massage chairs are an ultimate tool for relaxation. Many people choose massage chairs for curing different types of body pains and disorders whereas other sit on a massage chair to pamper them.

The invention of massage chair does not date back too old. Before you know about which massage chairs are the best, you must know about the different types of message chairs that are available. Massage chairs actually evolved as a chair which would provide easy access for massaging the head, neck and shoulder area of the recipient for the message. But the concept has revolutionized and the massage chairs in modern days use motors and electronic vibrators to produce a self-generated motion that is going to bring about a massaging effect in the recipient.

A typical massage chair is ergonomically designed and portable.

A robotic massage chair uses motors and gears to bring about the massaging effect in the recipient.

The massage chair somewhat resemble recliners. There are various options with which you can control the different aspects of massage in a chair such as the frequency, intensity and other such factors.

Shiatsu massage chair is another popular type of massage chair. Shiatsu in Japanese means finger pressure. The massage effect of this chair is similar to that finger pressure massage technique. This model of massage chair has also become quite popular in recent days.

Massage Chairs Have Innumerable Health Benefits.

  • They help to get rid of different types of muscular pains.
  • They are also known to reduce the blood pressure and make the pulse rate normal.
  • Massage chair is typically aimed at providing the same effects that would have been produced by hand massage.
  • With the help of motion in different parts of the body at different time and movement of airbag, massage chair is able to bring about the best of effects.

There are many top models of massage chairs that are available in the market. You need to choose wisely before you invest.

Here Is A List Of The Top 12 Massage Chairs

1. Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair

This is a 8 motor massage recliner chair. This recliner chair comes with the heat therapy. You can place it in any corner of your office, study room or home to get a relaxing posture.

The light wooden colored base of the chair is perfect to match with your space. You can choose from 9 different massage modes while you sit on the chair. The massage modes are pr-programmed and incorporated into the chair. You just have to switch on the mode that suits you the best.

The intensity levels are categorized into five groups. Here also you get to choose which level you want.

The positioning of the 8 motors is as per the 4 massage zones in the body. Upper back, lower back, thighs and calves are the four zones in the body that are targeted. You can get that zone of the body massaged which you prefer or all at once.

The all new lumbar heat technology is essential for stress relaxation. The 21 inch× 22 inch diameter of this recliner massage chair is more than comforting. To support the back portion there is a backrest of 29 inch length and 23 inches breadth.

For comfort, extra padded upholstery is provided. This upholstery is micro suede in nature. There is an adjustable recline and swivel function to help increase its utility.

You can control all the functions through a hand held remote. The Remote can be placed in a side pouch. A fully functional massaging Ottoman ensures the most relaxing head to toe massage. The cushions and arm rests are also highly comfortable.


  • Eight motor system for effective massage
  • Motors set in each massage zone of the body for greater relaxation
  • Remote control for all kinds of recline adjustments
  • Padded and comfortable micro suede upholstery
  • 9 pre-programmed massage modes with 5 intensity levels
  • Suitable diameters to ensure comfort


  • The upright recline is not up-to the mark

2. Mecor Heated Recliner Chair

This massage chair is ergonomically designed.  It features 8 massage mode functions. The back portion, lumbar portion and legs are comfortably massaged when you sit on this heated recliner chair.

The fully functional swivel allows rotating the chair in a full circle that means you can cover 360 degrees while sitting on the chair. You can control the extent and functioning of the reclining manually.

This recliner chair provides vibration type massage. To add to the comfort and versatility of this chair it has a Rocker system.

There is even drink holders on both the sides of the armrest giving scope for full entertainment and enjoyment. Armrests are padded for improved comfort. To increase the functionality of the massage there is a heater system which is incorporated. There are side punches as well as front punches.

The superior quality of the build-up material is responsible for long lasting and comfortable massage. High density sponge is set over a durable wooden frame. The full chair is wrapped in high-quality bonded leather. This allows for comfortable sittings for hours without any irritation or discomfort. They can carry weights up-to 400 pounds.

The eight point massage system is beneficial to every part of the body. If you are suffering from neck pain this recliner chair can be perfect for you. It also helps to get relief from different types of aches in the spine. Complete relaxation of the joints and muscle is ensured when you sit to have a massage on this recliner chair. The shoulder muscles also get stretched. The highly scientific ergonomic design of this recliner massage chair will guarantee you the ultimate comfort and will put a stop to all the pain that you feel in your body. The no gap more fit design helps to relieve the body pain. The design of the chair helps to get relief from any kind of hip Deformation. You can get the chair reclined up to 135°. This means whatever be your comfortable sitting position you are sure to get an appropriate one with the recliner massage chair. The presence of a footrest helps to improve the blood circulation. Using this recliner massage chair can help the patients to regain their posture after surgeries and also get more relaxed than ever.


  • 8 point massage system which caters all the types of body pains and aches
  • Completely scientific and ergonomic design
  • High grade material not only gives it a long life but makes sitting in this recliner chair much more comfortable
  • It is easy to set and assemble
  • User friendly design, side pouches, swivels, padded armrest increases the popularity of this recliner massage chair.


  • The foot rest is not heated

3. Foldable Shaistu Massage Chair

The compact scientific design of the chair is perfect for the tissue massage. There are four different massage modes for neck, shoulders, back and hindquarters. You can choose any mode and pressure intensities. Therefore complete customization of massage is possible.

It has an easily fold-able design. This makes it easy to carry and store as well.

The specialized heat function of the chair is helpful in improving the blood circulation of the body. This heat System also helps to treat muscle fatigue easily.

Incline the backrest at any angle between hundred and twelve degrees to 232 degree for a complete relaxed posture. The body parts can be thoroughly massaged by using this massage chair. The 15 minutes auto shut off property imparts in new versatility to this massage chair. After every 15 minutes it automatically shuts off. If you don’t switch it on again even if you fall asleep while having a lovely massage there is no risk factor. Massage can be completely customized.

The height, the inclination, the point of massage can be set according to own personal choice. The massage chair can be adjusted in all the directions. You can experience the ultimate relaxation of a perfect shaistu massage with this chair. You can couple the massaging system with the heating system. Your stiff and fatigued muscle will receive tender care and relaxation with the shaistu massage.

There are three different vibration intensity modes in the seat cushion with the help of that you can choose the extent of massage that you wish to receive. The neck-massage of this chair is a favorite of many. This is a perfect space saver and can be easily carried to any destination. Wherever you go, you can just adjust it and experience a lovely massage to relax yourself.

In an affordable price you can get the best massage chair. The advantages of shaistu massage are not unknown. Different types of aches and pains can be relieved. It can also be a lovely option if you want to pamper yourself after day’s tiring work. The pressure points for massage are set in such a way that your neck, back and strategic body points get the proper intense massage that is required. The quality material of build-up and strong and durable for frame makes the massage chair a hot favorite.


  • Adjustable body functions
  • Timer function for safe massage
  • Heavy duty frame and best quality of material
  • Includes the benefits of shaistu massage
  • Control the intensity according to your own wish.


  • The height is not properly deviced and it is too low to the ground making it difficult for people who have knee joint issues

4. Human Touch I-Joy Premium Robotic Massage Chair

If you want a massage chair that is going to relieve you as well as enhance the look of the setting in which it is placed then the new human touch i joy premium robotic massage chair is the best option that you can possibly get.

The technology that this massage chair uses is very much parallel to the human massage techniques. This implies that when you sit on this chair to get a massage you feel like somebody with human hands is giving your relaxation massage. Rolling, kneading compression, percussion are some of the authentic techniques that professional massage therapist use. The human touch I joy premium robotic massage chair also uses this technique to relax the recipient.

Out of the numerable benefits that you get when your body gets massaged by this robotic massage chair is complete relaxation, the stiff and fatigued muscles gets relaxed. All your pain and tension will get carried away with the wonderful human massage mimicked therapy. This type of massage improves the blood circulation of the body, helps to overcome stress. Back portion, neck, shoulders and lower back are completely relaxed with this massage.

With the help of the easily accessible control panel you can change the mode and intensity of massage without interrupting your experience. It has a built in power outlet so now you can get your phones and power banks charged while having the massage. There are cup holders also which will allow placing refreshing drinks just at hand. This makes the experience of massage a lot more adaptable and not merely some treatment programs. You have control over how much inclination you want in your chair or how much your chair can be reclined.  You can easily control the intensity of massage with the removable softening massage pads. It occupies a small space and can fit in literally anywhere. This makes it a space saver. This massage chair is a patented product that means it is scientifically proven that is capable of reducing all kinds of chronic pains. It also relieves you of the stress and strain and provides complete relaxation.


  1. Three different auto massage modes targeting the strategic points of back ,neck, shoulders and lower back.
    1. Touch programmed control panel
    2. Completely relaxing recliner
    3. Space saving
    4. Provide message equivalent to human professional massage


  1. Comes with less than a year’s warranty period

5. Relaxon Full Body Zero Gravity Shaistu Massage Chair

This is a fully scientific automatic multifunction massage chair. The innovative technology of zero gravity makes massage through this chair much more healthy. Due to the Zero Gravity your legs get uplifted to the level of your heart. This reduces the strain of gravity on your body. So you not only get relieved of the back ache but your heart also gets to have a less strenuous time.

It has a computerized body scanning technology. The chair can technically measure the length of the spine and therefore can it decide where to put in the massage for appropriate relaxation. There is an innovative rolling system that glides all the way under your body including your buttocks. This is known as the popular buttock L tracking massage Technology. It is perfect for deep tissue massage, relaxes the body in the same way as a professional massage therapy would. All the spinal pain and back pain everything can be put to an end with the new relaxon full body Zero Gravity shaistu massage chair.

This chair uses pinning air cells which massages all the tissues of your body deeply at strategic locations to provide comfort and relaxation. All the muscles of the body as stretched out at proper angles by   sitting on this massage chair. It uses the moving airbag Technology using airbags which stretches the exact location throughout your body targets the pressure points and give the deep tissue relaxing massage. The consecutive inflation and deflation of the airbags leads to proper massaging of the backs, hips and thighs. Different intensity levels of the back pressure are there which you can choose accordingly.

You can choose between various massage techniques. These are kneading, compression, tapping, shaistu, rolling and so on. You can manually control three levels of speed of massage. 

Airbags are also suited for proper calf and leg massage. A proper foot relaxation is possible through this massage chair. There is a spinning roller for the sole of the feet to get relaxed. The spinning roller provides a pinpoint kneading massage to the sole of the foot.

Heating pads especially concentrated in the lower back region gives a lot more better massaging experience. Massage of a Forearm and wrist that involve airbag message technique is also helpful.

The soft green synthetic leather mounted upon a strong and robust durable frame ensures long life to this massage chair. It also helps the user to experience sensational and relaxing massage. Massage chair gives you the privilege of targeted area and spot massage. Means you get to choose the specific area where you want the massage to be done at the same time intensity of the massage.

It has 4 auto designer programs for refreshing comforting reviving and relaxing your body in various possible ways of massage techniques. The remote control system is quite easy to use. The screen is easily observable and accessible.  The system is set in such a way that you get 15 minutes of uninterrupted massage in a single go. You can change the timing according to your own wish. It has easily controlled operation with menu in the remote. The airbag technique improves the blood circulation. Safe and efficient lumbar heating technology is useful for revising stressed muscles.


  1. Lumbar heating technology used
  2. Auto body scanning system
  3. Air bag technology
  4. Zero Gravity technique for better relaxation
  5. Easy to use remote


  1. Spinning feet roller a disturbance in few cases

6. Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

This multi-functional recliner massage chair is a good deal to invest in. It has four different massage modes as well as intensities. There is this sleep mode, mild mode, strong mode relaxing mode. The intensity can be adjusted as per the modes. These modes are auto Programmable and pre set. You don’t have to see anything you just have to choose from the given options.

As mentioned above this multipurpose chair is a good deal to invest in which implies you get a lot of functions and versatile features in this massage chair at a nominal price. Full body airbag massage techniques heating function, Zero Gravity function all of these are included in this chair still the price remains within the range. Brushing technique and foot rollers are additional features in the real relax massage chair recliner. Placing your arms in a comfortable position gives you relaxation. The ergonomically designed armrest link system is comfortable.

Using the remote control function you can customise the type and time of massage. You can choose the areas to be massaged as well as the time duration of massage. There is a auto timer of 30 minutes set but you can extend or decrease it as per your own needs. This massage is appropriate if you want to take rest after a day’s tiring work. If you fall asleep while sitting in the chair there are no problems at all. You can watch TV, listen to music and access all kind of entertainment options while sitting in this recliner chair.

Apart from being a massage chair it can be used as a simple recliner providing you a good sitting option. It can support users with weight up to 400 pounds. It is user friendly and hence a great investment for your home. You can also give it to your loved ones. With the help of the high definition vfd display remote control you can easily change all the functions of the chair. You can choose the areas to be massaged, the time for which the massages are to be carried out.

You can also choose the roller option or vibration option; turn on and off the heating techniques. You can even control the airbag speed with the help of this remote. To make the movement of the chair easier two wheels are attached to it. You can move it from one place to another inside your room. The wheels make it highly portable.

The inbuilt waist and feet heater helps to improve the circulation system, the metabolism of the body by the heating techniques. Air composition massage with the help of airbags and rollers are extremely helpful in relieving the pain of back and feet especially calves. The highly relaxing massage provided by the back rollers built-in within the chair are useful in relieving not only pain but also so help to get rid of the stress and strain in the body.

The air bags help to give a sensation similar to professional human massage techniques such as kneading. The seat vibrators and arm link systems gives relaxing massage to the shoulders.


  1. Ergonomic design
  2. 4 types of pre-set massage modes
  3. Zero Gravity feature included
  4. 8 different rulers spread across the chair to give complete relaxation to the body
  5. 50 efficient airbags employed to relieve the body with airbag massaging technique
  6. Efficient heating system


  1. There are lots of troubles regarding the warranty.

7. Inada Dream Wave Massage Chair

It aims at not just simple relaxation through message but treating of ailments with the help of proper massage technique.

It employs the traditional Japanese design and shaistu massage system techniques to give the recipient a wellness of health along with relaxation. The area of the inada dream wave massage chair is a lot more compared to the other normal massage chair so whenever you sit on the chair the ease and comfort is at its maximum.

The area of the chair is about 1200 square inches. Such a well-spaced sitting area is definitely a treat. Unlike normal massages available in the market the inada dream wave massage chair has got 16 pre-set functional massage modes. The versatility and extent of function is so diverse it can basically treat any kind of pain. It provides all the options for a perfect deep tissue massage. Heating technology is also widely used in the functioning of the inada dream wave massage chair.

You can now get relief of your long disturbing body aches with proper zonal heating in your body. You can customise and set accordingly all the aspects of massage. This includes the massage mode, intensity of massage, extent of heat you want to experience and the timer set for the massage.

Every individual’s need is different.  Initially as you sit on the chair the first thing that it does is a body scanning. Using latest scientific Technologies the chair first scans the body in a computerized technique. It then decides in which part of your body what type of massages are to be given. It also assesses the shape of the body and likewise adapts itself to give you the best and most comfortable massage experience. When the computerized scanning of the chair is over it is able to locate the proper shaistu points. Accordingly it decides the amount of pressure and strategic Areas where the pressure is to be applied to bring about a perfect massage.

Any kind of soreness in muscle or fatigue in the muscle can be easily melted away using all new lumbar heating technology which uses infrared rays. The feature of seat heating also gives ultimate comfort. The calves and soles of the feet are relaxed with the Highly Effective air cells from the airbag technology that is widely employed in the inada dreamwave massage chair.

Massage options with low intensity available for children. You can easily control the settings with an easy to operate remote. There is a Smartphone pouch that is included in the sides which helps to accommodate your smartphone and do not have to get up from the chair every time.


  1. Ergonomic design
  2. 16 pre-set massage modes that are auto Programmable
  3. Authentic Japanese shaistu massage technique for ultimate relaxation
  4. Computerized body scanning for customised and personalized experience
  5. Infrared heating technique employed


  1. The leather used to cover the frame is not up to the mark

8. Osaki Zero Gravity Executive Massage Chair

The automatically controlled computerized body scanning process employed in this chair helps to give a customised body massage. Through the scanning the chair is able to interpret the correct shape of your back and design the massage accordingly. It can device the Exclusive pressure points and massage intensities for the recipient who is sitting in the chair.

The rollers help to provide a much more precise massage. This chair is well adapted for various types of spinal designs. A large number of customers are satisfied by sitting on the new Osaka Zero Gravity executive massage chair. The new ergonomically designed structure system tracks the proper position of an individual’s spinal cord to design the massage.

The airbags are well spaced throughout so that every part of the body gets a proper massage. The air massagers are present in the shoulder, back region, hips ,lumbar and calves  region, heels everywhere.

Due to the Zero Gravity your legs get uplifted to the level of your heart. This reduces the strain of gravity on your body. So you not only get relieved of the back ache but your heart also gets to have a less strenuous time. Thus your body gets aligned in the most comfortable position ever.

The lumbar portion is equipped with two heating pads. Thus the strain and soreness of the muscle gets melted easily.

There are various massage types pre-set in the chair. These include kneading, rolling, shaistu , Swedish or combination massage.

With the help of the easily accessible remote you can switch between the various modes. Another added feature in this chair is the Control through wireless remote system. Even sitting in a relaxed position in the chair you can control all the main functions with the wireless remote control without having to get up.

As you sit down on the chair it automatically scans your leg portion. As per the length of the calves and heel of the leg portion, the chair plans the massage process and intensity.

The frame is strong, hard and durable and the upholstery which covers the frame is also long-lasting and beautifully designed not only to provide comfort but also to increase the look of the chair.

There are 6 pre-set massage programs from which you can choose the one you wish. Remote is very easy to use it comes in a full size accessible LCD screen which is easy to navigate.

Zero Gravity position is really helpful for optimum healthy massage. There are five different intensity options for the strength of the massage.


  1. Durable
    1. Zero Gravity Positioning
    2. 6 pre-set massage mode and 5 pre-set intensity mode
    3. Easy to use LCD screen remote
    4. S track ergonomic design
    5. Computerized body length scanning.


  1. Back pillow of the chair is not suited for people with extremes of height

9. Human Touch Novo XT Massage Share

This massage chair aims at complete Wellness of the recipient. It provides the massage for the therapeutic relief of pain. The design is bound to suit your need.

It features an L track unibody design. This gives you a complete relaxation helps you to customise the massage settings according to your own preferences. Entire body in 3 dimensional waves receives relaxing massage when you sit on the human touch novo XT massage chair.

It has 5 levels of massage intensity settings and three levels of deep tissue massage modes. This relaxing massage can help to refresh your entire body. If you are suffering from any injury, or if you have fatigued muscle or soreness this massage chair can really be a great option for you. It can literally charge you up after an exhausting day.

It has 35 different pre-set massage modes. It is well known as a therapeutic relief from various types of deadly diseases like Arthritis and sciatica. It can help you to recover from stress, strain, daily fatigue and mental illness. It can help you to prepare for and recover from heavy workout. The lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles after heavy workout and is responsible for the fatigue and soreness in the muscles can be easily removed by circulating blood.

The beneficial massage provided by this massage chair helps to increase the blood circulation that helps in easy recovery from soreness this helps you to get back to normal work faster. Complete rejuvenation and Restoration is guaranteed by the relaxing massage of this massage chair. The vitality working spirit and mental peace comes from a healthy body.

Whenever you sit on this massage chair after strainers day you will experience ultimate Joy comfort and relaxation. Tension headache back pain all these can be cured therapeutically by the massage provided by the human touch Novo XT massage chair.

The L track design and massage system helps to extend the massaging zone throughout the back portion giving relief from tremendous back aches. Due to the Zero Gravity your legs get uplifted to the level of your heart. This reduces the strain of gravity on your body. So you not only get relieved of the back ache but your heart also gets to have a less strenuous time.

Customised according to your height and sitting position there are built-in under the foot rollers. Extend the massaging to the calf muscles even. Your legs support your entire body weight throughout the day and hence get fatigue easily. That tiredness is effectively removed by few minutes of massage in this chair.

Built-in Bluetooth speaker and USB port fulfils the entertainment area efficiently. Listening to your favourite music or reading your favourite book comes in hand with the relaxing massage of this chair.

It uses the cloud touch acupressure system with the help of the latest scientific airbag technology to relieve the built-up tension all your stress and headache is going to get away in a few minutes as the air cells start to knead the muscles of your body.

With employment of the new 3D massage Technology you would just feel a professional therapist is massaging your body with the expert hands. All types of human massaging therapies as well as pressure points application of the proper pressure is mimicked wisely by this new massage chair. This will lead to Deep tissue injury healing. As you sit on this chair controlled heat will be released at your lumbar portion. This will relieve the entire body from groaning pain. The design is done with utmost scientific considerations.

The chair can be completely bent hence you can stretch your full body while you sit on this massage chair. Easily portable and features a space saving design.


  1. Effectively pre-set massage modes
  2. Milton Bluetooth speaker and USB port
  3. Space saver design
  4. L track design
  5. You can lie down completely with the full stretch Technology
  6. Has numerous health benefits


  1. It is quite a high rating of power consumption

10. Luraco I Robotics 7 PLUS

It is a well-known medical massage chair. Many patients have been immensely benefited by the therapeutic massage provided by this massage chair. This massage chair is really a heavy duty one. It serves long and gives satisfactory service. Its response is fast.

Controlling is very easy and is easily achievable through a handheld remote. All aspects of massage can be carefully controlled. It uses latest and up-to-date Technology for providing massage. It targets varied intensity massages at 6 strategic points in the body. Neck, upper back, lower back, arm, calf and feet are these points.

There are three set programs for the different types of massages that you can choose from. Pinpoint massage, kneading type of massage and many others. There can be various type of tapping massages that you can choose from.

Multi intensity level is quite versatile. Right from very soft massages to hard ones everything is available. With the help of the pause and resume options you can decide when to stop and space your massage timings.

High quality inbuilt Bluetooth speaker in this massage chair means you can couple entertainment along with relaxation.

Another amazing feature in this massage chair is that it follows voice command. Yes you heard it correct. Now you can easily command what mode of massage, what intensity of massage you want even without the remote. You just have to speak it out and your command will be followed. This massage chair has got pre-set programs in about 7 languages. You can speak the command in any one of these for it to get followed.

This chair is appropriate for any user who is in the height range 4 feet 7 inches 26 feet 7 inches with the maximum weight of 400 pounds. As described initially this massage chair is a typical medical massage chair which means that it is specially designed to treat your health issues.

There is a set of integrated blood pressure and heart rate monitors incorporated into the chair. While sitting on the chair to get a massage your heart rate and blood pressure also gets monitored at the same time. You can choose the massage accordingly. Increasing blood circulation and relaxation helps to keep both the parameters in control.

This chair has an automatic body shape detector. It can hence provide the best quality personalised massage experience. The length and proportion of every individual is different and for best outcome of the massage therapy this has to be assessed. Automatic shape detector serves the function effectively. Entire body gets massaged with a 3D robotic technique.

Rollers that are designed to provide calf and foot muscle massage are three layered and multifunctional. Neck, lower body, hips, shoulders all are effectively massaged. For comfortable body pain relief there is an effective heating system.


  1. Contains all types of medical facilities including heart rate and blood pressure monitors
    1. Computerized auto body length scanning mechanism
    2. Follows voice commands
    3. Inbuilt Bluetooth speakers
    4. Easily controllable massage intensity


  1. The assembling is a bit tricky.

11. Infinity IT 8500 Massage Chair

If you want to experience some personalized massage this Infinity it 8500 massage chair is a best option for you. Under reasonable price you get all the major features that are provided even by the expensive massage chairs.

As soon as you sit on the chair the body scan sensor system assess the body length and dimensions properly. Accordingly the chair decides for itself what type of massage to be given and what are the strategic points that the pressures need to be applied at.

You also have a lumbar heating technology that comes with this chair. All the muscle soreness fatigue and tiredness can be relieved with the Lumbar heating Technology. The muscle soreness goes away when the blood circulation improves.

Beautiful rollers are present in this massage chair. Our feet carry the entire weight of our body and hence during the course of the day’s work the get tired up to the most extent. This foot roller helps in refreshing the body.

Spinal correction is also possible with the medical therapeutic techniques employed in this massage chair. Spinal decompression which is an effective massage therapy and is known to reduce the back aches up to a lot of extent is one of the key techniques employed in this massage chair. This massage chair helps to experience one of the most powerful massages. A popular technical the decompression stretch is seen in this massage chair.

There are air bags which will give a fine grip to your back and Shoulder as you lay down completely. That means you lie down straight, the airbags hug your body and powerful kneading motion will be applied all throughout the body. This is called the decompression Stretch.

This massage chair comes with inbuilt USB Sound System. Just have to put in a pen drive with loaded songs of your choice and make your massaging experience the far more peaceful and relaxing one.

Due to the Zero Gravity your legs get uplifted to the level of your heart. This reduces the strain of gravity on your body. So you not only get relieved of the back ache but your heart also gets to have a less strenuous time.


  1. Decompression stretch
  2. Inbuilt USB Sound System
  3. Zero Gravity feature applicable
  4. Defective foot rollers
  5. Efficient lumbar heating Technology


  1. Not long lasting as per customer reviews

12. Kahuna Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

The L Track four roller massage system is an effective way to give you relief from all the kind of body pains. All your body parts are effectively massaged by the air cells massage system. Right from neck to the buttocks all the points are properly decompressed.

This massage chair also comes with zero gravity features. So your heart remains happy why you receive the message in this chair. As soon as you sit on the chair the computerized body scanning Technology assesses your body shape and proportion therefore get much more personalized and customized massage.

It uses a space saving technology. With the air cell massage system deep tissue massage is possible and effectively done. There is additional foot padding that is provided for better comfort. The scientific way of subsequent inflation and deflation of the air cells gives deep tissue stretches.

This massage chair uses the Yoga Stretching Signature Massage program. That means after getting a massage from this chair, you will receive all the health benefits that are expected from yoga. Improved blood circulation and rejuvenation of body are the greatest advantages. For complete spinal pain relief and relaxation the SH chiro system. Patients who have been long suffering from pain related problems even the pains of slip disc, this as a system is really effective one. It is a completely proclaimed medical therapeutic technique that is effectively incorporated into this message to provide ultimate relaxation of spinal problems.

It also uses and other therapeutic technique of traditional Japanese shaistu massage.


  1. 6 types of pre-set auto Programmable modes including shaistu and yoga
  2. Dual foot rollers
  3. L track massage system
  4. Zero Gravity feature
  5. Long warranty period


  1. The leather upholstery is a bit below the standard level.

This was a list of the few best massage chairs that are available in the market. Before you invest in the massage chair you must properly read about all its features. You must completely realise your own purpose of buying a massage chair, whether it is just for relaxation for any medical needs and choose the chair accordingly. The chair must also come in a reasonable price. Try to choose such massage chairs which have a long lasting and durable life and comes with extended warranty period. It should occupy minimum space and must enhance the look of the decor of the place in which it is set.