Having gorgeous nails is every fashion enthusiast dream, but then waiting for nail paint to dry can get on your nerves. To get rid of this frustration and to save your valuable time, you need a nail polish dryer. Nail polish dryers are fantastic, and it helps accelerate the nail paint drying process. 

Nail paint can take up to 30 minutes before it is completely dry, and you cannot devote this much time daily. But with one of the best nail polish dryers, you can always have flawless and beautiful nails without worrying about time. Whether you apply a new shade of nail paint every now and then or use acrylic nails or gel, a nail dryer can set your polish quickly to get you on your way. 

This product is ideal for every fashion enthusiast, a DIY nail artist, a working woman, or a salon owner. Enjoy the convenience of seeing your nail paint dry in a few minutes by buying the best nail dryer. With so much variety of nail dryers in the market, choosing the best one can be challenging. To ease your job, we have made a list of top 10 best fingernail dryers based on customer ratings and reviews to suit your varying demands.

1. SUNUV 48W UV LED Light Lamp Nail Dryer

Best Nail Dryers

Something that can be used effortlessly at your home as well as professionally at a salon, the SUNUV LED nail lamp is a perfect nail paint dryer available in the market. It comes with a UV LED that is combined with light beads, which makes it works well with different types of UV gel and LED gel nail polish, e.g., Base Coat, Top Coat, Colour Gel, Hard Gels, Builder, acrylic, sculpture gel, gem glue, etc. It has an auto-sensor for switching it on/off without pressing any keys.

It comes with different settings to suit your various needs. Low heat mode is ideal for hard get curing, but double power key can be used for 2X faster curing. Also, there is an LCD screen that shows curing time and more. Its unique customization can easily prevent light leakage from protecting the eyes. This nail dryer comes with four varying preset time controls of 10s, the 30s, 60s, and 99s so that you can choose the most feasible option according to your nail paint and needs.


  • It is suitable for both professional salons and homes.
  • It has sufficient space for hand as well as foot.
  • It comes with smart over-temperature protection.
  • It is equipped with a smart painless builder for hard gel curing.
  • It has smart double speed curing
  • It comes with intelligent time memory function
  • It also has LCD for time display and other specifications.
  • It has variant preset time control–15/ 60/ 30 seconds /99 as per needs.


  • Sensor Automatic
  • Wattage: 48 W
  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • (wavelength 365nm+405nm)
  • Dimension: 8.38 x 7.87 x 4 inch 
  • Easy to use
  • Light Weight
  • Difficult to clean
  • Dark colors don’t fully cure properly because of non-reflective mirror

2. MelodySusie Portable UV LED Nail Lamp

Best Nail Dryers Review

The quick-drying feature of this LED nail lamp makes it unique. It can shorten your curing time up to 50% than other LED nail lamps. It’s built to make it entirely compatible with most types of gel nail polishes. Its lightweight and compact features make it handy and easy to carry anywhere. It can easily fit in your handbag, which makes it suitable for traveling. 

The nail lamp can set gel nail polishes with low heat, and the process is entirely painless for the protection of your hands. It comes with two distinct timers, the 60s, and 45s for your various needs. This nail lamp is easy to use, and thus, it is ideal for nail art beginners.


  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It has low heat, and it is painless.
  • It comes with a two-timer (45s & the 60s).
  • It is compatible with UV LED gel nail polishes.
  • It is ideal for home as well as the salon.


  • Voltage: AC100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Material: ABS
  • Nail Lamp Size: L151*W80*H50mm (5.94*3.15*1.97inches)
  • Nail Lamp Weight: 130g (0.29lb)
  • Wavelength: 365nm+400nm
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Cons:
  • Hand do not fit properly
  • Non-returnable

    3. LKE UV LED Nail Lamp

    Best Nail Dryers Review 2020

    This product is easy to use, and its lightweight makes it easy to carry around. It is suitable for drying UV gel, UV builder gel, UV topcoat, and led nail gel. It is also a perfect gift for family and friends. 

    It is equipped with an LCD screen that makes it convenient to use. Also, it has automatic sensors that light the LED lights automatically when you place the hand in a curing lamp. Its structure is user friendly, and it is easy to clean, and curved housing design protects your eyes and prevents browning of the skin. It benefits you with the freedom to choose from three preset timers of the 30s, 60s, and 99s according to the requirements. 


    • Its drying time is shorter than a traditional lamp.
    • It can cure different types of gels.
    • Its curved arc design protects your eyes.
    • It comes with three different preset timers (the 30s, 60s, 99s)
    • It has Automatic Sensor
    • It is easy to use.


    • Dimensions: 3.9 x 2 x 2 inches 
    • Weight: 7 ounces
    • Wattage: 40W
    • Voltage: 110-240V
    • Easy to carry around
    • User-friendly design
    • Not suitable for regular nail polish
    • Sometimes it can take several cycles for the gel to dry

    4. SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer 

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    You need a large dryer for your distinct manicure-related issues,  that can effortlessly perform a variety of nail and allied tasks. This nail dryer comes with excellent professional designed UV+LED dual light source, which makes it perfect for curing almost all nail gels. It is compatible with LED gels, UV gels, including Hard Gels, buildings, sculpture gel, gem glue, etc. 

    It is equipped with a light that is closer to white light and causes no harm to eyes and skin. Its durability (50000hrs) is also an added benefit. Its versatility makes it compatible for both homes as well as the salon. It is low wattage, but its quick-drying feature can decrease curing time by 50%. It also has an automatic sensor and different timing settings (the 30s,60s,) for both fingernail and toenail. 


    • It comes with an automatic sensor.
    • It is lightweight and portable.
    • It has one button design and two different time settings.
    • It has sufficient space to fit both hands and feet.
    • It is compatible with all gel polishes.
    • It comes with long-lasting 50000hrs lifetime LED beads.
    • It requires low wattage as compared to other nail dryers.
    • It is compatible for both home and salon.


    • Dimensions:8.3 x 3 x 4.8 inches 
    • Weight: 15.5 ounces
    • Durability: 50,000 hours
    • Wattage: 24W
    • Wave Length: 365nm + 405nm
    • Better durability
    • Suitable for all nail gels
    • Friendly Customer Service at any time
    • Versatile
    • Limited number of timer setting

    5. DIOZO Portable Nail Dryer

    Nail Dryers

    A perfect nail lamp is all you need to achieve beautiful nails without wasting your time. To fulfill all your distinct demands, Diozo portable nail dryer comes with a UV+LED dual light source to cure almost all the nail gels without any issues. Its body is made up of anti-break ABS material, which makes it half brighter than other similar nail lamps. The light is closer to white light, which protects both your eyes and skin. It provides excellent durability(50, 000hrs long-lasting led light beads).

    The LED light beads are very evenly distributed, which helps cure gel nail polish uniformly. It has three timer settings (the 30s,60,99s) to meet your varying needs. It also had an LCD screen that displays the time. It has an auto sensor and enough space for comfortably curing your fingernails or toenails. The product comes with UV Gloves and one nail file as a gift.  


    • It has an auto sensor design.
    • It comes with three different timing settings(the 30s, 60s, 99s)
    • Its smart over-temperature design turns to low-power operation automatically when the temperature is too high.
    • Its white light feature and curved design protect your eyes and hands.
    • Its 21pcs UV & led lamp beads make it suitable for curing all kinds of nail gel polishes.
    • Its LED light beads come with 50,000hrs durability.
    • Its ABS plastic design makes it lightweight and anti-break.
    • The product has passed CE.ROHS.FCC certification.


    • Life Span: 50000h
    • Wattage: 48 watts
    • Weight: 227g
    • Dimensions: 217*138*79mm
    • Material: ABS
    • Light source band: 365+ 405nm/UV LED
    • Anti-break body
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • Free UV gloves and nail files
    • Not ideal for regular nail polish

     6. MelodySusie UV LED Nail Lamp Dryer

    It’s a perfect nail dryer that is well compatible with all types of nail gels. It comes with 36W Powerful LED UV nail lamp which can cure most Nail UV gels, UV top coat, UV builder gel, and led gel nail. It comes with durable LED UV bulbs, so you don’t need to replace the bulb frequently. It consumes less electricity, which makes it environment friendly. This lightweight nail lamp is the only 248g, and it is ideal for salon, home, and travel use. It has sufficient space for curing five fingernails or toenails.

    It comes with advanced technology that protects your hands and eyes from any harm. Also, it is equipped with an automatic sensor and an LED screen. It comes with three different timers(15s, the 30s, 60s) according to different requirements. It has an additional benefit because it comes with a 12-warranty for free replacement or money refund. 


    • It comes with an automatic sensor.
    • It has an LED screen for displaying the time.
    • It has three different times(15s, the 30s,60s)
    • It has durable LED UV bulbs.
    • It is suitable for all types of nail gels.
    • It has enough room for five fingernails or toenails.
    • It has 99s Low heat mode to protect your nails.
    • It is a professional nail dryer for home as well as a salon.


    • Wattage: 36W
    • Weight: 248g
    • Timer: 15s, 30s, 60s
    • Wavelength: 365nm-405nm 
    • Suitable for travel use
    • Long-lasting
    • 12-month warranty for free replacement or money refund
    • Not compatible with every brand of nail gel polish.

    7. Jewhiteny UV LED Nail Dryer

    Its unique design provides you with enough space for two hands or feet in at the same time. Without any fear of bumping sideways or messing up nail polish now, you can enjoy professional nails at home. It has 50,000hrs durability, which saves you from the task of changing LED bulbs frequently. It comes with four different timers (10s,30,60s, the 90s).

    It also has a large LCD screen to show the curing time. It comes with an automatic sensor that detects the movement of hand for switching on and off. This feature makes it more convenient to use and user friendly. It can cure nail gel builder, nail sculpture gel, nail UV gel, Shellac, rhinestone gems glue, and LED nail gel, and thus it is ideal for both salons as well as home. It comes with a detachable base, which makes it clean up easily. 


    • It has an automatic sensor.
    • It has an LCD screen.
    • It has enough space for two hands or feet.
    • It can cure a variety of nail gel.
    • It comes with four different timers (10s, the 30s, 60s, and 90s)
    • It comes with 50,000hrs durability.
    • It has a detachable base.


    • Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds
    • Wattage: 72W
    • Durability: 50,000hrs
    • Timers: 10s, the 30s, 60s, and 99s
    • Suitable for two hands or feet.
    • Long-lasting
    • Detachable base
    • No warranty

    8. Makartt Air Nail Dryer

    If you are not willing to buy any UV LED nail lamp, then you can have this air nail dryer that comes with a blow dryer to cure your nail polish. It has enough space to cope with both hands and feet under the dryer at once. It is equipped with two kinds of warm & cool breeze, and you can use it as per your needs.

    It does not come with UV/LED light and does not cause any harm to your eyes and hands. This device is also safe for children to use. This dryer is also equipped with a ventilation fan dryer that prevents overheating. It is perfect for both salon and home use. It comes with automatic double sensors, which enable the fan to be powered up automatically when you place your hand inside the dryer. 


    • It has automatic double sensors.
    • It is suitable for regular nail polish.
    • It is equipped with two types of warm and cool breezes.
    • It comes with ample space for both hands and feet at once.
    • It is safe for children to use.
    • It does not cause any damage to your eyes and hand.


    • Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 10.6 x 7.5 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 4.2 pounds 
    • Wattage: 400W
    • US Plug 110-120V-60HZ
    • Automatic Double Sensors
    • No harm to the eyes and hands.
    • Suitable for children.
    • Not suitable for all types of nail gels.
    • High electricity consumption.
    • Difficult to carry around

    9. HEPAZ Nail Lamp for Gel Polish

    It comes with double UV/LED technology to cover a broad ultraviolet band for curing all kinds of nail gel, glue, and rhinestones. It is also compatible with Gelish, OPI, CND shellac, and Bluesky. It’s half curved design protects hands and eyes from any harm.

    Its 36W LED nail dryer light with 15 led lights dries your gel nails quicker. It has enough space to fit both hands at once and can be used for feet also. It also has an LCD for time display and a unique design that adds a cooling chip that allows the machine to prevent overheating. It has three different timers for every requirement. If you are not happy with the product, then it comes with 30 days Money Back Warranty.


    • It has an LCD for showing time.
    • It comes with a cooling chip to prevent overheating.
    • It has 50000hrs durability.
    • It comes with three different timers (the 30s, 60s, and 90s)
    • It has an automatic sensor.
    • It has enough space to fit both hands at once.
    • It comes with 30 Days Money Back Warranty.
    • It is ideal for home as well as a salon.


    • Shipping Weight: 12.8 ounces
    • Life Span: 50000h
    • The wavelength of LEDs: 365nm/405nm
    • Wattage: 36W
    • 30-day money-back warranty.
    • Suitable for both hands at once.
    • Not fit for carrying around.

    10. LITELAND UV LED Gel Lamp

    IF you are looking for a nail lamp that can cure your LED or UV gel in seconds and this product is ideal for you. It has LED+UV and double light design that can cure almost all nail gel polishes. This product can shorten your curing time by 80%. It saves your time and effort and ensures a professional nail without any hurdles. 

    It comes with an Infrared smart sensor that turns on automatically when you place your hand into the dryer, and also it has 4th gear timing function, which allows you to control curing time with each layer. It has 50,000 hours durability, and it’s white light causes no harm to hands and eyes. It comes with ample space for curing both sides at once, and its detachable area makes it clean up feasible.  


    • Its curved design prevents overheating.
    • It comes with an automatic sensor.
    • It has an LCD screen.
    • It is compatible with all nail gels.
    • It has ample space for both hands or feet at once.
    • It shortens the curing time by 80%.
    • It comes with four different timers (10s, the 30s, 60s, 90s).
    • It is long-lasting.


    • Wattage: 80W
    • Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds 
    • Number of led light beads: 45PCS
    • Durability: 50000hrs.
    • Durable
    • Can cure both hands at once.
    • Not suitable for regular nail polish.

    Let’s discuss common questions regarding the best nail dryers

    Reasons why nail dryers are worth buying

    No doubt, this product is worth every penny you spend on it because it not only saves your time and effort but also it assures you beautiful nails without a hotchpotch. Visiting the salon is not always feasible, and so this product guarantees you perfect nails without spending a tremendous amount of money on salons. Further, other benefits of having a nail dryer are listed below:

    • It saves your time

    Generally, it takes 25-30 minutes for nail polish to dry fully, and it is not feasible for every woman to devote this much time daily. So, this product saves you valuable time.

    •  Useful for everyone

    This product is a blessing not only for fashion enthusiasts and nail artist but also for all women you aspire to have perfect nails.

    • Compatible with all nail Gels

    Older nail lamps were not compatible with every type of nail gel, but the modern UV nail lamps are compatible with almost e

    • Better Finishing

    When you apply multiple layers of nail polish, then there are chances of smudging, but if you own a nail dryer, then you don’t have to worry because nail dryers assure no smearing and give better finishing.

    Are  LED/UV nail dryers compatible with regular polish?

    There are three types of dryers, those that use a fan to dry nails, those that use UV lights and the last one that uses LED lights. LED and UV nail dryers are only suitable for gel-based polishes. Neither UV nor LED lamps will have any use in the case of regular nail polish. For that, you need a lamp that has a fan.

    What is the Best UV Nail Dryer?

    Currently, SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer is one of the best UV nail dryers in the market. It is a durable product, and it works with both UV as well as LED-based gels. It comes with an automatic sensor, and curved design prevents any harm to hand and eyes. Backed up by a 12-month warranty, this product has an added benefit. The nail dryer is perfect for both homes as well as the salon.

    Best nail dryer for gel nails, UV or LED?

    UV nail lamps are compatible with all kinds of nail gels, whereas LED lamps are only suitable for curing LED specific nail gel. LED lamps are a bit expensive than the UV lambs, but they give better results because they take less time for curing nails. Also, LED nail lamps are preferred over UV lamps because they require less cure time and thus ensure less UV exposure.

    Can Shellac be cured with an LED lamp

    Yes, LED nail dryers  emit the UV wavelengths that can quickly cure all kinds of nail products.

    How long should I hold nails under the nail dryer?

    The new UV and LED-based lamps come with preset timers that are applicable for your different needs. So, you need to set a timer before drying your nails.

    Is a higher watt nail lamp better?

    Higher watt lamps don’t need to be better, but most of the higher watt lamps are big and they can easily fit two hands at the same time. Such lamps are more favorable for salon use.

    Things to be considered before buying a nail dryer

    You should be clear about your requirements. For example, if you want a nail lamp that can cure regular nail polish or gel-based nail polish. The purpose should also be clear if you need it for salon use, then more prominent lamps that can hold two hands at one are more feasible, and if you are buying it for home, then smaller ones are better because they won’t take much space. Also, if you want a lamp that you can easily carry around, then you should go for lightweight lamps. 


     After going through all the best nail dryers that are listed above, you can choose the one that suits your budget and requirements. Buying one of these nail dryers will save you lots of time and give you beautiful nails. These nail dryers are perfect for both salon and home, and they are affordable and ensure high quality. With all the detailed information about the product, we hope you got to choose the right nail dyer.