Pizzelle is a snack that is enjoyed by many, especially Italians. Pizzelle are circular like cookies. They are also known as traditional Italian waffles. Having Pizzelle for breakfast just makes the day. Won’t it be great if you could make it at home just like pancakes?

There are many pizzella irons available in the market. Pizzelle makers are similar to waffle irons. The most significant difference being that Pizzelle cookie makers have beautiful designed engraved on the cooking side. These designs are imprinted on the cookies while cooking.

best pizzelle maker

A pizzelle maker is also multipurpose. You can use it to cook other breakfast items like pancakes, cookies, cannoli, and dosa as well. Imagine the number of things you can cook with a pizzelle maker. You will never have to worry about breakfast ever again.

But it is essential to buy a good pizzella maker. So, we have brought to you pizzelle maker reviews. Making perfect pizzelles can be a little complex than anticipated, but having the best pizzelle maker will make it a little easier.

Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press

Cuisinart has come up with a beautiful pizzelle press which has a complete stainless-steel exterior. At any given time, you can make a maximum of two, four-inch pizzelles. This has been intellectually designed to evenly cook the pizzelles.

The only delicate part of this incredible device is the latch. It is plastic made, so can break easily. Cuisinart pizzelle maker possess- a timer, a temperature control (which ranges from one to five), indicator lights which are of green and red color.

best pizzelle maker

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Interesting Features:

  1. An attractive stainless-steel exterior
  2. Temperature control and colored indicators
  3. As an added bonus, a recipe book, measuring spoon and wooden spatula come with this incredible device.
  • Non-stick in nature. It is also very easy to operate and easier to clean.
  • It is a small device, perfect if you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen. You can also store it in an upright position. No harm will be caused by the device.
  • The cord of this device is extremely short.
  • The latch of this device can be improved.
  • The timer on this device is not accurate.

CucinaPro Non-Stick Electric Pizzelle Maker

This pizzelle maker produced by CucinaPro is an excellent piece of creation. It makes the best pizzelle cookie. It allows you to make two cookies at a time. They take no more than 30 seconds to cook and each is 5 inches big. The bigger the better!

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Also, this Pizzelle maker comes in two forms. One is non-stick Teflon coated and the other one is stainless steel. This pizzelle maker uniformly heats the pizzelle and ensures that it cooks evenly. It also has a unique temperature management mechanism which prevents sticking of pizzelle.

This press does not have a temperature control system. Temperature control helps you manage the temperature of the pizzelle maker. This prevents any undercooking or overcooking. The absence of a temperature control mechanism is a huge drawback.


  1. Unique cookies- In CucinaPro pizzelle maker you can cook unique snowflake cookies. Each cookie is about 5 inches big and curved on the edges.
  2. Elongated handle and sturdy locks mechanism.
  3. A single indicator which turns green from yellow when cooking is done. It also has a sound alarm which beeps when cooking is done.
  • Non-stick nature and even heat distribution. This ensures that pizzelle cooks perfectly and also doesn’t stick to the iron during the cooking process.
  • The absence of temperature control in this device is a huge bummer.

Chef’sChoice 834 Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker

This is a pizzelle iron is strong and a good investment if you have a big family. It is available at a very reasonable price on Amazon. It can cook two perfect pizzelles in about 30 seconds. These pizzelles are bigger than the usual size and are great for making ice cream cones or cannoli.

This press is great for making think crispy pizzelles. The tight fit of this device ensures that the batter is spread evenly inside and cooks to perfection.

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  1. Good for a big family. You can cook as many pizzelles as you want, in a short duration. You will never have to worry about making breakfast early morning. With Chef’sChoice Pizzelle Maker you can cook breakfast for everyone in no time.
  2. This pizzelle maker has a stainless-steel body.
  3. The non-stick surface makes it easy to cook crispy pizzelle.
  4. This device also has an indicator light but no temperature control mechanism.
  • Affordable price
  • This device makes evenly cooked thin pizzelles. The heat distribution mechanism is just amazing.
  • The lid provided with this device is strong and does not allow the batter to spill.
  • Because of the non-stick coating on the cooking surface, this device is extremely easy to clean.
  • It is great to make ice cream cones and cannolis.
  • No temperature setting option.
  • It is impossible to make thicker pizzelles in this pizzelle iron. Which means that you cannot make pancakes or waffles in this press.

CucinaPro Mini Pizzelle Italian Waffle Iron Maker

This pizzelle maker is known for its speed. It allows you to make four small pizzelles in every batch. The uniform and quick heating feature of this press make it a great choice for big families. The cooking surface is engraved with distinct patterns on each surface. So, in each batch, you get beautiful pizzelles.

cuisinart pizzelle maker

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The cooking surface is protected with non-stick coating which makes it easy to clean. Overall the entire body of this iron is well constructed and heavy.


  1. Quality and Quantity- In this fabulous pizzelle maker you can make up to 4 pizzelles in a batch. Also, when used properly, this pizzelle maker can yield evenly cooked, perfect sized pizzelles.
  2. Fast cooking mechanism- This press heats up fast and is ready to cook in no time.
  3. Easy cleaning- It is easy to clean, as a result of the non-stick coating. Just brush it a little and it’s done.
  4. Strong features- CucinaPro pizzelle maker is a robust device which has a strong handle. And the exterior of this device is made up of stainless steel.
  • It allows you to make four pizzelles at once. More pizzelles in less time.
  • This device helps you cook pizzelles faster.
  • The non-stick coating protects the pizzelle. It is also easier to clean
  • Uneven cooking occurs if the press is not operated correctly.
  • With this iron, there are more chances of batter spillage.

Chef’sChoice 835 PizzellePro Express Bake Pizzelle Maker

This pizzelle press is value for money. It can cook three small but perfect pizzelles at once. It is a perfect kitchen appliance as it is small and can be easily stored anywhere.

This device posses an even heating mechanism which can be controlled through a dial. Even heating ensures that the pizzelles cook properly, and not just on the surface. The temperature control dial helps you control your cooking temperature through five different temperature settings. The higher the temperature the crisper the pizzelle. It also has two indicator lights.

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  1. You can control the temperature through the temperature dial provided. This allows you to control the brownness and the crispiness of the pizzelles.
  2. Two pre-set modes are available with this device- Ready Mode and Baking Mode.
  3. Attractive built up adds an extra shine to your kitchen.
  4. The most attractive feature of this pizzelle is the additional batter overflow mechanism present. This helps you keep your kitchen space clean.
  5. Non-stick coating present makes it easy to clean after use.
  • Temperature control dial makes it easy to cook perfect pizzelles.
  • The compact structure of this device makes it easy to store.
  • Even distribution of heats cooks perfect pizzelles.
  • Along with the amazing pizzelle, you get a recipe book, a wooden dowel and a batter spoon.
  • The pizzelles are too small.

Palmer Pizzelle Marker Classic

This pizzelle maker has an aluminum body. These pizzelle bring back the traditional method of pizzelle making. Palmer has an experience of 30 years in the field of pizzelle making. Its excellent history speaks for itself. It is a non-stick pizzelle maker which has plastic handles.

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While making pizzelle in this device you need to take some precautionary steps. Before you start cooking pizzelle you need to thoroughly heat the device. Wait for at least fifteen minutes before putting in the batter. You also need to apply a lot of oil on the cooking surface before you start cooking.

This device cooks two five-inch, think and crispy pizzelles in one go. As this pizzelle maker has a metal body, it heats up quickly and takes time to cool down. Which means that you need to be careful while using this pizzelle press. Don’t burn yourself!

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  1. Big Pizzelles are formed (5 inches). This can be used to make ice cream cones and cannolis.
  2. Aluminum distributes the heat uniformly and helps you cook perfect pizzelles.
  3. It takes some time to heat up. Once it has reached the optimum level, only then can you cook perfect pizzelles.
  4. Unlike the modern pizzelle makers, this pizzelle maker has no temperature control mechanism nor any indicator lights.
  • Excellent cooking because of the aluminum body and the cooking surface.
  • This pizzelle iron makes thin and crispy pizzelle.
  • This is a compact device and thus does not need a lot of storage space.
  • It lacks temperature control and indicator lights.
  • This device takes time to cool down and thus should be carefully used.

Cuisinart International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus

The best thing about this pizzelle maker is the versatility. You can make more than just pizzelle on this device. Some delicacies that you can make are crepes, ice cream cones, pancakes. Along with this, you can cook some international dishes as well like, naan, dosa, tortillas.

This device has a stainless-steel exterior. Along with this, there are temperature control settings. Different heat settings allow it to cook different things. The unique feature of this device is the removable plates. The various parts of this pizzelle iron are dishwash safe.

pizzelle maker reviews

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Another special thing about this pizzelle iron is the presence of both patterned and plain cooking surfaces. You can use the patterned surface for making pizzelle, pancakes, and waffles. And the plain surface can be used to make dosa and naan.

Another thing that attracts the attention of customers is the fact that unless you lock down the device properly, the cooking process won’t start. There are both indicator light and beep system.

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  1. You can cook a lot of things on this device. Like pizzelle, pancakes, waffles, naan, and dosa.
  2. The entire device is dishwash safe. And the various parts of the device are removable. This makes the device easy to clean.
  3. Different heat settings on this device make it easy to cook everything to perfection.
  4. It has two types of cooking plates- patterned and plain.
  • You can make many dishes in this device.
  • Since all parts are dishwash safe, you can easily clean it.
  • It has two types of cooking plates- plain and patterned.
  • Indicator lights are present.
  • Safety is not an issue with this device. The cooking process won’t start until you lock it down properly.
  • Uneven heating during cooking

Chef’sChoice 835-SE Pizzelle Pro Express Bake Pizzelle Maker

In this pizzelle maker, you can cook three pizzelle at a time. There is a cylindrical rod that comes with this device. With the help of this, you can easily make cannolis. This pizzelle press is extremely light while harboring the best quality iron. The iron helps distribute heat evenly and make the best pizzelle.

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  1. This iron has a very attractive and sturdy design.
  2. There is a mechanism provided to deal with overflowing batter.
  3. Two-color indicators for- baking and ready.
  • Compact design and easy to store.
  • Lightweight
  • Uniform heat distribution to ensure perfect cooking.
  • A recipe book comes free with this pizzelle press.
  • This device heats up a lot and one should be careful while operating it.

So here is our list of some of the best pizzelle makers that you can buy on Amazon. Get your pizzelle maker today and make the best pizzelles. If you want something more, try to buy a versatile pizzelle maker. All in all, pizzelle is a lovely snack. And get your pizzelle iron soon!