Spin Bikes Review : A Complete Guide

Amidst all the busy schedule and meeting the deadlines we seem to have forgotten those wise words taught in school which said ‘health is wealth’. The present generation is busy with innovations and technologies which would fill their pocket with surplus amount of money so that they could one day achieve their dream of buying the costliest car or a luxury villa but what if by that time your body has lost all hopes and rather than spending time in your new villa you end up in a multi-specialty hospital (of course, the costliest one since you have all the money). I understand that none of us want this to happen. So, let’s braise up and follow a healthy regime which would consume just half an hour a day but will give you the best future.

Exercising is the need of hour but time constraints does not allow us to continue with the gym visits. The best thing is to bring the gym at home so that you can exercise while doing lots of other things such as watching television or maybe wearing a chef’s hat and trying your hand at the most delicious dish of the century. Spin bikes are an excellent piece of investment since these are available at affordable prices and you can easily burn calories and get some cardio exercises at home. Besides, the compact and foldable designs help the user to store these even in the tiniest apartment. These can be easily slid beneath the bed after use, so they don’t even consume any space. Choosing one spin bike which would fit your requirements might seem to be a ginormous task but here is the complete guide of the spin bikes where you can decide what specifications are necessary and which bike to select from the best 15 category.

Read on to know about the best 15 spin bikes available in India.

1. Aerofit Steel Spin Bike

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Aerofit is a trusted brand when it comes to fitness equipment in India. The spin bike by them is sturdy. This spin bike allows the user to stand and start pedalling and also use the hands for grip on movable handles. The key feature is that it is made of steel which is rust-resistant hence would last for ages. Moreover, the spin bike is exceptionally affordable. It is the kind of equipment which could be placed at home to exercise with whatever time you have at hand. The silver colour of this product is classy and can fit in any home décor. The display meter which comes along with the bike records the time, distance, speed and the number of calories burnt which allows the user to keep track of calories and reach the set milestones.

Key Features –

  • The spin bike is exceptionally affordable.
  • It has a display meter which shows time, distance, speed and calories burnt.
  • It has a compact design.

There are no major drawbacks in this device except for the fact that it is a kind of spin bike where the user has to stand. There is no seating provided, unlike other spin bikes. The Aerofit Steel Spin Bike is an affordable product to be used at the comfort of home. The packed design allows easy storage too. Besides, Aerofit is a brand which has outlets in every Indian state, so there is no need to worry regarding the maintenance and service.

2. Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Fitness Exercise Cycle

The Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Fitness Exercise Cycle is a spin bike which can be used at home due to the compressed size which allows it to fit in any place. The LCD display meter tracts time, distance, speed and the calories burnt and it is visible even in dim lights. The bike is a sitting one with moving pedals so workout has to be in a seated position. Moreover, the seating is made of foam and is extremely comfortable. The tension could be adjusted in eight levels thus increasing the intensity of workout from easy to difficult.

Key Features –

  • There is adjustable resistance to workout at the user’s preferred intensity.
  • Seating is comfortable creating an ease to exercise.
  • The machine is sturdy and compact so could be easily placed anywhere at home.

The major drawbacks of the Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Fitness Exercise Cycle is that people with short height feel a bit uncomfortable using it and the machine is not meant for the people looking for rigorous workout session. The bike is meant for regular less intense exercise sessions at home. The adjustable foam seating allows user to multi task while pedaling. Reading newspaper, working on phone for some office assignment need not to take a backseat while you exercise, all these can happen in between the workout too. This is an apt product for small apartments where there is an issue of spacing also the price too is pocket friendly when it comes purchasing a spin bike for regular use.

3. REACH Motiv-8 Spin Bike

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The REACH Motiv-8 spin bike is true to its name as it is surely going to motivate the user to do regular exercise with all the wonderful specifications. Flywheel and chain drive mechanism allow the user to maintain a control of acceleration adjusting it to their own preference. Seat and handle can be adjusted at various levels to decide the pace. The digital LCD screen captures exact time, distance, speed and the number of calories burnt for the user to keep track of performance. The working of this device is smooth and it can also stop in a jiffy due to the smart release braking technology.

Key Features –

  • The chain drive mechanism lends more control by user.
  • Adjustable seating and handles can also increase the tension of workout.
  • The company provides a warranty of one year.

The REACH Motiv-8 spin bike is an excellent workout for everyone seeking a budget bike with all the specifications of extensive gym equipment. It gives the feeling of riding a real bike and burning calories due to its Q factor. Paddle straps are provided for increased control during rigorous workout and avoid any accidental slipping. The wool felt resistance ensures smooth and noise free workout so as to not disturb any other member of the family. Besides, REACH is a trusted brand which provides 100% customer satisfaction with its sturdy, smooth, durable products and a customer care service which is available at just one call.

4. AD7 Benson Sports Spin Bike

The AD7 Benson Sports spin bike is a symbol of pride for our country since it is the first spin bike to be manufactures 100% in India without importing any Chinese materials. The price too is pretty reasonable for equipment with such high specifications. The maximum user weight is 150 kg which makes it highly accessible for people who are extremely overweight but couldn’t find the right device at budget for regular usage. The design is made out of steel and hence durable. Sturdy and reliable is what describes this machine the best. The compact design which is also foldable allows easy storage and it also fits in a tiny space during the workout session.

Key Features –

  • The maximum weight is 150 kg apt for everyone in a family.
  • The assembling instructions are clear and effortless to conduct.
  • The instant braking system allows sudden ceasing of device.

The  AD7 Benson Sports spin bike is suitable for low key regular workouts. The resistance levels can be adjusted according to user’s preference. Seating is comfortable and will boost an exercise schedule which comprises of long hours. This is not an equipment for those looking for faster results but for those who want some routine body fitness from their home only. There are many Youtube videos which demonstrate the assembling of this device and a link to these is provided by the company during purchase so that the buyer could congregate the device all by himself and that too in a hassle-free manner.

5. Kobo Exercise Spin Bike With Steel Wheel

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The maximum amount of weight handling is 120 kgs hence it is suitable for regular usage in an average family. There is chain resistance which is highly non maintenance and easy to use. Both the seating and handles can be adjusted to the preference of user. The display monitor records time, distance, speed, pulse and the calories burnt during each session which allows the user to complete the milestones. There are also movable wheels under the spin bike for easy transportation and stands too which make it sturdy. It is a noiseless equipment so as to not disturb the people in the neighborhood or even in the next room.

Key Features –

  • The chain driven resistance allows smooth and uncomplicated functioning.
  • The noiseless functioning allows using the device at any time of your choice.
  • Seating is soft and wide for comfort of the user.

The Kobo Exercise spin bike with steel wheel has a flywheel which weighs 6 kgs and works on a chain driven mechanism. The resistance is easily adjustable through a knob which works smoothly. The foam seat is soft and has a wide back for comfortable seating. Handles and seat height are both adjustable to fit according to the users preference. Moreover, the spin bike is an affordable choice for all those residing in tiny homes and with no time to visit the gym. The pulse rate recorded on the display meter is apt for the heart patients since they would easily know where to control their pace and stop.

6. MONEX Spin Bike EZ Racer

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The MONEX Spin Bike EZ Racer spin bike has a maximum weight capacity of 150 kg making it apt for any family. It provides intense workout sessions with a flywheel which weighs 15 kgs. The magnetic resistance could be adjusted to three levels depending on the intensity of your exercise schedule. The seats are comfortable and adjustable for easy riding. The looks are exceptionally good and would easily blend with the kind of interiors at your home. The device is sturdy and stable so there is no fear of any kind of accidents if taken care of properly. LCD display monitor shows time, distance, speed and the calories burnt for the user to keep track of performance.

Key Features –

  • The weight capacity is 150 kgs which is higher than other spin bikes.
  • 15 kg flywheel allows rigorous workout sessions.
  • Three level of magnetic resistance is apt for those looking for quick weight loss.

The MONEX Spin Bike EZ Racer comes with a user manual which has clear instructions regarding the assembling of product. It is easy and can be done within few minutes. The heavy flywheels allow extreme level workouts. This spin bike would be suitable if you are looking for a budget bike which has all the abilities of a heavy duty gym equipment. Moreover, the compact designs allows using it even in the tiniest of balcony and storing anywhere in the house and it can be taken out only at the time of usage.

7. National Bodyline Spin Bike NB-S3 Spine Fitness Equipment

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A flywheel weighing 18 kg is a great plus because it would provide heavy duty workout sessions without a jerk. Light weight flywheels cannot handle rigorous exercises so there is a lot of bumping and jerking but this one is sure to stay sturdy while you quickly but some calories. The National Bodyline Spin Bike NB-S3 has a maximum weight capacity of 150 kg so it can be used by everyone in the family. The seat are adjustable horizontally and vertically so people with any height could easily exercise and also these can be altered for an intense pace of pedaling. A smart braking system is also provided for sudden curtailment of device.

Key Features –

  • Flywheel weighs at 18 kg so workouts could be intense.
  • Two wheels attached in the front allow easy transportation.
  • A variable resistance level allows control over speed and intensity of workout.

The National Bodyline Spin Bike NB-S3 Spine Fitness Equipment comes with a user manual which is so easy to understand that the buyer himself can fix it within half an hour without any assistance. The console records all the data of workout showing time, distance covered, speed and the number of calories burnt. Pedals come with straps which can be snug tightly across the feet so that they don’t slip or fall. The spin bike is compact and portable so carry it wherever you want and choose to live a healthy life.

8. LEEWAY National Bodyline Spin Bike NB-S5

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The LEEWAY National Bodyline NB-S5 spin bike is a low key work out bike which is apt for regular usage. The flywheel weighs 13 kg which makes the machine suitable for a normal exercise routine in the comfort of our home. The maximum weight capacity is 150 kg hence anyone in the family can sit down for a daily dose of health. Variable resistance at three levels can be adjusted according to the preference and ability to push of user. There is also an LCD display which shows time, number of calories burnt, distance and speed of workout.

Key Features –

  • Dual side brakes are provided for balance and avoiding any accidents.
  • Flywheel is 13kg which is apt for a regular exercise session at home.
  • The smart release braking system provides sudden halt for any user in case of complications.

The LEEWAY National Bodyline NB-S5 spin bike is apt for those who do not intend to shed the weight instantly but are looking forward to a healthier life with regular exercise. The console helps in tracking progress by showing time, distance, speed and the number of calories burnt during that particular session. Moreover, the spin bike is safe to use due to its dual side brakes which stabilize any unwanted motion and keep the bike sturdy. Resistance levels can be adjusted into three levels to match up with the pace of the user. This spin bike is extremely durable due to its high quality steel body which is sturdy and rust proof.

9. LEEWAY Spin Bike S-104 Spine Fitness Exercise Equipment

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The maximum weight capacity of LEEWAY Spin Bike S-104 spine fitness exercise equipment is 150 kg which makes it felicitous for any family searching for an exercise machine. Friction mechanism is used for resistance and a knob is provided to alter it according to the user’s preference. The chain driven flywheel needs timely maintenance done by lubrication and tightening but it is durable and will last for a long time. The sturdy body and low center of gravity keep the product intact and refrain from rocking. The digital display meter keeps fluctuating to record the current time, distance, speed and the total calories burnt during the session. The 13 kg flywheel is suitable for low key exercises.

Key Features –

  • The chain driven mechanism makes spin bike extremely durable.
  • The dual side brake system makes it sturdy and easy to use even for beginners.
  • The seat can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for the comfort of user.

The LEEWAY Spin Bike S-104 spine fitness exercise equipment is not an instrument for those wanting to lose weight within a limited frame of time. It is a spin bike which serves those who aim to exercise daily for a healthy lifestyle within a fixed pace. The machine is stable and there is no fear of topping even for beginners. The resistance knob functions smoothly so it is convenient to change gears in between pedaling. An emergency stopping knob is also provided in case of any emergency. This spin bike will fit easily in your home and would not consume a lot of space.

10.  Gymally National Bodyline’ NB-S2 Exercise Fitness Spin Bikes

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The Gymally National Bodyline’ NB-S2 exercise fitness spin bike has a magnetic resistance which could be controlled with the help of buttons and is adjustable in three different levels. The user can change them easily according to the preferred intensity of exercise. This device being chain driven needs some amount of maintenance which includes regular lubrication and tightening the beads but all this ensures that it stays with you for a large time. The maximum user weight is 125 kgs so keep in mind the heftiness of people who are going to use the device before spending your money.

Key Features –

  • Three levels of resistance are provided: variable, linear and increase for the user’s preference.
  • The device is chain driven so it will stay for a long duration.
  • Sturdy stand makes it steady and non accidental.

The flywheel of Gymally National Bodyline’ NB-S2 exercise fitness spin bike weighs about 12 kgs which makes it a suitable bike for regular exercise. Though heavy duty workouts are not possible on this machine but it will stay sustainable and play a huge part in giving you a healthy start of day. A user manual and tools needed to assemble the bike are provided with this spin bike. The instructions in the user manual are extremely easy to follow and the buyer himself can install the bike within half an hour. Dipping handle bar provide more intense tension on the spine and make it stronger. Moreover, the adjustable seats can accommodate people with a wide range of height.

11. Lifeline LFSPBK-108 Stainless-Steel Spin Bikes

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The Lifeline LFSPBK-108 stainless-steel spin bike is the best bike for all those wanting to lose more weight in a short span of time since the heavy flywheel which weighs about 20 kgs provides a sturdy and balanced motion without any jerk even in the most rigid workout session. Magnetic resistance allows three different levels which are variable, linear and increase to be tuned according to the pace of user. There is also a console which scans for the time, distance, speed and the number of calories burnt by the user. Handles and seatings are both adjustable and padded for easy usage. The seat is wide in the back for a comfortable position while exercising. The device comes with a user manual which makes it easy for anyone to assemble and use it at a go.

Key Features –

  • The device is of ergonomic design for maximum comfort of the user.
  • It can help you lose more weight in less time due to heavy flywheel which weighs 20 kgs.
  • Magnetic resistance provides three levels for the user to push his limits.

The Lifeline LFSPBK-108 stainless-steel spin bike is on the pricier side but it also has its own pros which other spin bikes don’t. The design is suitable for both beginners and professionals and the machine is sturdy enough to not tumble while exercising. The sudden braking system helps in case of an emergency mostly when kids are around this features is a blessing in disguise.

12.  Monex Sports Spin Bike MS102

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The Monex Sports Spin Bike MS102 has a maximum user capacity of 150 kgs which ensures that everyone in the family or office could use the device. This heavy duty bike can also be placed in a gym as it is sturdy and stable. It will not wear and tear even accurate maintenance is done from time to time. There is emergency friction braking system in this bike. 18 kg flywheel allows both low key and high intensity workout session. The users could choose any of the resistance levels from the three pre- determined magnetic resistances according to the users pace and preference.

Key Features –

  • Three months warranty on manufacturing defects is provided by the brand.
  • The flywheel is made of steel which ensures smooth functioning and durability.
  • Both the dripping handle bar and seat are padded and adjustable for the comfort of user.

The Monex Sports Spin Bike MS102 comes with a user manual with easy to understand instructions. The bike can be easily set up by the buyer without any external help. The entire process will take only about half an hour and after that you would be able to use the spin bike. The designs come in both green and white colour which make it trendy and a product which enhances the beauty of any place.

13.  Gymally CS02 Exercise Fitness Spin Bike 

The ultra sturdy design comes with a power coating which makes it scratch free and new for a long period of time. The extremely heavy flywheel which weighs about 20 kg is apt for both gym and home since it would support low key and rigorous workout sessions. The magnetic resistance is set at three different levels which are defined as variable, linear and increase which allows the user to alter the resistance by just pressing a button on the console. Dripping handle and the seat are both adjustable to suit the user’s height. Seat can be altered both horizontally and vertically for added comfort.

Key Features –

  • The heavy flywheel allows heavy duty rigorous workouts apt for those trying to lose more weight in a short span of time.
  • The machine comes in white colour with a powder coated steel body which is rust free and durable.
  • There are dipping handles which will prove to be helpful in more intense exercises.

A console provided along with the spin bike records time, distance, calories burnt and the speed of user. The user manual along with the bike is easy to follow and the spin bike can be installed in very less time with the help of it. There is also a stand for placing water bottle.

14.  LEEWAY National Bodyline NB-S7 High Weight Capacity Cycle

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The flywheel weighs 18 kgs which makes it equally durable and jerk free for both low key and high intensity exercise schedule. The LEEWAY National Bodyline NB-S7 high weight capacity cycle is belt driven which makes it completely noiseless so your workout will not be a cause of irritation to any other being. Magnetic resistance with three different levels provides a wide range of of inertia. The narrow q factor offers improved comfort and efficiency of machine. The maximum user weight 150kg, sufficient for almost all the members in a family.

Key Features –

  • Adjustable handles and seat are suitable for users of any height.
  • Padded seats and handles ensure easy grip and comfort.
  • Six months warranty comes with the spin bike.

The LEEWAY National Bodyline NB-S7 high weight capacity cycle is easy to assemble and use. The belt driven device doesn’t need a timely maintenance, the belt loosens with time and then it is changed. Magnetic resistance at three levels ensures high intensity workout. The front and back foot levelers induce stability and a safe work out session. The console with LCD lighting is easy to view even in a dark spot as it captures the time, distance, speed and the number of calories burnt also a compact design will fit in any space and can be folded after use to easily slid beneath the bed.

15.  Generic Monex Spin SS Fit Exercise Fitness Spinning Bike

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The Generic Monex Spin SS Fit Exercise Fitness Spinning Bike has a maximum user weight of 160 Kg which is more than all the spin bikes in this list. It is apt for both home and gym due to the variable limit. The dipping handle and adjustable seat are both padded and ensure increased comfort to help burn calories and fat. The flywheel weighs 12 Kg suitable for low key and intense workouts. The magnetic resistance varies in three different levels to ensure both low key and intense exercises.

Key Features –

  • The design is sturdy and allows stability and durability.
  • An easy to use user manual lets the buyer assemble all by himself.
  • Dual side brakes are provided for added safety.

Although the maximum user weight is 160 kg this spin bike recommends having extra 10 kg buffer. There is a sudden halt button in case of any emergencies or if the user is an amateur he too will benefit with this feature. Dual brakes maintain the stability of spin bike. The variable, linear and increased resistance levels let you exercise at any pace and the brake system ensures safety. This device is on the pricier side but the durability and efficiency would make the money spent worthwhile.

Here are some features to look for before purchasing a spin bike –

  • Maximum capacity –

Before buying a spin bike for home or gym consider the weight of people who would use the device. It’s always a wise decision to opt for a bike with maximum weight capacity so that it doesn’t tumble when someone with an extremely obese figure tries to use it. Moreover, investing in a spin bike is the first step you take towards the health of yourself and family so ensure that everyone in the house can use it.

  • Type of resistance –

Resistance is what makes it difficult for you to paddle the spin wheel which leads to exertion of more force hence more calories are burnt in the process. There are two types of resistance in a spin bike. The first one is caused by friction which is adjusted through a knob. A wool pad pushes the flywheel which makes it hard and difficult to paddle while the second one called magnetic resistance is in built and can be controlled through the buttons on console. Magnets come closer to flywheel to increase the resistance and vice versa.

  • Chain driven or belt driven –

Purchasing a spin bike involves using a lot of money so it is essential that before investing in these fitness devices you understand about the durability of product. Spin bikes are either belt driven or chain driven. The chain driven bikes need regular lubrication and tightening while the one with belt goes on for a long period of time before its belt loosens and needs replacing. Belt driven can be a great option for the machine if there are fewer users while chain driven is apt for more since a tiny bit of maintenance could last the device for long period of time.

  • Display meter –

A typical display screen shows time, distance covered, speed of the user and the number of calories burnt by the user but there are machines which also display the pulse rate. These come in handy is you are a heart patient or someone who needs to keep track of the heart rate. Moreover, the resistance level is also indicated on the console. Invest in a spin bike after thoroughly checking if the console records all those things you want to while exercising.

  • Flywheel –

The weight of flywheel depends upon the kind of workout you prefer. If it is going to be a rigorous exercise schedule go for a heavy flywheel so that there are no jerks but the regular usage might only need the flywheels with normal weight  but they have to be sturdy and of rust proof material.

  • Seat –

The seat should be comfortable and wide enough for a person to be seated properly without losing balance. This is an important factor to look for since there are lots of accidents happening due to small seats which do not have ample space to accommodate the user hence losing balance and tumbling down is a common scenario.

  • Height adjustments –

Spin bikes come with a manual height adjustment function which could easily accommodate all the people with normal heights but still it is better to check beforehand since there are many users who complain that they have issue with the adjustments. It’s always a wise decision to check the bike befor spending your money on it.

  • Budget –

Deciding the amount the money which you could invest in a spin bike could be the best filter since a lot of time would waste going through the specifications of a bike which we couldn’t afford. Spin bikes are available in varied ranges so opt for the one which fits in your budget and also has the necessary specifications.

  • Noise –

Chain driven spin bikes make a tinkling sound which might not be awful but the belt driven bikes are almost noiseless. Decide upon the noise factor too while purchasing a spin bike.

  • Transport wheels –

You may need to move the spin bike to a different place be it another room or home. Transporting will be easy if there are wheels attached to the bike. Moreover, in spite of the wheels the device should be sturdy and fixed at one place while exercising. 

  • Maintenance –

Spin bikes are normally low maintenance, regular lubrication and cleaning would be enough to sustain these equipments. Any kind of extra care is not needed and is a call for extra expenses. It is better to avoid high maintenance spin bikes for home.

  • Design –

Decide upon the design according to the space you can allot for a spin bike. Foldable and compact designs are famous due to the ease of storing and being able to work out even is a small place. People who are lucky enough to allot a room as gym at home can definitely go for heavy duty spin bikes which need large area and can provide rigorous exercise sessions.

  • Stability –

Most of the accidents on a spin bike happen due to tumbling down. Make sure that the machine you invest in is stable and will not fall with a slight amount of force exerted on it. The structure should be strong since that will also decide the durability of the bike. Make sure that the bike is made of metals which are rust proof and robust.

Now that all the information has been gathered it is best to single out a spin bike which would serve you for ages and lead way to a healthier lifestyle. Your body is definitely going to thank you for this investment.