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Cyclocross races, dirt or gravel biking, touring has taken the world by a storm. Gone are the days when a humble bicycle would just be gathering dust lying at your backyard or garage competing with a suave Mercedes or a Porche or any four-wheeler for that matter. The revolution has begun and cyclocross bikes, mountain or hybrid bicycles, E-bikes, in short two-wheelers are the next best thing today! Also, why should boys have all the fun. Targeting the women segment, most brands are now offering equally competitive bike equipment that get updated every year, hi-tech specifications, superior features et al. I mean who doesn’t need a ride? Women’s Cyclocross bikes have proven to be capable of rough, unrelenting gravel rides. You may wish to own one to pump up your adrenaline as a participant in bike races, sample a dirtfondo or simply commute to work, meet friends, tour cross-country or even ride one to grocery stores. Best women’s cyclocross bikes are made for them to ride in style. Own one right away and start earning your miles.

Raleigh RXW – Women’s Cyclocross Bikes

Women's cyclocross bikes Review

Designed especially for mountain biking, road cycling and if you love cyclocross then this bike is exactly what you need. The Raleigh RXW is a perfect option if you can’t afford all those other fancy women’s cyclocross bikes. Designed especially for women, this bike is a to do it all. You get thru-axles, a carbon fork, SRAM Rival 1×11 drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes. It is made up of superlight butted 6061 alloy, disc brake frame with thru axles and a lightweight carbon alloy disc brake fork. This bike is cheaper than others and is efficient with an accurate size of 50 cm. Cyclocross bikes for women are made for them to be comfortable while they race, ride or just walk along. The double wall rims and clement mxp are appropriate with 700×33 tires which are made just to perform right.

Colnago World Cup SL Disc

Women's cyclocross bikes

The Colnago World cup has a 6000 series Double butted frame which is disc brake specific. The higher bottom bracket is specially designed for cyclocross racing. The supporting tube which is between the seat and top tube helps the rider to get the most comfortable seat she could ever get. It also becomes easier for the rider to carry the machine in her arms whenever she feels like. The Colnago World cup SL has every feature with the multiple world championship Prestige cyclocross bike but except the frame material. The frame is double butted. It is light weighted, durable and it is shaped to ensure that it has proper stiffness. The frame has a geometry which can handle and deliver absolutely finest agility. 

Diamondback Bicycles Clutch

Women's cyclocross bikes

The Diamondback has an aluminium frame with 10mm rear travel. The x-fusion 02 Pro R large volume rear shock makes it the perfect bike for off roading and dirt fondo. It has the SR Suntour aion fork which provides 150mm of front travel. The drivetrain components of Shimano Deore are just for the smooth shifting of the gears. There are Shimano hydraulic disc brakes due to which this machine has an excellent stopping power. It is ranged from 5 feet 1 inch to 6 feet in height.

The Izip – Wome’s Cyclocross Bikes

Women's cyclocross bikes

The Izip has a cruising frame which allows the riders to put their feet down without them actually getting off the saddle. As for a bike to be comfortable, you need to select it as per your height. The Izip has a slightly lower height making it easier to pick up and ride. It has proven to give comfort to anyone riding it. It is equipped with a SR sun tour performance rear hub motor which uses the torque, speed sensors and cadence. It has a tetra mechanical disc brake which provides powerful braking with an easy maintenance. It is completely set up with all the extras which include fenders, lights, bells, with a kick stand and a rear rack.

Tommaso Sterrata Shimano Claris R2000

Cyclocross bikes for women

Dreaming of adventure on rugged terrains? Time you tested this gravel adventure trail bike. The latest entrant to the 2019 cycling scene, with tires 700x40c wider, the bike boasts adaptability and stability. You may take it for a spin on roads, touring, as well as trail biking. Moreover, it offers a lifetime frame & fork warranty. Come rain or shine, the BB5 disc brakes guarantee your safety and reliability in any kind of weather and terrain. Not to compromise on speed, it offers a wide variety of gears durable in all types of off-road drives and climate. However, you may need a professional assembling since the makers suggest so to get the most out of your cyclocross ride. 6061 SLA lightweight aluminium compact road frame, super light sport series stem, seatpost and handlebars makes it a winner among the rest.

Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminium Road Bike

Women's cyclocross bikes Review

Affordable, comfortable and durable is how we may describe it for you. You could well be a beginner or a pro who is gradually returning to the cycling scene, this model won’t disappoint you. What more, the bike comes with a lifetime warranty. For a sleeker edge and superior controls your Imola comes with wider 25mm, 700c road bike tires. I for one don’t like protruding cables around the bar, therefore, for a much neater look, the bike has cables routed under the bar. What more, it claims to be the only such bike with integrated shifters and brake levers for optimum performance irrespective of the terrain and weather.

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Diamondback Bicycles Haanjenn Tero All Road Bike

Best cyclocross bikes for Women

It comes packed with most powerful features that women starting off as amateur bike riders would be looking for. Durable aluminium alloy frame, lightweight, low rider base, Diamondback gravel disc steel fork w/fender and so on and so forth. With specifications ideally suited for all-day comfort ride, it’s a go-to bike for the starting segment. And it’s for keeps too!

New 2018 Diamondback Arden 4 Carbon Complete Bike

Cyclocross bikes to buy in 2019

There’s always that moment when you want to break-free from the grind by driving/riding (take your pick) the blues away. Did you get the drift? Yes, we are talking about the Diamondback Arden 4C, a woman’s best friend on the road. Hop on for an introspective solo ride or join fellow bikers on a long tour, this bike has features cut-out for you. True to its brand, it offers the highest quality carbon fiber frame and fork. However, it promises a more relaxed ride and may not be a substitute for a racing bike. The wide 28c tires offer more traction and stability. Another plus being the Shimano drivetrain for smooth and relaxed pedaling and Tektro mechanical disc brakes for that extra control during wet climatic conditions.

Diamondback Bicycles Rely Hardtail Mountain Bike

Best Women's cyclocross bikes

Another addition to their all-mountain hardtail series, the Rely promises an insane amount of rough-road adventure with a traction to boast about. Female-centric geometry, superior styles make it an owner’s delight. You can plan a rough road adventure or the good ol’ touring, the superior quality tires never tire of riding that extra mile no matter what weather or turf you are riding on. You may completely Rely on it. Game for a backcountry adventure? Just hop on!

IBIKY Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes or women

Age is no bar for this 26-inches mountain bike which is said have superior quality carbon steel frame and other cogs and parts too are put together with precision and care. Being light weight makes it most sought-after bike with 21-speed gear. It promises a comfortable ride on rough road, also you won’t experience any jerky movements while cruising on a rough terrain owing to its suspension front fork. With the front and rear double disc brakes, bikers are not only insured for safety but have better controls irrespective of the weather or turf.

Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike

Women's cyclocross bikes online

This 26-inches foldable electric mountain bike or E-bike in the popular jargon, is targeted at riders with height between 165 cm and 190cm. It offers 21-speed Shimano professional transmission system. You can cover a blazing 25-35km/h at 5-21.7mph all thanks to 250W Germany motor technology. If on E-bike mode, 36V/8AH lithium battery supports 25km/15.5mile, while the assisted mode helps you achieve 50km/31mile. It comes equipped with smart lithium battery charger. Charge your bike for 4 to 6 hours and you’re good to go. It’s perfectly suitable for an all-weather adventure. Its foldable feature, ultralight weight and anti-rust coat add to its list of pros.

THE LIV BRAVA – Women’s Cyclocross Bikes

Best Women's cyclocross bikes 2019

Liv is one brand of women’s cyclocross bike which is good at what it makes. It creates bikes especially for women and the way it has been designed is flawless. It comes with a SRAM Apex build and a 15m front thru-axle. The superlight butted alloy, disc brake frame are all woman-specific. It also has a lightweight carbon-alloy disc brake fork.


Top Women's cyclocross bikes

Then there is another one called SuperX Women’s Force1. It’s force and traction along with the mud clearance is huge and unmatched. It is an ultra-light machine and it is fit for any race with great features. Its drivetrain is really nice. It gives 11 speeds. The SRAM Force Hydro Disc and HollowGram Si w/ OPI SpideRing make it the most amazing machines to use. Besides the Schwalbe X-ONE 33c Tires bare efficient as immediate stopping of the bike. Due to this efficiency, it becomes easier to control the machine whenever you need to.

Cannondale not only has 1 but 2 women’s cyclocross bikes. There is also a CAADX which has an entry-level rig that won’t break the bank. It almost has the same geometry like the superX but is cheaper than that.

Ibis Hakka MX – Women’s Cyclocross Bikes

Women's cyclocross bikes

There is a growth in gravel in women’s cyclocross bikes over time. Every company is making one which is better than the other bikes and they all have different features. The Hakka MX from Ibis has proved to be efficient and one of its kind. They all have turned their bikes into top level. The Hakka MX represents a different approach towards sport bikes. The tire clearance and the geometry of this machine is capable enough for a racer to get it on board. Okay let’s go to the name first. You must be wondering what exactly is Hakka. Hakkalugi was the word from which Hakka came in the founder’s mind. Hakkalugi was called as a funny name for the steel line they used to make in the past. It has tires that spin free. Its dimensions are very unique and easy to handle.

Best women’s cyclocross bikes are those which make them feel comfortable while riding and which is capable of a dirt fondo or racing.

Here’s How To Choose Women’s Cyclocross Bikes:

Before buying any cyclocross bike for women, identify the primary cause of why you want to buy a bike. Choose your bike accordingly. If you are going to be racing, then the requirement of the bikes would be different. As mentioned above, there is a lot of competition in the bike making industry and every bike is becoming better than the previous.

Only a racer can understand how important it is to get a bike with dimensions and all the special modifications you need. You must definitely try to consider the CruX and Pivot Vault for that. Even the Raleigh is efficient for racing. Designed especially for women, these bikes are very much into dirt fondo and racing. Tires of all bikes are different and you will have to choose according to the tires for racing.

If you aren’t a racer and you want the bike just for mountains then the Ibis hakka will be the best. It depends on the tires which bike will be the best for what you want to do with the bike. There are two types of tires i.e. Tubular and Clincher.

It is important to be familiar with these two types of tires. Tires of crossbikes are classified into two types: Tubular and Clincher. Tubular tires are stitched around the tube which is inside the tire and then it is stuck to the rim. They are very lightweight and these kinds of tires are usually needed for pro-racers. It is difficult to change the flat of the rim, because tubular tires are glued to the rim. You will be better served with clinchers if you don’t have a pit crew and some spare wheels.

Clincher tires are those which we all know. They are tubeless or sometimes they even come with tubes, but the lesser ones. We all prefer clinchers because they can be run at low tire pressure.

Cross racing as we all know includes carrying your bike a lot, these cyclocross bikes for women come with bottoms which are flatter till the top of the tube than a traditional bike we see on the road. It makes it easier to be carries on the shoulder and move ahead. If you want to race then this is definitely what you must take into consideration when you need to carry your bike when it is damaged to a local bike shop.

The Colnago is made in a way, which includes a super easy and safe frame. It was created by the very first creators of a carbon bike. Carbon is different on every base. They make their frames with such a material whose resistance limit is 5 times higher. The Colnago prestige is best for off roading and racing because it is the only cyclocross brand they have and it is worth it.  

If you opt racing then the Cap tires size at 33C, you must at least make sure to choose a tire of this cap size. If you are using your bike for gravel grinding, or trek then you need to choose a wider tire.

Hope this blog helps you in choosing and owning the right bicycle. It’s time you hopped on the bike bandwagon. You may be an adrenaline junkie routing via rough terrains or an unassuming commuter pedalling down country roads, a bike does not make any distinction, it’s easy to maintain and stays with you for a lifetime. So, put on that jersey and shorts, don that prized helmet (remember, safety first) and prop up the water bottle in that holder, happy riding, girls!