Insta360 Go action camera is a small and convenient 360⁰ camera device especially designed to relieve you of the burden of carrying large bulky cameras. Insta360 Go is known to be the smallest image capturing and video recording device available in the market. And being a power-packed compact device isn’t the only thing special about Insta360 Go. This tiny device comes with a lot of surprises. One can only imagine how much can you do with such a small device. And we shall discuss everything today in Insta360 Go review.

Despite being small and weighing merely 18gm, it comes with a lot of advantages. Insta360 Go action camera is known as ‘The world’s smallest stabilizing camera’. The most attractive feature of this tiny piece of technology is the hand’s free experience that it gives you. You just need to attach it to a something- like a bike or a car. Or even better you can wear it. Insta360 Go comes with a magnetic strip on the back which can be used to attach it to rough and unstable surfaces. Just attach it to your t-shirt and push the button on the bottom surface. After this, you are free to do whatever you want. And the camera will pick it up. And since it is laced with the modern technology of inbuilt image stabilization, you never need to worry about the image quality. The stabilization is on point. And the image quality is perfect. You can easily capture small moments on your precious day in this device. All you need to do is wear insta360 Go on your t-shirt.

insta360 go action camera

Features Of Insta360 Go Action Camera

Insta360 Go is by far the smallest device that can give you perfect shots even in the most disturbing environment. Let us focus on some of the best things that insta360 Go has to offer to its customers:

1. FlowState Stabilization

You may think that a small device like Insta360 Go would not be a good choice of camera for you. It is obvious for you to worry about the performance and the image quality that Insta360 Go has to offer. But worry no more. Insta360 Go is tried and tested. And it ensures that you will get the best of the best. Why so? Because Insta360 Go is equipped with FlowState Stabilization. It ensures that even in the presence of innumerable disturbing factors your picture clarity would not be compromised. FlowState Stabilization gives Insta360 Go the power to preserve picture quality and capture better shots. With enhanced stabilization, you get quality pictures. The use of FlowState Stabilization makes InstaGo 360 so unique.

2. Mount Anywhere Feature

Insta360 Go being minute in size gives you the advantage of using it anywhere. You can attach it to any known surface. And it will work just fine. Insta360 Go action camera comes with magnetic stripes. They are attached to the backside of this device which enables you to attach Insta360 Go to any surface. The added advantage here is that Inst360 Go is a lightweight device. Its negligible weight contributes to its Mount Anywhere feature. Being lightweight and tiny in size it can be easily attached to any surface and it will record everything effortlessly.

insta360 go review

3. Hands-Free Device

The best thing about Insta360 Go is that it is not only available in a compact size but it is also a hands-free device. You do not need to use your hands for this at all. Just attach the Insta360 Go to your car, motorbike or wear it on your t-shirt and press the button on the bottom. Insta360 Go comes with a pendant setup. You can attach the Insta360 Go camera to the pendant and wear it around your neck. Insta360 Go also has an easy clip which enables it to be attached to the headband. And features don’t end here. There is a pivot stand which comes with this device. You can attach it with a selfie stick or screw it down on any other sticky base. Just do this and the rest Insta360 Go will take care of. It will capture all your special moments. You can easily edit them later.

4. Hyperlapse And Timelapse

With the use of Insta360 Go tiny camera, you can easily capture hyper-lapse and timelapse clippings. It works well to capture 30 minutes of video footage at 6x speed. And if you want to do some slow-motion shooting then Insta360 Go is made to suit your needs. You can record 100fps slow-motion videos in the best possible resolution – 1600×900. Insta360 Go can automatically process all the data and gives output at 30fps. Hyperlapse and timelapse videos make everything so interesting. This is what the millennial wants. And Insta360 Go makes it simple to do so.

5. Water-Resistant Device

What is the feature we look for in every electronic device we buy? Water-resistance! Everyone wants their devices to be able to work even in heavy rain. Insta360 Go comes with water-resistant technology. And this makes it easy to use it in rain. Insta360 Go can easily record decent videos against rain. Water-resistance makes it splash-proof, allowing you to expose Insta360 Go to water for about 10 seconds.

insta360 go

6. Reliable Battery Backup

Insta360 Go battery backup is very reliable. This incredible device can effortlessly capture a maximum of 200 shots if fully charged. And the good things do not end here. Insta360 Go automatically backs up all the pictures to your phone or any other specified device. It happens when you plug in Insta360 Go into its special Insta360 Go charge case. As of now, Insta360 Go is the only device of its kind which takes care of needs. You can capture some mind-blowing shots with Insta360 Go and it becomes automatically available on your phone. You barely need to do anything. Isn’t that great?

7. Artificial Intelligence And Auto Editing Feature

Insta360 Go action camera is backed with artificial intelligence. And with the use of AI, it can conduct required editing activities without you having to give any instructions. Artificial intelligence enables it to do basic video editing. This feature makes it all the more appealing to the customers. If you don’t have proper knowledge in video editing or simply do not want to take up that pain, just let Insta360 Go do it for you. You will never have to sit through endless hours of editing.

All these enticing features make insta360 go action camera a perfect product for a stunt person or sportsperson.

Insta360 go price : This is the best product for them and is available at an affordable price of $199.99.

insta360 go price

Insta360 Go Review- Pros:

Irrespective of its tiny size, Insta360 Go has a lot to offer. Sure you can hide it under your thumb, it is so small. But it is also very stable and can conveniently capture beautiful shots even in unstable conditions.

1. Portability

Insta360 Go is like a miniature camera. It is small and light. This makes it easy to carry Insta360 Go anywhere you want. And this is what most people look for in a camera. You want quality pictures but at the same time, you don’t want to carry bulky equipment. Stuntmen and Sportsperson can capture all their splendid moments in one go. And you can use them on vacations as well. Don’t you want to capture your awesome paragliding moments?

2. Stabilization

Insta360 Go comes with internal image stabilization features. Insta360 Go action camera is the best camera to take on a spin. Literally on a spin. Insta360 Go can capture quality videos in rough terrain. It gives you the best results. You can put it to test and it will only give positive results. Results that will satisfy you.

insta360 go action camera

3. Excellent Image Quality

Insta360 Go is focused on capturing images of excellent quality. With inbuilt image stabilization technology, Insta360 Go can easily capture tremendous quality pictures. You can record short videos and clippings and capture up to 200 snaps. And during all this, no compromise on quality is made.

4. Numerous Mount Options

Insta360 Go is designed for a wide range of services. And many of them require Insta360 Go to be mounted on other devices or surfaces. The magnetic strip attached to the back of this small portable camera makes it easy to mount Insta360 Go on any surface. You can temporarily attach it to a car or a motorbike. Being lightweight it manages to stay on record as many things as possible.

Along with the magnetic strip, there are two more things- the pendant and the easy clip. Use the pendant if you want to put the Insta360 Go around your neck. You can use the Easy Clip to attach the device to your headband. With such incredible and thoughtful mount options, it becomes the perfect option for stuntmen and sportsperson.

insta360 go review

5. Hyperlapse And Timelapse Videos

You can use Insta360 Go to capture quality videos in slow motion as well. It does not compromise with the quality at all. With the use of Insta360 Go you get the best quality videos.

Insta360 Go Review- Cons:

Along with numerous pros, Insta360 Go comes with some cons too:

1. Quality Drop

Insta360 Go manages to capture high-quality images and videos, but only during day time. Or in areas of proper lighting. But it fails to preserve the integrity of a shot in the dark. In dimly lit places Insta360 go fails to perform and the image quality readily deteriorates. This makes it not a great choice for evening shots.

2. Works Better With IPhone

Although Insta360 Go comes with an android and iOS software, it is noticed that Insta360 Go works better if you have an iPhone. If you are someone who doesn’t own an iPhone, having Insta360 Go would seem like a waste.

insta360 go action camera

3. Absence Of Expandable Storage

Insta360 Go comes with inbuilt memory and it is impossible to expand that. You can stretch it and neither can you add another storage device. You can clear out your device or back everything up on your phone. But that can be a tedious job.

Insta360 Go Vs Insta One X

FeaturesInsta360 GoInsta One XInsta360 One
360⁰ CoverageInsta360 Go offers the feature of 360⁰ coverage but it is not built for that purpose. It is built to provide stability to the image capturing the experienceInsta One X is especially built to give a new definition to 360⁰ viewing and 360⁰ videos. It makes it easier to make 360⁰ videos. And gives you a unique video. One of its kind.Insta360 One gives excellent 360° coverage and also comes with commendable stabilization features. This helps capture quality images.
EditingInsta360 Go comes with an inbuilt editing system. It is enabled with artificial intelligence and that makes it easy for Insta360 Go to automatically omit the undesired parts and present a nice video. And this video is ready to publish.Insta One X although unique in its features produces videos which need to be properly edited before posting.Unlike Insta One X, Insta360 One comes with proper editing features.
External StorageInsta360 Go does not have the property of expanding its storage capacity.You can expand the storage of Insta One X by the use of a microSD card.Insta360 One offers you expandable storage.
Live FeedInsta360 Go does not have the feature of live feed.Insta One X comes with a live feed feature. You can see the live feed from the camera right on your phone.Insta360 One comes with the live feed
PriceInsta360 Go is much cheaper. This is what makes it more affordable when it comes to buying a 360⁰ camera. It is available in the market at a meagre price of $200Insta One X is very much expensive as compared to Insta360 Go. With a dashing 18MP camera and a unique 360⁰ viewing, it is priced right at $400.Insta360 One is also priced at $400

Insta360 Go Review

Insta360 Go is the device designed for the newer generations. The generation that wants to create unique videos and save special moments on the go. With a long battery life of over 50 minutes and strong hardware, you can use it for almost anything. The additional feature of being waterproof makes it all the more appealing. Insta360 Go is created with keeping in focus that all the best features of any picture will be preserved. Insta360 Go with its artificial intelligence works hard to create the best videos for you.