A complete guide to help you buy the best pellet grill smoker

Pellet grills sometimes called wood pellet smokers or simply pellet smokers are outdoor cookers that combine many elements such as charcoal smokers, gas grills and kitchen ovens. These are fueled by wood pellets and can help to smoke, grill and bake using electronic control panel to automatically feed fuel pellets into the fire, regulate the grill’s airflow and maintain consistent cooking temperatures. The method  of cooking that is employed in this pellet grill smoker is indirect convection cooking. The pellets produce smoke on burning that infuses a beautiful flavor in the food. This makes pellet grill smoker the closest alternative of traditional smokers. With advancement in technology pellet grill manufacturers have implemented Wi-Fi enabled controls that allow for remote control monitoring of the grills. The pellet grill uses a number of steps to get operated. The wood pellet fuel is first poured into the hopper and dispensed into the cooking chamber. The air that is to be in taken  is supplied by two heavy duty metal fans. The intake air is pressurized. Wood pellet fuel combusts and heats the cooking chamber. Hot air and smoke circulates throughout the cooking chamber. The intelligence temperature control (ITC) system allows the user to set their desired cooking temperature. The user is able to constantly monitor the temperature of the food by a metal probe that is directly interfaced with the ITC. The pellet Grill smoker comes with an auger system . This allows to ignite the pellets in the hopper just by a push of a button. Then your food is cooked on indirect flame and you get a perfect slow cooked smoky flavored meat at your plate. Pellet smokers are your perfect stuff if you are the one who loves to cater a lot of people and host frequent BBQ parties.

Here Us A Complete Picture Of The Best Pellet Smokers To Help You Purchase One.

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

Pellet Grill Smoker

The green mountain grills davy Crockett pellet Grill is the best light weight and portable pellet smoker. It weighs only 69 pounds and can be readily carried to different places to make cooking process easier. Various parts of the griller like the legs can be folded with ease and hence easily transported. So you can take it along with you to fishing, camping, boating.  It is really compact and lightweight. It is an example of app enabled pellet grill. You can configure and control the smoker with the help of an app. It is also Wi Fi controlled. You can actually control the entire cooking or grilling by remote controlling through android or IOS device. Once connected with the app you will be able to control all functions including temperature control right from the smartphone. You will also be notified if the pellets are not correctly fed or there is some other malfunctioning. You can even set timers and alarms to let you know about the present condition of the food and completion of cooking. The temperature can be controlled between 150 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The disadvantage that you could face after buying this wood  pellet smoker is that the cooking surface area is not very large. Only 219 square inches of surface area is inconvenient. Small batches of food can be fed at once. So large scale cooking is practically not possible with this pellet grill. It comes with a small cooking steel mesh rack at the sides and a stainless steel bucket to collect the drippings while grilling. The best part of this pellet grill is it’s temperature control system. It comes with advanced thermal sensors and hence ensures constant maintenance of right cooking temperatures. The auger system is also supported by high RPM motors. It provides control over a wide temperature range. Pellet grill reviews  says that The quality of grilling is not very good. The framework of this pellet grill is composed of really strong and durable stainless steel.

Camp Chef Deluxe Pellet Grill And Smoker

Best Pellet Grill Smoker

It is aptly described as the best pellet grill smoker.It has extremely advanced features and a high end functionality. Right from quality of grilling to temperature control, everything is just rightly coordinated and very easy to control. It has advanced digital control system and functionality.  You can literally have a strict knowledge about the food being cooked every moment. The temperature control system is superior. You can get any temperature ranging from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Consistent monitoring is the most unique feature of this pellet smoker. It has a mammoth cooking space. A really big surface area of about 429 square inches. In addition it also has a 144 square inch rack for warming and prepping of food. It gives a power packed grilling experience. Even if you are a novice at grilling you can get along with this easily. The assemblage is very easy and can be done just by following simple instructions. It might seem that this pellet grill is not really light and hence difficult to be carried but it isn’t so. It comes with two side wheels so you can drag it to your desired location without much of an effort. There is an in built probe that helps you to control the temperature properly . This prevents necessity of opening  the lids many times and hence traps the entire smoke within that helps in proper cooking and flavoring of the food. The maintenance is not to hard either. This is because of the effective ash clean-out system. There is also a trap door that confines all the ash and grease in a single compartment.

REC TEC Grills Bull RT 700 Wood Pellet Grill

Portable Wood Pellet Grill

It is a very high end pellet grill. It has amazing features. First of which is that it is highly durable. Made out of durable stainless steel this pellet grill is completely rust resistant. The cooking chamber is large and highly functional for proper grilling of the food. It is wi fi enabled and hence you can control the cooking by linking an app and connecting it to your smartphones. You don’t have to be close or nearby to this pellet smoker but can control it’s activity properly. It is very suitable for a large scale cooking. Firstly because it has a huge cooking area of about  702 square inches. Tool hooks are attached all round making cooking easier. Moreover the hopper capacity is 40 pounds so you get a huge 40 hour of uninterrupted cooking. It comes with a Smart Grill Technology that helps in proper monitoring of the temperature of the meat. The dual meat probes is meant to track the temperature without having to check it numerous times by opening and closing the lid. It fires up automatically and also shuts down on it’s own just with a push of a button. You can maintain the temperature over a wide variety of temperature ranging from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  Temperature control system is so precise that it can be used for baking. It comes with a 6 years warranty. The price is definitely towards the higher end but it is justified for the seamless features that you get. According to pellet grill reviews 2019 this is one of the best pellet smoker.

Traeger TFB42LZBC Lil Tex Elite 22 Pellet Grill And Smoker

Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Working on pure hardwood pellets , this wood pellet smoker serves you with food that has the authentic wood smoked flavour in it. The best part about this wood pellet smoker and  grill is that it comes from Traeger that is the mother company of pellet grills. This specific grill is multitasking in nature. You can not only grill but also be used for baking, roasting, braising and barbequing . If you are cooking for a large group of people also, this pellet grill is going to be a good option. This is because it comes with a large cooking area of 418 square inches. It has the system of electronic auto ignition and hence no need of fire starters. The cooking surface and all the counterparts of this pellet grill is made up of sturdy and durable material including porcelain racks that facilitate easy cleaning. You have a consistent temperature control system and a smart display panel to control cooking temperatures . This is the best pellet grill smoker for setting a slow cooking environment that is perfect for smoking. The temperature setting controls are not much sophisticated as the other models. It is a set and forget model and is the best pellet smoker  for use in cold weather. Pellet grill reviews 2019 says that Convection cooking is best performed with the help of this pellet grill. It is also associated with a digital thermostat for good control over temperature management. Pellet grill reviews says you can use it for years without potential damage.

Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grills

Pellet Grill Smoker Reviews

Runs on filler free hard wood pellets. Other than smoking it can also be used for searing, braising, baking, roasting. Gas, charcoal and all such types of fuel need not be used. All the parts are constructed of very heavy gauge durable steel that makes it far less prone to rusting and damage. Comes with a total cooking area of 700 square inches. Has a hopper capacity as large as 20 pounds that eliminates need of frequent pellet replacement. It is a product that demands assemblage of parts and this part can be really tricky for novice users. Pellet grill reviews says that The grill makes noise while operating

Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Grill

Best Pellet Grill Smoker to buy

It is surely a heavy duty wood pellet smoker . In terms of both size , weight and cooking area it is literally huge. It weighs about 183 pounds. It is strong and durable. It might seem that such a huge pellet grill is not at all portable but it comes with side wheels to solve the problem. The gigantic cooking surface of 1000 square inches is awesome. You can actually cook huge proportion of food at once.  It also has removable stainless steel side shelf which can provide extra cooking space. The hopper capacity is 31 pounds and hence can be used for a long time period without the need of refilling often. The steel frame broiler makes it the best pellet grill smoker for direct flame grilling. Other than smoking and grilling there are also other functions that you can perform by using this grill. You can set any temperature between 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  It also has a user friendly LED control panel . There are meat probes which easily monitors the temperature of the food and show it through a digital display panel. The price is in medium range and therefore quite affordable. It is not a very popular model.

Z Grills 2018 ZPG-700E Wood Pellet Grill

Buy Best Pellet Grill Smoker

Pellet grill reviews 2019 says that this is one of the cheapest models of pellet grills. It comes with a 3 years long warranty period. The low end price is no way related to it’s functionality. Along with grilling it can also be used for smoking, braising, roasting and searing. The major disadvantage is that the temperature control range is quite limited. Only from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 475 degrees Fahrenheit.  It comes with an auto ignition lighter and you do not need to light it manually. It has an easy to read LED display panel that keeps you aware about the temperature of the meat. The wood fire technology infuses the food with an authentic smoky flavour. Portability is not a concern because it comes with side wheels. Using it you can cook for a long span of 20 hours.

Campchef Wood Wind Pellet Grill

Pellet Grill Smokers Review

It is an effective improvised model of it’s precursor Campchef pellet grills. The design is varied in terms of large leg casters, presence of a bottom shelf and sear box. Though one of the variants is also available without the sear box. The cover on the pellet is enlarged in size and improved in functions. The legs are thicker and much more hefty.  It has a stainless steel burner pot. The thermometer meat probe is very effective in determining the temperature of the meat. The digital display has a blue LED screen out reader that makes it easily visible under the strongest sunlight glares.

Louisiana  Grills LG 900  Pellet Grill

Top Pellet Grill Smoker

The cooking area is quite huge. The main grill section is of 633 square inches and there is an additional removable cooking top area of 280 square inches.  You can control the temperature from 170 Fahrenheit to 600 Fahrenheit with the help of a digital thermostat. The meat probe interface is included by a programmable base. With the help of that you can automatically cook with temperature precision. Perfect for open frame grilling  because it comes with a flame broiler. The main grids are composed of porcelain and cast iron. The entire body is made of 14 gauge durable steel.

Traeger BBQ155.01 Junior Pellet Grill

pellet smoker

It is a very handy , easy to use and user friendly pellet grill. The cooking surface area is only 292 square inches. For small scale cooking and easy reach out, this pellet grill is definitely useful.  The hopper capacity is only 10 pounds because thus pellet grill is designed for mini grilling experiences. It weighs only 70 pounds and is one of the smallest known pellet grills. The lid has a beautiful and stylish bronze finish. The auger system is fully automated. The digital control is extremely user friendly. This grill is actually aimed at making the grilling experience a lot more handy and accessible. It is an assembly product. The legs and firebox has to be attached separately. It comes inside the package itself. The tools needed for assemblage are also provided along with it. You do not have to clean it more often.

Traeger Texas ELITE 34 , Black And Bronze

Best Pellet Grill Smoker in 2019

This is a huge pellet grill with king size cooking surface area of 646 square inches. It allows you to cook a large number of stuff together.  You can get going with catering a large number of people by using this pellet grill. Traeger provides a 3 year warranty on this pellet grill also like all it’s other models. The wheels,  legs and other parts have been greatly improved to provide greater stability and strength. Equipped with digital thermostat . So you can get with slow and low flame roasting to high flame fiery grills. Pellet grills review says that the digital control system is not upto the mark and at times your food could get spoilt for being unable to control the temperature.

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker With Patio Cover

Top Pellet Grill Smoker Review

The layout and design makes it the best pellet grill smoker to be used on a regular basis. The body is made out of strong and durable steel and has a extremely stylish and sleek design. It is highly rust and corrosion resistant. It is extremely easy to use. If you are one of those who has never used a pellet grill even then you will be able to operate it without any complications. It has a wide grill rack of 513 square inches. Along with this you also get an additional barbecue rack of 7.5×26 inches. It has a rich storage room for BBQ tools. If you love to entertain huge numbers of guests for barbecue parties then this is the best deal for you. Temperature control is achieved with the help of a fully automated adjustable temperature regulator. You can have the cooking heat regulated between  180 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Internal sensors allows to you manage the extent of heat that reaches your meat. You will get to enjoy the perks of an automated feeder system that will itself monitor the wooden pellets and you do not need to devote much of a time there. It is an one stop solution to all your cooking methods. You can now invest in one single device and get to roast, bake , braise and sear. Digitalized operating and heavy duty wheels makes it a favorite though absence of an effective ash cleaning system discredits it to a large extent. For the kind of features that you get, the money you spend on it is really worth. Affordable and durable in true sense. Customers actually give a very good review on the quality of the food that comes from it and also the variety of flavors.

Campchef Smoke Pro STX

Pellet Grill Smoker to buy

You can enjoy the flavors of slow cooked meat and wood fired perfection of a pellet grill with the help of this best pellet smoker. It comes with a stainless steel meat probe and digital temperature control system so you can supervise your cooking all the time. It also has an adjustable chimney top that helps you to control the right amount if smoked flavour that you want in your meat. It has an extremely easy pull out lever ash cleanout system. You can bake, grill, smoke and sear all in a single cooker. It has a huge cooking area of 429 square inches. It has a 18lbs hopper capacity. The product itself weighs a 110lbs. It has a very effective grease management system. Presence of roller wheels makes it so easy to take from one place to another. In addition to the main grilling surface there are a lot of additional racks like the utility rack, warming rack, front shelf. You can digitally control the temperature from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The automated auger system feeds in the correct amount of pellet to bring about the desired taste. So you don’t need to roam around it always.  The assemblage is easy and you can get started right away.

Cookshack PG 500  Fast Eddy

Pellet Grill Reviews

It comes with four different zones for cooking:- Direct, Indirect, cold smoking and warming. It is a pellet fired grill and smoker all in one. Made of 100 percent durable steel body. It features a riveted assembly on the body. It is going to last long. For direct grilling steel rod gates are used and for indirect cooking nickel plated grills are used. It has a total cooking surface area of 724 square inches. The temperature is controlled automatically with the help of fully automated controllers which prevents large temperature fluctuations which can possibly damage the meat. Comes with electronically controlled thermostats. An auto start draft fan makes the cooking process easier. The product weighs 330 pounds and pellet grill reviews says that it is one of the top notch grills. You can easily change out the pellets by a front trap door. It also has an effective ash clean-out system. But unfortunately it is not WiFi enabled and hence you cannot control it by your smartphones. The whole construction is stainless.

Pit Boss Grills PB72700S

Pellet Grill Reviews 2019

The pellet grills review 2019 crowns It to be a 8 in one product. That means you can actually perform 8 functions with this single pellet grill. These includes roasting, baking, grilling, braising,  searing, smoking, barbecue, char grill. It is simple to operate because you only got to feed in the pellets, set the desired temperature and then put in the meat. That is all you have to do. You can leave the rest upon the pit boss grill. A mammoth cooking surface area of 700 square inches makes it ideal to be used for catering in parties. You can set the temperature in between 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The upgraded digital control panel allows you to regulate the temperature and other settings which helps you to achieve the best possible dish. The presence of a frame broiler allows you to swap between two modes of cooking:- the direct way and indirect way. An extra metal plate is provided that when introduced within will help to achieve a smokier flavor. This pellet grill weighs only a 120 pounds making it highly convenient and portable. There is no need to plug it to an outlet so you can practically place it anywhere. It has Food grade quality porcelain coated grids that makes it for less prone to rusting the  grids are the one which comes in contact with the food while cooking and therefore is mostly susceptible to being corroded but fortunately the porcelain coating prevents this. The porcelain coated grids makes cleaning of the drippings from food a lot easier and reduces the effort of maintenance. You have ample choice to experiment with the kind of wood that you feed in to achieve variety of flavors in the meat. The disadvantage of using this grill is that the back vents release a lot of heat while working.

The market is loaded with tons of brands and models of pellet grills to choose from. But you need to choose the one that is best suited fir your purpose . Following are the criterias you should keep in mind:-

  1. You should always choose a pellet grill that is constructed of very strong and durable material . The strength of the material not only makes it long-lasting but keeps it away from corrosion and rusting. When you cook, all the parts of the pellet grill smoker comes in contact with dripping from the food that is in wet in nature therefore the pellet grill has a very high susceptibility of losing it’s outer covering. So the built material matters a lot.
  2.  Also a very important criteria to look for when you are purchasing a pellet grill smoker is before buying you need to understand your purpose of buying a pellet grill. If you are the one who is going to use this grill for Garden parties or a hangout with your friends or moving from one place to another you should choose a pellet grill that is light in weight, is fold-able or comes with transportation devices set to it,like side wheels attached to it. Whereas if you choose the pellet grill for just sitting at your kitchen and cooking regular meals , a heavier design would also suffice.
  3. The range of temperature in which you will be able to operate your pellet grill should be wide enough so that you can actually cook your food in your own desired temperature to get the correct tenderness, flavour and smokiness in the meat.
  4. Before buying make sure that your pellet grill is versatile. It should be able to provide a lot of other cooking modes apart from simple grilling. You should be able to braise, roast, sear, bake, smoke and even use it for barbecue.
  5. The size of the cooking area really matters in choosing a proper pellet grill . So your purpose should be kept in mind. If you are purchasing the pellet grill for being used in large parties and you are prone to entertaining a large number of guests at your home then you must go in for pellet grill that has a wide and large cooking surface area . Whereas  if it used only for your family use and catering to a very small number of people at a time perhaps the one with a relatively small cooking surface area will suffice. You can also look for pellet grills that have got additional racks provided along with them which can be used as extended countertops for prepping of food or stacking of tools to be used while grilling.
  6.  Also look out for the hopper capacity of the pellet smoker and the kind of pellets you can feed in because that is what ultimately determines the flavour of your meat
  7. If you are tech savvy then reach out to pellet grills that are wi fi enabled and use latest digital panel technologies.
  8. The control system should be very sensitive to achieve the most accurate temperatures.